What it's like to have 10 MILLION subscribers!!!

Published on Jun 15, 2021
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  • Pew Pew with Todd

    Pew Pew with Todd

    3 months ago

    You forgot the 20 plus hours a day for many years you had to work to get to this point lol

    • oldladytoofast


      Month ago

      @Marty Lucas You have no idea what I condone and what I don't. I feel there's an underlying problem in your rant. I don't need your approval in any way. I answer only to my heavenly father who created all mankind. You are an example of someone who claims to be a Christian but spews hate

    • Marty Lucas

      Marty Lucas

      Month ago

      @oldladytoofast, because Christians can speak what’s on their mind. So you would like it if Christians would just shut up and not have an opinion, especially one that goes against their beliefs, right? It doesn’t mean a Cristian doesn’t love their neighbor, they just don’t condone the act of their neighbor. I see this as your way of shutting those down who have an opposing viewpoint. Just because someone expresses their honest opinion about not being on board with the whole gay pride thing and are sick and tired of having it shoved down their throats doesn’t mean they’re not Christian or acting in a Christian manner. Because…give the crazy liberals an inch and they’ll take a freakin mile. Now they want to allow confused men, who think they’re identifying as a woman to use our public restrooms along with our daughters and wives. Do you think that’s okay? This Christian is tired of the crazy BS being perpetrated on this Christian Nation. We’ve been blessed as a country by being both a Christian Nation and by supporting our brothers and sisters in Israel. That includes being able to speak freely as provided under the 1st Amendment.

    • Marty Lucas

      Marty Lucas

      Month ago

      @COD Rare guy, hey you’re the one who mentioned dumb. That was a dumb thing to bring up.

    • Marty Lucas

      Marty Lucas

      Month ago

      @Jane Blog, pretty frightening stuff, isn’t it? Some ahole is living a lie, drags his wife and children along for the ride, then drops the bombshell on them. Hopefully he has been faithful along the way, not having unprotected sex outside the sham marriage.

    • Marty Lucas

      Marty Lucas

      Month ago

      @Koby Simmons, calm down Koby and please stay out of the girls restrooms.

  • kibafelicia


    13 days ago

    you could pick some of your favorites and recreate the story or do a story time with the gun



    14 days ago

    When raycons come down to 50$ I'll buy them

  • Blew Petal

    Blew Petal

    21 day ago

    Just figured you out Matt!! You’re full of it! Lol almost had me at first! Lmbo

  • Peter Travis

    Peter Travis

    Month ago

    Just keep showing that pub pub in jeans. Watch you all day

  • World of Bryan

    World of Bryan

    Month ago

    Dam I wish I have 10 million subscribers or 1 million subscribers

  • World of Bryan

    World of Bryan

    Month ago

    Dam I wish I have 10 million or 1 million

  • Jony Brumas

    Jony Brumas

    Month ago

    yeah fool, you are there because of her. Just tell it. it will fit well and look good too

  • Phong Nguyen

    Phong Nguyen

    Month ago

    Should make content out of it. Pick one and make a series talking about it, do a video a week. Better yet, let Hickok do a shoot around video or a guest shooter.

  • MrBaxtrax


    Month ago

    Whats it like be married to someone with 10 Million subscribers?
    If your lucky in this world it's pretty much like being loved by a good woman while having Zero subscribers.
    Pretty damned awesome.

    Also Pro-tip from 40 years in a relationship: This is how you get a Wagyu steak for dinner just by letting the misses read your comments. :)

  • Crystal Starr

    Crystal Starr

    Month ago

    You should do that 2 hour video on Patreon!!

  • Gaming With Bucky

    Gaming With Bucky

    Month ago

    They leave the boats just sitting in the water because it costs more to dispose of it properly so they jus5 scar ty of the stickers and leave tit

  • Michelle Daley, LCSW

    Michelle Daley, LCSW

    Month ago

    Hi! Congratulations! Also, I’m from WPB, I never seen anyone in those houses 😂 they have to be vacation homes.

  • Umberhulk


    Month ago

    So you have material for 250 videos, stories for each of them XD

  • Xavier Guzman

    Xavier Guzman

    Month ago

    Thanks for showing genuineness, especially in this video.

  • Month ago


  • John Martin

    John Martin

    Month ago

    "No one wants to watch somebody talk about their pew pews for 2 hours"....
    Apparently Matt has never seen a Nutnfancy video. That guy would talk for 2 hours about his last prostate exam

  • Balinese Coffe

    Balinese Coffe

    Month ago

    @2:18 “you are lying!” something that my son would say!🤣 you are raising him well, sir💪🏽

  • Mist 645

    Mist 645

    Month ago

    Demo ranch is one of around 650 youtubers with 10 mil subs wich overall is amazing

  • j


    2 months ago

    Another video idea fire one bullet from each of them🤣🤣🤣

  • Mark Reidsma

    Mark Reidsma

    2 months ago

    I can see the grey hair pop up in your beard as you talk about your pew pews

  • Noss Rhino

    Noss Rhino

    2 months ago

    Congrats to you brother. Love your videos!

  • x.adam1 . . .

    x.adam1 . . .

    2 months ago

    You should do 10 guns per video talking about them on DemoRanch. Each video would be like 20-30 minutes.

  • x.adam1 . . .

    x.adam1 . . .

    2 months ago

    You haven't made it until you have a sold gold toilet Matt.

  • mason appalachiantrail

    mason appalachiantrail

    2 months ago

    Palm beach is busy December to March

  • Shannon Reilly

    Shannon Reilly

    2 months ago

    It says 4.11M subs under your name?

    • I Break Games

      I Break Games

      Month ago

      This is a side channel that's not about guns His main is DemoRanch

  • SeriousZen


    2 months ago

    I thought you have 4 Million

    • Waa Bapet

      Waa Bapet

      Month ago

      his main channel is demolitionranch with 10mil subs, this one (offtheranch) with 4mil subs, and another one vetranch with over 2mil

  • Dee Dee

    Dee Dee

    2 months ago

    If you like snorkeling you should go to the red sea, it's just amazing!

  • Roach Zero

    Roach Zero

    2 months ago

    Lincoln is a total spitting image of Matt . What a beautiful family . And Congrats , Brotha !!! This man deserves EVERYTHING he has and his busted his ass like no other FOR MANY YEARS to get there .

  • Mark F

    Mark F

    2 months ago

    Do videos with all your handguns, shotguns, etc. maybe that’ll work.

  • Maria Gents

    Maria Gents

    2 months ago

    PS the metal you see on windows are for hurricanes .

  • Maria Gents

    Maria Gents

    2 months ago

    Beach all the way !! We are in Port Saint Lucie 45 min to west palm we love it . We lived in Connecticut and can’t take cold love beaches and sun. But we are all different .
    Can’t wait for house to be done and see it ..

  • Peter Travis

    Peter Travis

    2 months ago

    We’d watch the whole thing if you were just wearing jock and ch aps

  • Shooter Mckay

    Shooter Mckay

    2 months ago

    I would watch 3hrs of you talking about each pewpew. Pewpews are my life.

  • Dustin Reed

    Dustin Reed

    2 months ago

    Make it a series

  • Renigade16


    2 months ago

    Omg that cheek clap Lincoln did to you had me in tears 😂😂
    Also PewDiePie/DemoRanch video when?

  • Linda Maskus

    Linda Maskus

    2 months ago

    It's amazing to me how much your Lincoln looks like Lincoln Smith! Wow!!

  • Timothy Smith

    Timothy Smith

    2 months ago

    Technically you’ve got 14 million as you have 4 on off the ranch which is impressive stuff so congrats man it’s well deserved

  • Tyler Wildman

    Tyler Wildman

    2 months ago

    Matt your whole family is so awsome I wish you the best of luck. There are alot of ppl out there that are petty and cant stand to see ppl do good for themselves but there are ppl out there like me that try really hard to bring everyone around them up because personally I love to see everyone around me doing better then they were. It just makes me happy

  • Alex


    2 months ago

    the very end!! hahaa

  • fakecubed


    2 months ago

    I mean I watch nutnfancy videos. I'd watch a 3 hour Demo Ranch video.

  • Michael D

    Michael D

    2 months ago

    pick one gun a week and tell it's story in it's own video. easy 5 years of content.

  • emmitt


    2 months ago

    maybe it's just me ( I just found this channel ) does Mere have a sense of humor ?
    I'm 3 deep in your videos and have yet to see her laugh ( even a smile is hard to come by )
    Lincoln, on the other hand !! what a HOOT!

  • Adam949


    2 months ago

    Matt why not just do a Pew pew mini series? Put ur pew pew's in groups and do like 5 or 10 videos over the year.

  • Duke Nene

    Duke Nene

    2 months ago

    Flex 9000

  • OperatorBerry


    2 months ago


  • Joshua Gibson

    Joshua Gibson

    2 months ago

    Mere with the flappity flapjacks.

  • Shane Harrison

    Shane Harrison

    2 months ago

    Just do a pew pew of the week. Tell your story about the gun and shoot it in a demolition ranch video. Content for a good year there.

  • beeveedee


    2 months ago

    Why does YT tell me you have 4.1 mil subscribers. Lincoln might have leaked the truth...

  • Gun eTools

    Gun eTools

    2 months ago

    12:00 You should do a fireside chat about each of your pew pews....

  • Lord Hoth_09

    Lord Hoth_09

    2 months ago

    Don’t have to talk about them. Just show them.

  • jjfore0921


    2 months ago

    Demoguns channel. Highlight 10 guns a video

  • DaGame


    2 months ago

    14:15 ¡Dang! She's just like Meredith.

  • MuddyEmperor703


    2 months ago

    The boats sunk in the water belong to homeless people sorta. They are really cheap sail boats that are owned by people that rent them to homeless people for really cheap. All that’s in them is basically just a bead and a small kitchen. But when storms come around since the boats are cheap and crappy they just sink and the people that own them obviously don’t wanna get them out because it’s not worth it. Then the guy that owns it doesn’t get fined or anything so it just stays there. I can’t remember exactly why the person won’t get fined but it’s either the city can’t find them because the county is incharge of the water ways or it’s because the county can’t fine them because the state is incharge of the water ways. Since nobody wants to or can remove the boat it just sits there and becomes a home for the fish.

  • Stacy Reid

    Stacy Reid

    2 months ago

    Hey Matt, your sister looks more like Mare than you and believe me that’s a great thing. Lol

  • Michael Blanton

    Michael Blanton

    2 months ago

    So why not lay them out and run through them name them off 1 by 1? I’d watch that I love guns lol

  • Samuel Carter

    Samuel Carter

    2 months ago

    I like gym music 😩

  • Turtle Tube

    Turtle Tube

    2 months ago

    I’d watch every second of that 3 hour movie

  • 2TerribleGamers


    2 months ago

    could always make a showcase per video do a little skit at the end or whatever for 1 gun per video

  • Marinemom


    3 months ago

    The top of the gold play ground looks like Jack in a box head. Lol. Congratulations on 10 million subscribers

  • Poetrius Giovanni

    Poetrius Giovanni

    3 months ago

    Our could always break down the pew pew’s into smaller groups, like pistols up to a certain caliber, submachine guns, what have you. Break them up into 10-15 minute. Videos,,, release one per month or so. Just a thought.

  • Ben Weso

    Ben Weso

    3 months ago

    When you actually think kt hey have 10 mil subscription

  • C S

    C S

    3 months ago

    What is a pew pew,?

  • Victor P

    Victor P

    3 months ago

    I'm lost man.. that 5 year old girl is *your Sister??* O_o I tought all of the kids that are in the boat - all your chidren))))

  • judy males

    judy males

    3 months ago

    Wait why does this video say 4.1 million subscribers?

  • Elena Simon

    Elena Simon

    3 months ago

    You're as bad as The Handyman. Both hot air. But entertaining.

  • Jon Dever

    Jon Dever

    3 months ago

    In this video you look like a guy about to need back surgery.

  • Stephen Webb

    Stephen Webb

    3 months ago

    "What its like to have 10 million subscribers."
    But you only have 4 million?

  • Stephen Schaff

    Stephen Schaff

    3 months ago

    Best video ever

  • Kay InMaine

    Kay InMaine

    3 months ago

    The last minute of your videos going forward, you should show and talk about one of your pew-pews.

  • cash drennan

    cash drennan

    3 months ago

    Ngl I would watch that video

  • Kar RamRod

    Kar RamRod

    3 months ago

    Make a top 10 in your collection for 10Million! Congratulations on the mark!

  • Elijah Reyna

    Elijah Reyna

    3 months ago

    I gave the video a 👍🏻just for that bit at the end 😂😂

  • Vincent Paretti

    Vincent Paretti

    3 months ago

    5 Pew Pews at a time. Stories and shooting. Downtime and needing some content? Chapter 2 5 more PP.
    Pew Pew Paradise. 🇺🇲💯👍

  • Micah clark

    Micah clark

    3 months ago

    Make some shorts about each pew pew

  • Paul S.

    Paul S.

    3 months ago

    You call your wife a female horse. How you get away with that.

  • Ethan Espinosa

    Ethan Espinosa

    3 months ago

    Matt should make a new channel called like gun stories with an episode every week that's like 5 minutes talking about one gun Ex: tell the story of your 50 cal and how you obtain it and why and any cool stories behind it and the episodes don't have to be long it can be kinda like a shorts channel I don't think it would take much time out of your day but then again I'm not a YouTuber

  • Gadsden .1776

    Gadsden .1776

    3 months ago

    How about a review of each gun one a week or one every 2 weeks? With background story

  • Emil Javier

    Emil Javier

    3 months ago

    Only 4 millon silly

  • build shoot repeat!!

    build shoot repeat!!

    3 months ago

    You should atleast do a video series about like your favorite ones, the weirdest ones etc.

  • Free Food

    Free Food

    3 months ago

    God bless u all

  • Sarah Hutchins

    Sarah Hutchins

    3 months ago

    for you pewpew video problem... maybe do a once a month pewpew interview and pick out 5 pewpews to show off in a bit more detail for those that are interested. just an idea

  • Mayburn Wright

    Mayburn Wright

    3 months ago

    RIP to all the Pews!

  • AwsomeMan Thing

    AwsomeMan Thing

    3 months ago

    Hurricane I bet

  • drevonthief


    3 months ago

    "you're LYING" looooool your son is a legend

  • NagantHunt


    3 months ago

    matt i hope you find this comment.
    you can create shorts and show off 1 or 2 of ur guns every short.

  • Charles Lynch

    Charles Lynch

    3 months ago

    Huge congrats on the 10 million subscribers man I wish I could take a vacation like that lucky u

  • Michael Borsack

    Michael Borsack

    3 months ago

    You're observation is 100% correct about vacation homes.

  • Riley Velazquez

    Riley Velazquez

    3 months ago

    Can you show the Yacht when its done with the gold plated floors?

  • Joseph Schwartz

    Joseph Schwartz

    3 months ago

    I can't help it but I gotta say...I was vastly disappointed with the 10M video. It was fun and funny but come on...it wasn't anything special. I was really looking forward to it and ended up being pretty bummed out.

  • spo wyatt

    spo wyatt

    3 months ago

    you promised to show them all and i still say you did not do that. I know it is still 50/50 for people that want and dont want to see it but that is still a lot of views. I really hope you still do it and are good to what you said. That is my hope anyways...I waited so so long for that video and it was a 30 second or less scan of them on a table...I am sorry to say and Im trying to be respectful but I was let down.

  • Starlene Kalinski

    Starlene Kalinski

    3 months ago

    There have been a lot of bad hurricanes hit the east coast of Florida in the last 10 years that devastated the east coast of Florida. That could have been the damage that you saw.

  • marc daman

    marc daman

    3 months ago

    What are you talking about? I only see 4,09 subscribers...

  • Matthew Arnold

    Matthew Arnold

    3 months ago

    I'm going to unsubscribe just so that you only have 9,999,999 subscribers. Not really.

  • RageSam 117

    RageSam 117

    3 months ago

    Will you the vid for 20 million

  • Steve Adams

    Steve Adams

    3 months ago

    I'm sorry I thought you had 10 M subscribers on "Off The Ranch" I didn't realize you had that many on "Demolition Ranch" also. I thought you were doing to have the 10 M viewers video when Demo Ranch got that big since that is the actual pew-pew channel.

  • Ethan  .A.

    Ethan .A.

    3 months ago

    Ray cons won't work for me 10 hour work days

  • ohhhsnap17


    3 months ago

    10 million subs. Starts off with sponsor. Keep it real brother lol

  • ruthie zophia

    ruthie zophia

    3 months ago

    I'm confused. Why does it say 4 million.

  • nickolas sokaluk

    nickolas sokaluk

    3 months ago

    i'd love you to do a series of videos about your guns even if it's just a couple in each one, then maybe there will be time for the stories and maybe flashbacks to the first vidoe with that gun, then we'll be oh man i remember that one it rocked or that was shit you should never got it etc, surely you could stretch it out to a hundred videos maybe even more