The New Upgrade is Insane!!!

Published on May 24, 2021
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The new Demo Ranch accessories!

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I get lots of comments asking about my equipment, here is what I use to make my videos!
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  • Ben Parnell

    Ben Parnell

    22 days ago


  • mason appalachiantrail

    mason appalachiantrail

    Month ago

    That texture is called orange skin and it’s from the finish not being done with ideal application. It’s hard to do perfectly, so you end up with orange skin if all variables aren’t dialed in perfectly, such as mist volume, distance spray traveled between Nozzle and contact, air temperature, spray force/pressure, paint variety, spray gun model…it’s endless. All these variables have to work together, factories get it figured out and then do it thousands of times, getting something finished in a shop means you end up with orange skin, unless you’ve got a first rate, experienced professional doing your work.

  • panda51988


    Month ago

    I have two of those old irons... one still unopened 🤣

  • Joe Edmondson

    Joe Edmondson

    2 months ago

    I’m not fully sure but I believe having equal length runners gives all the cylinders equal back pressure which keeps the engine happier

  • DylanAaron


    2 months ago

    Waiting for Cleetus to slide in the comments and tell Matt how he doesn’t need a hood.

  • Ricky x x

    Ricky x x

    2 months ago


  • dale maloney

    dale maloney

    3 months ago

    all pipes need to be the same so all cyclinders have the same flow and output! GREAT JOB, GUYS

  • Joel Can of coke

    Joel Can of coke

    3 months ago

    The long tube headers have to be the same length to piggy back off the pistons fire from before it. If each little puff of exhaust doesn’t fall in line, and two puffs get to the same spot at the same time it essentially clogs up and makes a high pressure point.
    Basically, it makes the flow smooth

  • DabGod


    3 months ago

    tip for cleaning something made of metal with paint that you don't want the paint on it just sand blast it

  • tita123cool


    3 months ago

    Water and fire fighting on the side

  • Jon Starnes

    Jon Starnes

    3 months ago

    umm... Master Chief's whole cab will flop forward off the frame dude. Should be easy to paint.

  • Chelsea Cybulski

    Chelsea Cybulski

    3 months ago

    It looks like ram horns

  • Jason Simons

    Jason Simons

    3 months ago

    For under 300 bucks you could have done bed liner....

  • CaedusX


    3 months ago

    at the time i watched this video, SIEpower had uploaded the video of this build, and Matt pointed right at it when he mentioned him, as the video was suggested. i found that funny



    3 months ago

    The pipes are the same length for equal flow

  • Matthew Frable

    Matthew Frable

    3 months ago

    Late comment so I doubt you’ll see this but paint the cabin as master chiefs helmet

  • mike taylor

    mike taylor

    3 months ago

    Idk if you’ll see this, but the ripple you see in the paint is referred to as“orange peel”. Easiest way to describe it is “a quicker paint job that didn’t get fully prepped or painted right”.

  • Blackdoge madhouse

    Blackdoge madhouse

    3 months ago

    I'd do it black and flrasont green

  • Explosive Quarry

    Explosive Quarry

    3 months ago

    I dont see the difference with the two black paints...

  • ResponsiveResolve


    3 months ago

    They OG solder gun has different tips that are different temps, i believe.

  • Mark Smith

    Mark Smith

    3 months ago

    $14 spray gun from harbor freight

  • cwuzii


    3 months ago

    Tilt the cab, that’s how you get to the engine the whole cab tilts 90 degrees, looks crazy but it does it

  • Abraham Garcia

    Abraham Garcia

    3 months ago

    Bro black with yellow tiger stripes with red letters to symbolize the fire truck

  • omegatotal


    3 months ago

    Still with the audio only coming out the right side or the left side problems.
    You should just start uploading videos with mono audio :-P

  • Robert Norris

    Robert Norris

    3 months ago

    The sick fibre adversely brush because airport critically post minus a annoying parent. threatening, normal sex

  • Reelz Gaming

    Reelz Gaming

    3 months ago

    Matt can we please get a ALL pew pew TOURS

  • D'l33t C0dr

    D'l33t C0dr

    3 months ago

    I think its a bad, bad idea to paint the water tank, particularly black. If you do, the water will heat up more in the sun and possibly cause a pressurization issue. As for the cab, I think red would look a lot better than black.

  • EJ Bett

    EJ Bett

    3 months ago

    If you named it Master Chief in reference to Halo, why not paint it green, like the Master Chief's armor

  • Chugalingus


    3 months ago

    I think I preferred the white over the black, just for contrast and such.

  • Kevin King

    Kevin King

    3 months ago

    equal length tubing for header(s) keeps a clean even flow, more benefit to a diesel than a gas engine. this will help reduce turbo surge, also allow for quicker smoother turbo spool up.

  • Josh Tucker

    Josh Tucker

    3 months ago

    When can we see the gun collection? Didn’t you make promise at 10mil subs in demolitionranch? You said it here before on older video on episode building the mansion! An said it with nick there before too I think!

  • Jesse Turner

    Jesse Turner

    3 months ago

    Go get that header ceramic coated and wrap it to keep your engine bay cooler.

  • Noah Padgett

    Noah Padgett

    3 months ago

    You should put a camo wrap on the fire truck

  • Misfits Garage

    Misfits Garage

    3 months ago

    The fire truck needs to go OD green because master chiefs suit is green

  • Brad Read

    Brad Read

    3 months ago

    Are you making a cuda what year!!

  • Wyatt Parsley

    Wyatt Parsley

    3 months ago

    Put 1 stip of tape from top to bottom on the side of the water tank before you paint it black so you can still see the water level in the tank!

  • Mohammad Yazdani

    Mohammad Yazdani

    3 months ago

    cuda.... .cu

  • Kylar Harney

    Kylar Harney

    3 months ago

    I’d recommend linexing the water tank to make it bullet proof considering it’s only gonna be on the ranch while your shooting

  • Robert Mcdonald

    Robert Mcdonald

    3 months ago

    Isn't it a tilt cab?

  • Alex _

    Alex _

    3 months ago

    Matt was boutta start singing Civil war lol

    • Donna Roberts

      Donna Roberts

      3 months ago

      You know that’s from the movie Cool Hand Luke and Guns ‘n’ Roses just sampled it, right?

  • Robert Brantley

    Robert Brantley

    3 months ago


  • Rickie Bobby

    Rickie Bobby

    3 months ago

    Whats the song at 11:36

  • James Swartzentruber

    James Swartzentruber

    3 months ago

    firetruck should be black from the top black strip up and red from there down.

  • Carlito Espiritu

    Carlito Espiritu

    3 months ago

    How about a red black and white camo. Scheme

  • Brent French

    Brent French

    3 months ago

    I like the white on Master Chief, although I’m sure it will look good in black, unless of course you use spray paint cans!

  • Brandon w Tiner

    Brandon w Tiner

    3 months ago

    Pain the demo eagle red on the black

  • William Hobza

    William Hobza

    3 months ago

    That header is a piece of art man! I assume it's real thick stainless.

  • A2343


    3 months ago

  • Andrew Masters

    Andrew Masters

    3 months ago

    The reason the paint has that significant of orange peel could be because the original paint was a Chemical Agent Resistant Coating, which is often times brushed or rolled on

  • Zachary Loftin

    Zachary Loftin

    3 months ago

    if you have motor trends then you should have seen Texas metal and they are amazing and probably would have done your project for you.

  • caren howard

    caren howard

    3 months ago

    Southern Indiana is watching.

  • Jonathan Greene

    Jonathan Greene

    3 months ago

    Could have just gotten it wrapped in camo

  • Elijah Hawkins

    Elijah Hawkins

    3 months ago

    You should call it the Crimson Cuda and paint it dark red.

  • Robert Lawson

    Robert Lawson

    3 months ago


  • Nick Newell

    Nick Newell

    3 months ago

    New motto for DR: Never let perfection get in the way of good enough.

  • dane Anderson

    dane Anderson

    3 months ago

    Matt you should come to South Dakota some time your love it, been a fan before you did the custom shotgun shell videos on demo ranch in the old days, would love to meet you sometime. Doubt you’ll see this but I’ve always looked up to you

  • Kid Shalene

    Kid Shalene

    3 months ago

    I See What You Did There Matt....Good thing you made the second test spray before showing it.

  • Caleb Askew

    Caleb Askew

    3 months ago

    Get the Rust-Oleum turbo spray cans

  • Steve Santoro

    Steve Santoro

    3 months ago

    Looks like orange peel. But if you paint it camo, then you can’t see the orange peel or the truck... because it’s camo 😉

  • Ian Close

    Ian Close

    3 months ago

    What if you incorporate the sharpie design from the Header box to the rear of the truck cab!

  • Nicholas Davey

    Nicholas Davey

    4 months ago

    lift it off? why don't you partner with Milwaukee

  • Daddy pap

    Daddy pap

    4 months ago

    Сколько семей в Казахстане могло бы съесть все это!! Американские, российские, Евросоюз, китай грабят наш Казахстан что бы такие как Мэтт страдали всякой ерундой! Сколько можно молчать?? Каждый день в Казахстане живые люди умирают в нищите!!! Ваши правительства грабят Казахстан мы казахстанцы ничего не имеем в своей стране! Нас казахстанцев всего 19 млн и большая часть живет за чертой бедности!!!!

  • Mulch183


    4 months ago

    I immediately saw a ram head when you look at it from the outside. That thing is insane

  • Dana Becker

    Dana Becker

    4 months ago

    2 red racing stripes front to back of the"ll make it

  • Ryan T

    Ryan T

    4 months ago

    The reason you want all the pipes to be the same length is because you will have a constant flow of exhaust to the turbo. If they were different lengths, the exhaust coming to the turbo will be choppy

  • M Miller

    M Miller

    4 months ago

    Don’t take the soldering gun apart. Just loosen and tighten the screws that hold the soldering tip on. I have one just like it from my dad. Does the same thing

  • Joshua Spicer

    Joshua Spicer

    4 months ago

    Dave has some skills with those welds!!

  • Kaleb Parkinson

    Kaleb Parkinson

    4 months ago

    We want a camo fire truck... Like an army one

  • Ryan DiPrima

    Ryan DiPrima

    4 months ago

    You should make the cab red with a black stripe down the side

  • Irishjay1025


    4 months ago

    If you ever need any exhaust work or diesel work give Total Exhaust Works in Adkins a shout, we also have an in shop dyno 👀👀 and HP Tuners trained.

    • Irishjay1025


      4 months ago

      Oh and we paint cars, trucks, boats and whatever else you can come up with hahaha

  • Cord T

    Cord T

    4 months ago

    So it has the same amount of air flow to the turbo

  • Mrgunsngear Channel

    Mrgunsngear Channel

    4 months ago


  • mike mack

    mike mack

    4 months ago

    titen the nuts on the wellwel it needs the contact

  • trinuts


    4 months ago

    Is it me or is the manifold looking like a ram antlers horns wherever you want to call him

  • James Garrison

    James Garrison

    4 months ago

    David that's truly amazing. Hope that business works out and to your wife amazing job on the box design

  • Aaron Castro

    Aaron Castro

    4 months ago

    "Turbo manifold" lol@header!

  • Dustin Grooms

    Dustin Grooms

    4 months ago

    You should paint the cab with Raptor Liner! Then you'll never have to worry about scratches and the kits come with everything including the spray gun.



    4 months ago

    OMFG 😱 Matt you have to paint the Fire Truck 🚚 RED!!! This is coming from a person who has black everything! I'm a volunteers Fire Fighter retired! But that so Awesome in RED!! 😱 😱 😱 😱

  • Dave Thomas

    Dave Thomas

    4 months ago

    The hit it right there was perfectly on point.

  • armotorn0418


    4 months ago

    @OffTheRanch Im not sure if you got your answer but as far as I know, in the gas world at least the headers have all the same length pipe because it helps the engine have even back pressure in the exhaust system.

  • Michael


    4 months ago

    Should've Raptor Lined it. Nice matte raptor black. They even sell aerosol cans at AutoZone. 😉

  • Jonah Stene-Daniels

    Jonah Stene-Daniels

    4 months ago

    should dub it "the devils horns"

  • kaylee jackson

    kaylee jackson

    4 months ago

    Video idea hear me out ten ways to kill ants part two like if you agree

  • Stefan Lemmen

    Stefan Lemmen

    4 months ago


  • Layne Anderson

    Layne Anderson

    4 months ago

    It is for uniform exhaust temps and pressure as the collector to prevent back pressure on the further port caused by the closer port.

  • RHINO 777

    RHINO 777

    4 months ago

    Let David’s wife paint the truck

  • Mike Winstanley

    Mike Winstanley

    4 months ago

    Matt needs to shoot some pistons

  • nolan33


    4 months ago

    Instead of rattle canning things, you could get them wrapped... jussayin.

  • Tom Peavy

    Tom Peavy

    4 months ago

    Always so intrigued to see the evolution of our old fire truck. I think black paint and Demolitia style is perfect. Cant wait for some Master Chief merch.

  • banderson5676


    4 months ago

    Paint it red!

  • byte2022


    4 months ago

    I’ve known David since we were like 7 years old. Good dude great work and he was pumped to build this for you!!! Please Matt once you get it hooked up shout him some dyno numbers with the header. You have no idea how much that would mean to

  • Jeremiah Harrison

    Jeremiah Harrison

    4 months ago

    ATSF zebra stripe on front

  • Apache FPV

    Apache FPV

    4 months ago

    those pipes probably cost more than my car

  • Broke Wrench

    Broke Wrench

    4 months ago

    The equal length headers splits the exhaust pulses up evenly to maximize turbo spoolup and minimize backpressure. It's perfectly suited to a straight 6 with twin scroll turbo because 3 evenly spaced pulses is the optimum configuration.

  • Imaginary Friend

    Imaginary Friend

    4 months ago

    Should of done it Demolitia/BattleShip Grey with the Demo Ranch Insignia (Eagle) on the doors with the Demolitia That is on your shirt on the Front of the Cab

  • El Coyote Wild

    El Coyote Wild

    4 months ago

    You NEED to have something Halo related on Mater Chief. 😬

  • Gabe VanSyoc

    Gabe VanSyoc

    4 months ago

    Shoulda tilted the cab. Woulda made it a ton easier.

  • Derrick McCawley

    Derrick McCawley

    4 months ago

    You should put “Demo Ranch Fire Department” on the front of it

  • Roguex9x


    4 months ago

    Matt the cab tilts forward to access the engine. You would have an easier time painting the cab then

  • Jay Zimmerman

    Jay Zimmerman

    4 months ago

    That header is for a 24v Cummins which round ports the 12v Cummins has rectangular ports