The Engine is FINALLY in!!!!

Published on Jul 9, 2021
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  • Big Mountain

    Big Mountain

    5 days ago

    Who's the Hawaiian? That Hawaiian looking dude who is always wearing the Hawaiian fishing hook necklace..The dude you guys call Tony.... That guy. Tell him I said Cheeee Hooooo!! He'll understand.
    P. S. I'm Hawaiian too 😉 😎

  • Ken and Kathie Hughes

    Ken and Kathie Hughes

    19 days ago

    That’s cooul. Let’s shoot it.

  • kybbe112


    20 days ago

    Remember the skif knives scam?

  • Civic 1978

    Civic 1978

    20 days ago

    Get a kodiac built transfer Case from Wisconsin, and let them finish it completely first. You just want it to be done already.

  • Arsenal7.62


    22 days ago

    "Took care of the Raccoon"
    *Happy flamethrower noises*

  • sandycraven


    23 days ago

    Matt , as you have probably been asked before , why are you not living in the big house after all the work you put into it ?

  • Spencer Armistead

    Spencer Armistead

    24 days ago

    Jeez that is a BIIIIIIG 'cuda!
    Just glad you didn't hurt the racoon. Good on ya Matt

  • 24 days ago

    it is my b day Oct 2 can i come for free

  • Steve Mosley

    Steve Mosley

    Month ago

    All these people saying if you rush Brandon he is gonna mess something up. Naaa. Have faith in Brandon's talents. If Brandon says him and his crew can do it, then let em do it!

  • Fauzie Leonhart

    Fauzie Leonhart

    Month ago

    ah yes, matt and chicken problem, again

  • Less Nixon

    Less Nixon

    Month ago

    I love the shows Matt thanks for all the knowledge you have given on the pewpews and the car I wish I could get a shirt or flag but can’t afford it but I’m in the demo

  • Mike Woodridge

    Mike Woodridge

    Month ago

    Don't do it! Finish and test it first.

  • Month ago

    Hey Matt,
    I was scrolling through some car websites and i saw a 1969 Plymouth Cuda 440
    I hope this will help with trying to find the real name unless you have already found it

  • Levi parrow

    Levi parrow

    Month ago

    bro mans is building a damn hotwheel and i love it

  • The Ror

    The Ror

    Month ago

    I love how Mere rolls up to the chicken coop with wine. She is ready catch whatever getting those chickens.

  • mason appalachiantrail

    mason appalachiantrail

    Month ago

    Lots of chickens gone sounds like a pack of coyotes

  • Dude On A Cow

    Dude On A Cow

    Month ago

    DON'T PAINT IT, It's epic as is with the silver and black primer.

  • Kailondo Rogers

    Kailondo Rogers

    2 months ago

    Oct 2nd is my bday

  • David Hendrickson

    David Hendrickson

    2 months ago

    Hey Matt I was wondering if you would like to put your Cuda against my Hemi Challenger? A Hemi against Cummins... I think I gotcha! Mine should be finished around X was! All ya gotta do is let me know when your ready!

  • Ash Zammit

    Ash Zammit

    2 months ago

    Offtheranch do you have a roof on your chicken coop because it could be an eagle

  • Shawn Fox

    Shawn Fox

    2 months ago

    It's definitely factory it was made in muscle rod factory!! Lol

  • Scott Hilbert

    Scott Hilbert

    2 months ago

    I love my monthly t-shirt subscription, though I have yet to get a flag.

  • matt joy

    matt joy

    2 months ago

    So now he can be a problem when you move to the not so little not abandoned house on the hill!

  • TTV Honka

    TTV Honka

    2 months ago

    My birthday is October 2

  • Ashton Engh

    Ashton Engh

    2 months ago

    “Let’s just put a 440 in it” everyone stares at him with “im gonna kill u” eyes 😂



    2 months ago

    You have one of the biggest gun collections on the internet and you let it go I would have said 30'06 to the face but that's just me

  • TacoBruh


    2 months ago

    Cant wait for the cuda cummins this october

  • Brian Clarke

    Brian Clarke

    2 months ago

    Isn’t a ton 2,000lbs🤔😉

  • Charles Lynch

    Charles Lynch

    2 months ago

    The car kinda looks like something out of mad max and dam that racoon for eating the chickens poor chickens

  • Joe Preuitt

    Joe Preuitt

    2 months ago

    That trash panda would be a new hat at my house. Kill my chickens, the same unto you mr raccoon!

  • Kabrrrrr


    2 months ago

    He didn’t get the 50...

  • R Muggle

    R Muggle

    2 months ago

    dont underestimate wild pack a dogs or coyotes i had 15 rabbits in cages built with 2 by 4's & wire mesh plus a chickn coop built basically the way urs is & they chewed thru the wood & ripped the wired mesh to eat every rabbit & 5 chickns. put a camera out there & see wats attacking ur chickns bro. sorry for ur loss 😢

  • Ben Snow

    Ben Snow

    2 months ago

    should have just shot the trash panda there nasty lil buggers

  • Xvs416


    2 months ago

    Brandon you guys should rush it how Matt wants. Let him come back when things fall apart. Then have a good laugh and tell him things take time. He needs to respect your work and time.



    2 months ago

    We need a steering wheel with vice grips please welded together

  • Connor


    2 months ago

    Im sure they’re giving you a good deal on the cuda build as is. Don’t rush them. Let them do what they need to do.

  • Palani Martinez

    Palani Martinez

    2 months ago

    Y don’t u just take both el Camino and the cuda on a trailer but only pull up instead of driving it the full 4hrs just to be safe

  • Eddie Calhoun

    Eddie Calhoun

    2 months ago

    You might need simply safe.... AGAIN! The guy with home & business security can't protect 11 chickens? Lmfao. Come on Matt

  • JanWillem


    2 months ago

    1 ton what, short ton, long ton or metric ton? And 1500pounds is about 680KG so well under short and metric ton.

  • Alexander B.

    Alexander B.

    2 months ago

    Hey Matt! So in some zoo habitats that are enclosed with fencing the fence actually folds in at the bottom and runs a few feet away from the fencing, this is then covered with dirt. This stops animals, like wolves, from coming up to the edge of the fence and digging under (think of it as the fencing making the letter L but the bottom of the L is under covered with dirt). Although it would be a lot of work you could do the same idea but with the extra fencing pointing out of your chickens area to prevent things from digging and getting into it. With racoons they will probably also just try climbing over the fence, but it would at least prevent foxes and such and deter racoons.

  • Jess Ford

    Jess Ford

    2 months ago

    Do you know the punishment for murdering a chicken?
    Well let me enlighten you....... welcome to demolition ranch..let's find out what a raccoon can stop.....boom!!!

  • FangOxide


    2 months ago

    okay thats kinda a must have for me lol

  • Dennis Opie

    Dennis Opie

    2 months ago

    Should just go ahead and get a donkey. They will protect all your animals and it can be used for endless jokes. Win win.

  • David Kelm

    David Kelm

    2 months ago

    Kentucky Chicken Panda 😅

  • Rob Z

    Rob Z

    2 months ago

    If those chickens are with chicken Jesus… does that mean they were taking to Church’s?

  • Brandon Gordon

    Brandon Gordon

    2 months ago

    14:30 Matt is talking about his chickens, This is just me thinking what if they started their own channel Off the coope ?

  • Harry Nolan

    Harry Nolan

    2 months ago

    Did you rehoused it on your other property because it could become a problem again

  • Aust7n


    2 months ago

    Glad to see and hear that Matt is implementing chicken diversity training 🤣

  • Kenny Jones

    Kenny Jones

    2 months ago

    Lol yeah it's a trip watching them eat cat food outside 🤣 and my cats make the same face

  • Mathew Cube

    Mathew Cube

    2 months ago

    Matt! As per the issue with the giant exhaust coming off the second turbo, is it possible to make the tubes not circular as long as the cross-sectional area is basically the same? Logically, the resistance through a circular pipe should be the same as a rectangular pipe with the same cross sectional area, right? Perhaps this would be something to experiment with using a wind speed sensor and a leaf blower. If they resistance is the same, you could make the tubes rectangle to swoop around or go between stuff, then split off and return to circular tubes once there’s enough clearance

  • hate life

    hate life

    2 months ago

    "Billet oil pan"- can see the weld marks meaning more than 1 piece of starting material ie. not billet

  • Jeremy Augustine

    Jeremy Augustine

    2 months ago

    *lets raccoon go*
    Welcome back to original demo ranch! Today we have a 50 cal vs a no good chicken eating raccoon!

  • Hunter Toth

    Hunter Toth

    2 months ago

    ive never seen Matts wife before, he really is living any mans dream.

  • Hunter Smith

    Hunter Smith

    2 months ago

    Please don’t bring it out early. Let him finish it.

  • Phyllis Waddell

    Phyllis Waddell

    2 months ago

    Let him take some time (BTW NICE FLAG) Hope y ok u feel better Matt go ahead and bench press your kids Mere won't be mad!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • T3 daWilk

    T3 daWilk

    2 months ago

    Matt… let him finish the dang car man! Lol

  • Diesel


    2 months ago

    Like how he actually don't give a fuck about the chickens

  • Jake Kavanagh

    Jake Kavanagh

    2 months ago

    The look on Brandon's face when Matt said "Put a 4 Valve in it" lololol

  • Brad Simon

    Brad Simon

    2 months ago

    Can't wait to get started on the billet emblem!

  • John Kelly

    John Kelly

    2 months ago

    Matt I watch all your vids !!!!!!!!!!! LOVE the house , question .... does the bunker house make custom stickers ?? I am looking for a company to make stickers about 2 to 3 inches round they would be a warning label nothing fancy nothing set in stone
    cheep is the word here i only would need about 100 at first but if they work for me it would a regular order
    john jtk5022@gmail THANKS John

  • James Robert

    James Robert

    2 months ago

    Coil overs!!

  • Anna


    2 months ago

    Sweet! 👍🏼

  • Dave Goldberg

    Dave Goldberg

    2 months ago

    We shoot Trash Pandas here...

  • Janco Beukes

    Janco Beukes

    2 months ago

    Part from releasing racoon: Few moments later.. pew pew pew

  • Shriker


    2 months ago

    K: Scotty, how much time do you need?; S: 1 Month; K: I give you 2 days; S: I will do it in 1 day.

  • TheKyokuza


    2 months ago

    And now lets see what the .50 cal does to it, I think it will go all the way through.... Damn Raccoons.

  • Andrew V.

    Andrew V.

    2 months ago

    *starts intro to a demo ranch video* ok guys today we’re gonna see up to what caliber a raccoon can stop

  • Bable Zmith

    Bable Zmith

    2 months ago

    A custom wheel that is a couple welded together vice-grips... AWESOME

  • Collin Chipping

    Collin Chipping

    2 months ago

    I have followed all your builds, would love to talk to you about wiring a car for you. I used to be Kindig-It Design's wiring guy. Hit me up, unfortunately I know these deadlines all too well...

  • Adam E. Parker-Cortes

    Adam E. Parker-Cortes

    2 months ago

    I bet it will be done next summer in my opinion

  • BlindDude


    2 months ago

    What a customer... Lol

  • Calvin Sellers

    Calvin Sellers

    2 months ago

    I find it hard to believe Matt doesn’t have a thermal on a quiet pew pew to take care of whatever is causing the chicken problem.

  • D Clark

    D Clark

    2 months ago

    Don’t take the Cuda out early. Take the time to do it right the first time. No reason to risk breaking that beauty.

  • D Clark

    D Clark

    2 months ago

    What!?! End that raccoon! It’s Demo Ranch after all.

  • Jonathan Gehweiler

    Jonathan Gehweiler

    2 months ago

    Last time I had chickens missing it was a bobcat. Tracked that sucker down and fed him something less agreeable.

  • Dan Rupprecht

    Dan Rupprecht

    2 months ago

    Don't joke about a 440, joke about a 4bt

  • Eric Book

    Eric Book

    2 months ago

    Name it the green machine matt



    2 months ago

    The entire Cuda build has been filled with sarcasm. Guess it’s a good way to cope with the magnitude of the Cuda build.

  • Tyler Burkholder

    Tyler Burkholder

    2 months ago

    Wait to bring out the Cuda until it is completely finished for the big reveal!

  • Josh Wilt

    Josh Wilt

    2 months ago

    Happy raccoon

  • Drew Wilson

    Drew Wilson

    2 months ago

    Somebody better follow in the Ford just sayin

  • Morgan Hayhurst

    Morgan Hayhurst

    2 months ago

    Nooooo! Wait till it's completely done!

  • JoseMP


    2 months ago

    Matt do u miss mark has been a year yet ?

  • rocdarjar gm

    rocdarjar gm

    2 months ago

    hahaha ... this will be fun with Cleetus if you get that there. WTH? Even I know you don't leave the chickens out.

  • Michael Hyland

    Michael Hyland

    2 months ago

    Send Trash Panda to the BIG dumpster in the sky!

  • The American Veteran

    The American Veteran

    2 months ago

    Frikkin love mere, cruising the property with a glass of wine

  • Daniel Wayne

    Daniel Wayne

    2 months ago

    Thats gonna be a #beast #ttranch

  • Aggie Heath

    Aggie Heath

    2 months ago

    sounds like you need SimpliSafe - Coop edition

  • Kevin Perron

    Kevin Perron

    2 months ago

    Chicken jesus haha

  • Daniel Smith

    Daniel Smith

    2 months ago

    Anyone know the raycon code? Finally breaking down and buying a pair

  • Backyard Archer

    Backyard Archer

    2 months ago

    What will be ready first? Your Cuda or Monster Max?

  • boneyardrendezvous


    2 months ago

    You should run doubled transfer cases. run a NP203 range selector in front of a NP205. Should give you ultra low granny gear that could out pull your 5 ton if you had the traction.

  • Brandon Murphy

    Brandon Murphy

    2 months ago

    Of course let Brandon do a burnout in the Cuda because what ever he breaks he has to fix 🙄🤣

  • Emma P

    Emma P

    2 months ago

    Can that one animal really kill all those chickens in one night? 🙀

  • boneyardrendezvous


    2 months ago

    Tell this guy to fix his flags.

  • David Bridges

    David Bridges

    2 months ago

    The punishment for killing my chickens is death. In North Carolina the law States if a predator two-legged four-legged and winged threatens your livelihood by taking or killing your livestock you can kill it legally

  • PJ Bash

    PJ Bash

    2 months ago

    I like the new flag but I don't want the subscription service. Please put just the flag up for sale too. I reached out to the bunker and they said they don't have any new flags. So please put the new one up for sale

  • loggles


    2 months ago

    Can't speak for Raccoons. But a fox will dig into that pen if it wants in for sure.

  • Jenee Robert

    Jenee Robert

    2 months ago

    Horrible mistake making it a dually

  • Blacksheep_Edge


    2 months ago

    Instead of cutting and rewelding that beautiful billet tranny oil pan. . . What about finding a way to either get an axel, or changing your current axel to have the differential on the other side? You know, the side that's clear?