The Cuda Just Got a Whole Lot Beefier!!!

Published on Aug 30, 2021
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  • OffTheRanch


    29 days ago

    • Ford Mustang Fan

      Ford Mustang Fan

      22 days ago

      @smpeterson03 oh ok

    • Charles Jesse

      Charles Jesse

      27 days ago

      You are solely responsible for global warming. Thanks Matt.

    • Frostdraken 5

      Frostdraken 5

      28 days ago

      You need to make a new intro that has your 5 ton in it, not that i dislike the current one.

    • Joe's Guilty Guitar

      Joe's Guilty Guitar

      28 days ago

      I saw this same post comment on another channels comments so did you post the link else where's in comments because it looked like you and I worry it could have been reported .. I didn't but I commented on it so hoping to see a reply ... Have a good one Matt in all good conversation and kindness that also means in clean talk .... If no body understood that before ..... I Edit in here because this was the same post that was odd and glitchy

    • smpeterson03


      28 days ago

      @Ford Mustang Fan I believe it went under. Plus I don't think Matt talks to Rob (his partner in skiff knives business) much anymore. I have no idea what they do in their personal time but Matt has not made any videos with Rob since Rob got a divorce.

  • Daddy #53

    Daddy #53

    4 days ago

    I guess I have to be the guy to say it.
    YOU ARE GOING TO HELL for the blasphemy you are committing to that Cuda.
    I’m really sorry, but it had to be said.

  • AllWays Giving Back

    AllWays Giving Back

    12 days ago

    Taking way to long, good work but it’s taking years!

  • Trent Fox

    Trent Fox

    15 days ago

    Sorry Matt I usually love what you do but this breaks my heart to see a bad A muscle car defiled like that

  • Brendon Anspach

    Brendon Anspach

    15 days ago

    When Matt was singing and driving all I could think of was that scene from that movie "son in law" with Pauly shore, when he is in the tractor scream singing " THANK GOD IM A COUNTRY BOY!"

  • Scott Hawk

    Scott Hawk

    17 days ago

    We will be dead before it's complete

  • StetsonLevi1721


    17 days ago

    Okay so I am a huge muscle car fan, especially Corvettes and Barracudas. How much you want for the Cuda?

  • tommarsh04


    20 days ago

    Romans getting the silver

  • matthew Hambone

    matthew Hambone

    21 day ago

    Keep up the great work thank you for everything you do

  • Danny Judge

    Danny Judge

    21 day ago

    Can’t wait to see this thing with monster max 2

  • Fred Krazé

    Fred Krazé

    22 days ago

    Matt: "Has a bunch of expensive rare metal in his safe"
    Also Matt: "This is boring"

    Meanwhile me who doesn't even have a safe: ._.

  • J3_FSquared


    22 days ago

    Make that valance panel out of AR500 steel :)

  • AR White

    AR White

    22 days ago

    We all know that the youtuber is Roman Atwood

  • Charles Lynch

    Charles Lynch

    23 days ago

    Never get tired of seeing the 5 ton

  • Evan Fields

    Evan Fields

    23 days ago

    You should put a water turret on top of the fire truck instead of the ma Duce

  • Mogipbob


    23 days ago

    The difference between a Dana 60 and a Dana 70 is 10 Danas :)

  • NoOne2You


    23 days ago

    I saw Chocolate!

  • Kelt nc

    Kelt nc

    24 days ago

    4 09 2021 год
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    все эти стартапы в роликах
    (необходимо быть осторожными)
    рф -ские
    необходимо приобретать только проверенные надежные технологии
    а именно необходимо построить
    завод по производству грузовиков

    и авто компонентов то есть 2 завода
    как минимум + завод по производству автошин в городе Уральск естественно
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    Каспий флот гражданские

  • Tyler Stephens

    Tyler Stephens

    24 days ago

    if youre doing an incredible custom truck car thing, why put it on leaf springs? get some airbags or coilovers just think ride quality would be important

  • Mark Hutton

    Mark Hutton

    25 days ago

    Leaf springs... in the US modern idea, the rest of the world...nope we have coils and dampness... which is why we can go round corners.
    Driving Highway 1 SF to LA in a KIA something SUB... I caught and passed a McLaren and Ferrari....because I can look beyond my bonnet/hood when it comes to corners and anticipate the speed due to vanishing points...
    American cars, massive engines, low power.
    The rest of us... small 2 litre engine can get 300bhp...
    Sorry but there is no efficiency with US engines or suspension...

  • Edward Drost

    Edward Drost

    25 days ago

    Is the a date of completion for the Cuda? I mean, will it be finished before Brandon Herrera finishes the AK-50?

  • Saikls


    25 days ago


  • Andrew Sager

    Andrew Sager

    25 days ago

    Matt TSA doesn’t care about gun powder. They only care about explosives that bar of silver would of been perfectly okay, just on X-ray it would cause a bag check unless you took it out.

  • James Crosland

    James Crosland

    25 days ago

    Mathew! You can't slap another mans metal work in his own shop jeeeez! I am for sure telling Mare.



    26 days ago

    " this is good, you can get this done... but THIS IS WAY BETTER"
    That what she said

  • shaun fletcher

    shaun fletcher

    26 days ago

    dude have you ever heard of x rays they scan the shit out of stuff nowadays

  • MadDragon101


    26 days ago

    ok so he didn't want to take the plane because the block could set it off but then he mailed it instead hmmm

  • Johnathan Saegal

    Johnathan Saegal

    26 days ago

    So you named your Ma-Deuce "karate chop"?

  • Tips R Us

    Tips R Us

    26 days ago

    Anyone else ever notice how Brandon looks just a little like Channing Tatum?

  • Tony Stites

    Tony Stites

    26 days ago

    How hard is it to find parts for the 5 Ton

  • Jean-Marc Feldman

    Jean-Marc Feldman

    26 days ago

    Matt’s house, very well defended. Really well defended.

  • Blake Stph

    Blake Stph

    26 days ago

    Look you’re going to have to wear a ski mask if you keep doing the simplisafe sponsor .

  • Arrowhead Sports

    Arrowhead Sports

    26 days ago

    chest plate for Robert Oberst

  • Ender Butter

    Ender Butter

    26 days ago

    you should care about the environment more

  • original fireman cancelled

    original fireman cancelled

    26 days ago

    I hope it's me

  • TexRobNC


    26 days ago

    I long ago said this thing needs to be able to wheelie, and it's one step closer today to that being a possibility

  • Jeremyk 541

    Jeremyk 541

    26 days ago

    Never forget that the environment exists

  • Brendan Sullivan

    Brendan Sullivan

    26 days ago

    "I know that there is an environment" has got to be the best line I have heard yet.

  • Cody Shepherd

    Cody Shepherd

    26 days ago

    I know it would probably be a pain in the butt, you should try and redesign your intro silhouette by taking the Humvee out and replacing it with the 5 ton. I think that would be really neat.

  • brandon brewer

    brandon brewer

    27 days ago

    thats what she said.

  • brandon brewer

    brandon brewer

    27 days ago

    yee yee brother.

  • Fotog Fitzfoto

    Fotog Fitzfoto

    27 days ago

    I wonder how long it will be before YT demonetises videos that are not "green"?

  • richie renaud

    richie renaud

    27 days ago

    Today on off the ranch - beefy

  • Christopher Prichard

    Christopher Prichard

    27 days ago

    no "crumple" frame

  • TT Innovations

    TT Innovations

    27 days ago

    =( ..... I'll be retired and blind before this Cuda gets done................ =( .... soooo slow

  • TinaL R

    TinaL R

    27 days ago


  • nuke469


    27 days ago

    Daytona clone beautiful

  • Donovan Attano

    Donovan Attano

    27 days ago

    should of put the bar of silver in a book by cuting insert out of inside of book :)

  • Bluuplanet


    27 days ago

    I think I'd replace those wipers with something with a electric motors. I'm sure there's some bolt-on-the-outside electric wiper motors for some vehicle that are similar to those. Of course, they'd need some olive drab spray paint.

  • shawnsack1


    27 days ago

    The newer trucks aren't running dana axles. Its an aam 11.5.

  • Bud M

    Bud M

    27 days ago

    The 'cuda is a heck of a build. Lots of fun following along.

  • Nathan


    27 days ago

    They are not legally allowed to take something of worth like that... You run more risk overnighting it.

  • Jay


    27 days ago

    first video of yours i've seen in a while and i come back to the block of silver you shot lmfao

  • David Kelm

    David Kelm

    27 days ago

    Ole CC's comin along 😎

  • Chris Fekete

    Chris Fekete

    27 days ago

    Did you see whistling diesel rearends

  • Jim Fry

    Jim Fry

    27 days ago

    It looks like they got the Cuda shoved in the corner. This thing should be done by now. Covid?

  • Trent Boone

    Trent Boone

    27 days ago

    Why do that to a coda

  • Dirty


    27 days ago

    I was literally riding in the back of the ambulance yesterday and it rear ended a truck. It pretty much destroyed both vehicles.

  • Broke Wrench

    Broke Wrench

    27 days ago

    What happened to skif knives?

  • Hunno


    27 days ago

    anyone else notice the Ronnie Coleman “Yeah Buddy” shirt? I LOVE IT !!

  • Daniel Nixon

    Daniel Nixon

    27 days ago

    Might be a bit less in weight. Maybe a pinch

  • Ja'Crispy


    27 days ago

    The thing in that box has to be an armor plate for Robert Oberst's plate carrier.

  • mike13899


    27 days ago

    Diesel truck for personal use, got nothing on private/government jets with few passengers for campaign trips, on being environmentally conscious.

  • mike13899


    27 days ago


  • Gazz Crawford

    Gazz Crawford

    27 days ago

    i dont want to put ideas in your head but could this thing wheelie ?

  • Aaron Black

    Aaron Black

    27 days ago

    lololol I roll coal and climate change is for dorks lololol. Dude stop.

  • Mike crystal robert

    Mike crystal robert

    27 days ago

    Got dang that’s gonna be sick when she done can’t wait to see it finished

  • Bobby Mulwee

    Bobby Mulwee

    27 days ago


  • Cory Gardner

    Cory Gardner

    27 days ago

    You guys are gonna NEED a CB radio in that cuda! Like totes for sure!!

  • heinen64


    27 days ago

    AAM rear 11.5 axle

  • H G

    H G

    27 days ago

    you should be ashamed for destroying a classic. there are just some things you dont do. this is one of them. along with fondling your sister.

  • Kryptic's 710 Adventures

    Kryptic's 710 Adventures

    27 days ago

    The Dana explaination: you vs the guy she tells you not to worry about.

    • Brad B

      Brad B

      26 days ago

      i just wanted to know the ratio, yet we get the size of the crown wheel?? No shit its bigger lol

  • Steven Hyatt

    Steven Hyatt

    27 days ago

    I love how the, “Don’t tell mere” in the outdo is so genuine

  • Brian Martin

    Brian Martin

    27 days ago

    Sounds like you are going to see Patrick Adair

  • millertime


    27 days ago

    You should throw air bags on if your gonna tow with it.

  • Zachary Bartels

    Zachary Bartels

    27 days ago

    the cummins cuda needs spinners.

  • Lysergic_Visions


    27 days ago

    Matt: Protect it in the way I would..... Us:🔫. Matt: Karate🥋Chops👋🏻. Future Home Intruders: 🤕🥷🏽

  • Chris VanKoevering

    Chris VanKoevering

    27 days ago

    Kind of surprised that Matt didn't use the bullet proof Suburban to deliver it to the shipper.

  • Adam Waters

    Adam Waters

    27 days ago

    I hope it’s Roman

  • TB Benji

    TB Benji

    27 days ago

    “Way better” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • james baylies

    james baylies

    27 days ago

    What do you want for your old Dana70?

  • Growing jordon

    Growing jordon

    27 days ago

    this man bubble wrapped the silver bar so it would get damaged in shipping. hahaha have a good one brah!

  • Gabriel Mefrakis

    Gabriel Mefrakis

    27 days ago

    You need to pull a giant bank safe like on fast and furious with the cuba

  • Brandon Black

    Brandon Black

    27 days ago

    Matt I would like to know if u still play soccer with your soccer buddys

  • Kwwoodworks


    27 days ago

    You should show the brand I made you for bunker branding!

  • Dean Thompson

    Dean Thompson

    27 days ago

    Too bad you wouldn't restoring a Cuda to be nice little classic ride, put a 440 in it

  • TheParalysed


    27 days ago

    well i see no fault in the envoriment logic in this video what so ever!

  • Mike 2bustedknuckles

    Mike 2bustedknuckles

    27 days ago

    Its big, but its not WD big!

  • Bradley Marks

    Bradley Marks

    27 days ago

    I thought the deadline for Cuda roll out is October? ... but Matt keeps doing the Tim the tool man it needs more power... I don't think they will make the deadline..

  • Slimphattz MrJamdown

    Slimphattz MrJamdown

    27 days ago

    We have those wipers on our buses. If u put an air dump tube on it it can muffle the air noise and dump the sound elswhere.

  • LiveToRide !

    LiveToRide !

    27 days ago

    I wish Matt wouldn’t talk over Brandon so much. He says: Brandon go ahead an explain what we’re looking at. An then just starts explaining it himself but just cuts Brandon off. Manners Matt.

  • Michael Prewitt

    Michael Prewitt

    27 days ago

    I will buy the dana 70 im a very serious buyer I need it for my crawler

  • WildDigger


    27 days ago

    Are you staying with the original front diff or is it getting upgraded? 🤔 Can't wait to see it finished.

  • Calvin Williams

    Calvin Williams

    28 days ago

    Mirrors are something that you want to think about if you are going to be Towing. Or I guess you could solve that problem with cameras



    28 days ago

    Hell yeah looking awesome

  • William Johnson

    William Johnson

    28 days ago

    Finally, the video I've been waiting for

  • Adam Taylor

    Adam Taylor

    28 days ago

    pretty sure it will be roman atwood hes giving the silver to

  • Flynn Silvester

    Flynn Silvester

    28 days ago

    no no no this thing needs a triple intake bug catcher i assure you this is a great decision mere would love it and maybe some big side pipes going up the front fenders

  • Archnemesis27


    28 days ago

    Are your knifes still a thing?

  • Carlos Azpeitia

    Carlos Azpeitia

    28 days ago

    Can't wait to see the finished product