The Barracuda’s 12V Cummins is Built!!!!

Published on Jun 6, 2021
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Everything 50-75% off!!!

Holden Bros 12V build:

Thanks so much for all the love and support guys!!! Grab a shirt/hoodie/patch and join the Demolitia today!!!

I get lots of comments asking about my equipment, here is what I use to make my videos!
Main Camera
Secondary Camera


  • TheDestroyer32


    2 months ago

    I said since the very beginning when they started building the bunker that it was way too small and had no room for them to grow and would you look at that not even a year later since it opened and they are already outgrowing the building.

  • Shawn Coffman

    Shawn Coffman

    2 months ago

    We call them Cricks up here in Kentucky



    2 months ago

    You need to talk with Johnny's reloading bench about some t shirts.

  • Jack Marina

    Jack Marina

    3 months ago

    I could get behind you doing some nature videos xD just saying Everyone love nature lol



    3 months ago

    Hire a boat company I bet they can waterproof it..

  • Sid'istic Atheist

    Sid'istic Atheist

    3 months ago

    Rich Builds is crazy... I love his attitude though.. tee hee !!

  • Oster910


    3 months ago

    Bring this for tx2k!, maybe do some cars and coffee... with guns too

  • Jonathan Manion

    Jonathan Manion

    3 months ago

    lol squirrel!

  • deer hunter07

    deer hunter07

    3 months ago

    You should start making rusty van ranch merchandise

  • Killergrip Offgrip

    Killergrip Offgrip

    3 months ago

    A pond is a good idea

  • Ben Krickbaum

    Ben Krickbaum

    3 months ago

    What a beautiful family, I’m happy they are blessed with happiness. I hope to achieve what Matt has.

  • EYES and EARS of the AUSSIE COSSACK Central Coast

    EYES and EARS of the AUSSIE COSSACK Central Coast

    3 months ago

    Test that Spring water Matt. If it's got the goods you may be able to tap the spring-water .Sell it!!!

  • Garret Mcadams

    Garret Mcadams

    3 months ago

    Bro I looked it up in his net worth is 3 mil he can afford a few more cameras just a few

  • barbatos lupus rex

    barbatos lupus rex

    3 months ago

    Is the spring drinkable

  • John Yang

    John Yang

    3 months ago

    Imagine getting lost in the woods and it's on your own property? Or finding a decaying body in the woods? Or how cool it would be to find batman's hidden batcave?

  • Paul Buchanan

    Paul Buchanan

    3 months ago

    Link looks much better without the mullet.

  • Jeff Drum

    Jeff Drum

    3 months ago

    Was that a White Claw at :20?

  • Sarah Leann Young

    Sarah Leann Young

    3 months ago

    How many golf balls does it take to stop a 50 cal? ;)

  • Zachary Miller

    Zachary Miller

    3 months ago

    The funny thing is I just got a mullet a couple days ago

  • leonardo feuermann

    leonardo feuermann

    3 months ago

    Hey.....what camera number is that......🤔🤔🤔......🤣🤣🤣

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    Jeremiah Johnson

    3 months ago

    Did he skimp and not use head studs?!?!?

  • castellscl


    3 months ago

    ponds like that would be mosquito breading grounds...

  • mike BENOIT

    mike BENOIT

    3 months ago

    Brother Matt I can't wait until I can see your new build

  • mike BENOIT

    mike BENOIT

    3 months ago

    I love watching you and Family doing things

  • Justin Scott

    Justin Scott

    3 months ago

    Bunker miracle spring water, only $10/ bottle

  • The Benefactor

    The Benefactor

    3 months ago


  • Ben Walbrown

    Ben Walbrown

    3 months ago

    Those pipes in the bottom of rock wall are connected to perforated pipes or drains in the hill side to drain the water as it comes in. Thats what actually keeps the water pressure from not building up, completely buckling that wall and collapsing it! Water is one of the most powerful natural things on earth. I used to do foundation repair and I've see water pressure completely lift houses, push up from beneath, buckle and break the 18 inch thick basement floors it was ridiculous!

  • Monkey Spin

    Monkey Spin

    3 months ago

    remove the mins in cummins it makes a cool word

  • Santana Diaz

    Santana Diaz

    3 months ago

    I'd collect that water into a tank that way you can refill the FIRETRUCK(MASTER CHEIF)

  • Raven Miller

    Raven Miller

    3 months ago

    Matt broke another camera and broke the one Rule in demolitia.. HE TOLD MERE

  • Koolkennyk


    3 months ago

    How many broken cameras does it take to stop a 50 cal

  • David Lynch

    David Lynch

    3 months ago

    10 minutes into the video and still no mention of what we all came here for…. I’ll wait until it’s on the shop’s channel

  • Charles Lynch

    Charles Lynch

    3 months ago

    Gotta love natural springs

  • Mr Skweaker

    Mr Skweaker

    3 months ago

    Matt has the same boots as me. I now feel special lol

  • Andrew Williams

    Andrew Williams

    3 months ago

    I love your videos but 13 minutes of other bs and 2 minutes of the barracuda motor is really irritating



    3 months ago

    Heck yeah great video cheers

  • Archie Mcgregor

    Archie Mcgregor

    3 months ago

    Hey why didn’t you just put silicon inside

  • Blue Dog Prospecting

    Blue Dog Prospecting

    3 months ago

    I wonder if there is gold in that little stream your ranch looks like gold country

  • Jarod Powell

    Jarod Powell

    3 months ago

    Matt, start ording cameras in bulk🐘➡🚪

  • Ocean Man

    Ocean Man

    3 months ago

    Nooooo not the sweet sweet mullet 😢

  • marsel rihtarič

    marsel rihtarič

    3 months ago

    Now imagine all that water pushing on your wall and not draining the wall whould fall over

  • Jason Bishop

    Jason Bishop

    3 months ago

    Can't wait to see that custom exhaust manifold on that engine

  • Cepha Esco

    Cepha Esco

    3 months ago

    Quick question…does any body out there make ammo? Anyone thought about how to combine the sound deadening principles of water in relation to the sound of ammunition firing?

  • Gray Overton

    Gray Overton

    3 months ago

    Water= mosquitoes, pond would be cool but swatting bugs all day at the range not cool

  • Brian


    3 months ago

    don't tell Mere about the mannequins... it'll be our little secret

  • Joe C

    Joe C

    3 months ago

    Have Letsdig18 come over and help you with the pond. Great collaboration!!!

  • EMarshall


    3 months ago

    You need at machete for the exploring the Demo range.

  • alexplmer095


    3 months ago

    Linc bring the mullet back …. The power is In the mullet trust me!

  • Charlie Fox

    Charlie Fox

    3 months ago

    Lincoln will look back at this video in the future and is 1000% gonna regret not giving the mullet a chance

  • Zozen Gaming

    Zozen Gaming

    3 months ago

    clicked the link before he said "guys none of this is for you" idk! i might look cute in a skirt XD

  • FormerGorilla


    3 months ago

    Matt: "Guys, this stuff isn't for you..."
    Buffalo Bob: "Speak for yourself"

  • Shriker


    3 months ago

    I searched quite a long time for a sturdy haircutter and finally found the same WAHL as Matt has. When I received it, I realized it was only 120V and I'm living in Europe.
    Not a big deal I thought, got my 100W 120Hz converter and started it up. It made really bad noises. After some research, I figured out, that it oscillates with the mains frequency and 50Hz is no good.
    Now I have it hooked to a 12V DC to 120V 60Hz AC converter which is hooked to a 240V 50Hz AC to 12V DC converter.
    It works like a charm now, but it was a way to get here.

  • Renigade16


    3 months ago

    Backyard fishing hole. Yes sir.

  • Steven Swann

    Steven Swann

    3 months ago

    ill give you 50 bucks for that broken camera lol

    • Steven Swann

      Steven Swann

      3 months ago

      this is, and isn't, a joke. i would if you would let me

  • Bobby Wayne

    Bobby Wayne

    3 months ago

    I feel like Matt assumed my gender by saying none of meres boutique stuff is for me

  • chicken crossing farm

    chicken crossing farm

    3 months ago

    You should play I want my mullet back

  • Phil Courteney

    Phil Courteney

    3 months ago

    Linc is such a Mini-Matt 😁👌🥰

  • James


    3 months ago

    Matt...PLEASE DO SOMETHING WITH THE STEREO AUDIO ISSUE. The second the video changed to you on your iPhone the audio was WAY better not in terms of clarity but in terms of stereo separation. Before it gave me headache with like 80% of the audio coming through the right speaker.Your voice in your video should be mostly centre for those watching. Even just exporting the video in mono would be better. Please Matt, PLEASE!

  • Sam S

    Sam S

    3 months ago

    Mere should partner up with Sarah terkla To sell her "boutique" stuff. Wow, I'm a genius,. You're welcome!

  • thublit


    3 months ago

    omg actually laughing "relaxing with nature"



    3 months ago

    1:38 sus????

  • Joepopa12


    3 months ago

    Could be just the lens cover not opening.

  • BiggMarvv


    3 months ago

    Hey Matt that leaking window is coming from a bad seal, or there’s water standing somewhere on the roof or a window above it near that spot. Last thing it could be is the gutters, if you have any. I believe you do.

  • alex ray

    alex ray

    3 months ago

    Matt I love your videos so much I am trying to move to Texas cause it is such a beautiful state I want to ranch some cattle and raise sheep and just try to farm but I love your videos!!!

  • Carl W Harris

    Carl W Harris

    3 months ago

    Holden bros Diesel

  • Hudzon Gardner

    Hudzon Gardner

    3 months ago

    What is this camera 200

  • Mark Hutton

    Mark Hutton

    3 months ago

    Would love to get your items but the internatiomal shipping it is crippling

  • CaneAtvse


    3 months ago

    You should see if you could put a piping system that has turbines in it and see if it would have enough flow to power something

  • Nate Huschka

    Nate Huschka

    3 months ago

    Try silicone around that corner or wherever the leak is

  • Alan Mcgeachy

    Alan Mcgeachy

    3 months ago

    Demo Ranch Springwater coming soon!



    3 months ago

    #OffTheRanch Hey love your all's videos and I am a New Subscriber Here from Johnson City TN 😎

  • Man Craft TV

    Man Craft TV

    3 months ago

    Your shutter is stuck.

  • Mash Rien

    Mash Rien

    3 months ago

    Matt asked the 'litia to support the Queen, dollars to donuts the store sells out, 100%, within the week lol

  • chris warner

    chris warner

    3 months ago

    ehhhh just picked up my twisted x boots last week

  • Mr. MankeyMan44442

    Mr. MankeyMan44442

    3 months ago

    Yeah get rid of the nasty mullet😂😂

  • A2343


    3 months ago

  • O Rated

    O Rated

    3 months ago

    You should use hydrophobic wax on those windows so you can see. RainX would probably work awhile, I'm sure there is something else.

  • BigFatKittyKat11


    3 months ago


  • Nontypical Outdoorsman

    Nontypical Outdoorsman

    3 months ago

    It's the Rio Brand. Instead of the Rio Grand

  • Nontypical Outdoorsman

    Nontypical Outdoorsman

    3 months ago

    5:33 it's not a phase, dad.

  • Benergy


    3 months ago

    is stream bulletproof ?

  • Vanessa Jean

    Vanessa Jean

    3 months ago

    How many gold balls does it take to stop a .50 cal?......

  • Michael Pintal

    Michael Pintal

    3 months ago

    You have to change the intro on off the ranch now, being you no longer have the hummer, you should put in that big ass truck and earl, sorry 😐, forget the big trucks name

  • Dylan Wolff

    Dylan Wolff

    3 months ago

    the mullet was pretty cool! Lincoln is a sassy pants

  • Carnaxus


    3 months ago

    You’ve been watching too much Westen 🤣

  • A tiped Pigeon

    A tiped Pigeon

    3 months ago

    Hahahaha Cummins lmao

  • David Fife

    David Fife

    3 months ago

    Idea "builds a hydro electric dam"

  • Kelly Grabill

    Kelly Grabill

    3 months ago

    Put the camera in a bag of iPhones

  • Rhett Rainey

    Rhett Rainey

    3 months ago

    Hey Matt just an idea to fix the leak try flex glue😀😀

  • dingus153


    3 months ago

    Has anybody told Mare that naming a clothing company after her child is kinda weird?

  • Nathan Jones

    Nathan Jones

    3 months ago

    Sorry nothing at Linc Boutique that’s my wife’s size.

  • Gaurav Kumar

    Gaurav Kumar

    3 months ago

    Hey Matt, you look exhausted man. What's up?

  • Isaac Moeller

    Isaac Moeller

    3 months ago

    I remember when Bucer Branding was a hole

  • Crazy Chris

    Crazy Chris

    3 months ago

    Hey Matt, what camera is that? Number ….
    Matt : shut up!! (LOL) don’t tell mere!!!

  • Ben Snow

    Ben Snow

    3 months ago

    run those spring pipes into another pipe and have it go over to the pond

  • Scared Of Ghosts

    Scared Of Ghosts

    3 months ago

    Ponds more ponds..everywhere, n then make another channel 'fishing ranch'

  • Pzswefss


    3 months ago

    Steal pelts math 😜

  • William Crandell

    William Crandell

    3 months ago

    having a button that shakes a screen for a window would allow you to see through it at least momentarily during rain

  • Alex P

    Alex P

    3 months ago

    That spring at bunker branding might just be busted water pipe. You should do a chlorine and fluoride test on it or have a city employee do it.

  • Kristof K

    Kristof K

    3 months ago

    Matt is like guys this Linc stuff is not for y’all. As soon as I came back from the website he says that