Soooo.... I Got Back Surgery...

Published on Jun 27, 2021
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  • OffTheRanch


    3 months ago

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    • Dkckric Wocoentbjfkent

      Dkckric Wocoentbjfkent

      2 months ago


    • Albin Eriksson

      Albin Eriksson

      2 months ago

      Yes to the marathon that would be fun to see Matt do a marathon 🧡

    • Clarence Marino III

      Clarence Marino III

      2 months ago

      @jamezbond 007 Same to you and thanks for listening.

    • jamezbond 007

      jamezbond 007

      2 months ago

      @Clarence Marino III I understand the dilemma, I also have a somewhat large family. Not quite as large as yours. I also understand the fear of the chiropractor, the wrong manipulation can injure you worse. There are therapies such as facet injections, lumbar epidural. You would want to run these by your pain management doctor and see if any of them apply. Also don't be hesitant about getting second opinions. Sometimes a different perspective makes a world of difference. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Wishing you less painful days.

    • Clarence Marino III

      Clarence Marino III

      2 months ago

      @jamezbond 007 I tried Chiropractic therapy once and I was out of work for a month and on lite duty for 3 months because the doctor didn't look at the MRI disc that I gave him and treated me like just any other patient. I haven't gone to another one out of fear that I will get hurt again because I cant afford to be off of work. I have 6 kids and my Dad has dementia so I take care of them all. Even though my wife says I do too much its something that I have to do. I cant take opiates cause I am allergic to them. I really like the tens unit w/ Ice/heat.

  • Jose Esparza

    Jose Esparza

    16 days ago

    I have a severe herniated disc on my lower back at first it just started with just constant pain but a month later it started to pinch my sciatic nerve pretty bad and now I’ve been suffering from this sciatic nerve pain it’s been 8 months already and it doesn’t seem to go away the orthopedic doctor gave me a steroid shot and didn’t help at all I also took medication but the pain is still bad and he told me if it’s that bad to get surgery but I’m not if I should do it ..

  • F.B.I


    Month ago

    Dont broke you hip, You need to keep up with mere. Stay low now!. I'll bash you so hard if you going down because your of stupidity! Goodluck.

  • christian clark

    christian clark

    Month ago

    Either that's a old outro or just varied up alittle cause I never seen that before

  • kowareta. otoko

    kowareta. otoko

    Month ago

    i'm voting NO

  • MrNot TellingYou

    MrNot TellingYou

    Month ago

    Listen to the docs. I didn't listen and now there no fixing the damage. Constant 6 to 8 of 10 pain is a great time.

  • dsch522


    Month ago

    Thank God Dr Duntsch is not working on your back.

  • Patricia Boyd

    Patricia Boyd

    Month ago

    Did you go to a chiropractor?

  • Denise Diangelo

    Denise Diangelo

    Month ago

    Stop showing off

  • Alex M

    Alex M

    Month ago

    I love how he is a badass patient "Not gonna happen doc" 😂

  • Sally Shipwreck

    Sally Shipwreck

    Month ago

    Yes I know how annoying it is. The side of my left leg is numb all the time. Sometimes my toes are numb. My back hurts most of the time and has for years. I'm 72 and did this to myself by lifting something that weighed 150 pounds when I was 30ish. Oh, and I'm a girl. Follow the rules or you'll be even sorrier the older you get. I see that grey in your beard!

  • Sharon Hogan

    Sharon Hogan

    Month ago

    Matt grow up and listen to the doctors.

  • Julia Ingrassia

    Julia Ingrassia

    Month ago

    My younger sister died from not wearing the Ted Hose. The river is filth, fish "poo" in it.. Please, follow the direction, Ted Hose would have saved my sister's life, she was 43.. Please, as silly as the rules sound, follow them. I went swimming 2 days after a small surgery on both knees, all - was fine, but that was before I For a call out of the blue that my younger sister had died from something far less danerous than me going swimming.. Sending prayers for your healing, and that you are minding the rules..

  • NoZaku


    Month ago

    Lol funny enough I’ve got 3 herniated discs. I can relate.

  • Judy Meyer

    Judy Meyer

    Month ago


  • Red River

    Red River

    Month ago

    I had a huge herniation on my L5 S1
    In the left introforaminal.....set my left leg on fire for months. Didn't have the guts to get the operation....luckily it kind of mended itself in around 6 months.... I've got feeling back into my leg....and I don't have sharp pain anymore..... Hopefully you'll feel better after this procedure. Prayers for you fella.

  • Marsha Cook

    Marsha Cook

    Month ago

    No rivers are dirty animal pee and poop. You could get flesh eating virus from a scratch.

  • Dallas Harrison

    Dallas Harrison

    Month ago

    Matt you need to go back to vet Ranch and have them clean that place up it looks like trash the backyards all trashed .it needs the grass cut very bad

  • miss miou

    miss miou

    Month ago

    Mer thigh him up to the bed

  • smcs


    Month ago

    That's not an opinion, that's a medical fact

  • Jean Jaeger

    Jean Jaeger

    Month ago


  • Janette Rocha

    Janette Rocha

    Month ago

    Aren’t you a doctor? And your preaching not following your doctors advise. That’s not good.

  • Cheryl Molnar

    Cheryl Molnar

    Month ago

    You need to follow your post-op instructions or you'll be having a much more major back surgery in the near future! Cheryl RN

  • Debra Olsen

    Debra Olsen

    Month ago

    No way matt

  • Sondra Cumberland

    Sondra Cumberland

    Month ago

    Matt what are you doing? I have had two back operations and wish I had never had the first. You know I watched you and family when your brother died. I would think you would value life a little more. Do it for him!

  • Julian Markau

    Julian Markau

    Month ago

    You're such a beautiful man

  • Miranda Brooks

    Miranda Brooks

    Month ago

    You have one chance to heal correctly. If you choose not to follow doctors directions then whatever happens you deserve.

  • Vanessa Dolby

    Vanessa Dolby

    Month ago

    I've had 2 lumbar surgeries and one cervical surgery. The weight limit on lifting needs to be taken seriously unless you want to have surgery again and again.

  • Cathlyn


    Month ago

    Matt, you are really ticking me off. That stunt on the treadmill was so not cool. My forty two year old son is recovering from a spinal fusion rods, screws, the whole nine. This is his second back surgery. He is 6ft 7, you do not want to experience his pain level ever. I have degenerative disc disease down my whole back. You have kids to raise, you want to able to climb bleachers to watch whatever sport they may want to play? You would be ticked if you set a dogs leg and the owner said,”I’m gonna take him for a short walk, I’m sure it will be alright.”

  • Emily G

    Emily G

    Month ago

    Matt can only be running in the marathon if he competes for last place.

  • 1977rw


    Month ago

    That's a no from me Matt. My back is probably worse than yours, but I just don't care. I know I'm going to end up with major back surgery later on in life. Take care of yours now, before you do the dumb stuff I've done.

  • Jordan


    Month ago

    Did anyone else's back hurt just watching this?

  • irish kismet

    irish kismet

    Month ago

    Dumb is as dumb does 😏

  • Sue Phillips

    Sue Phillips

    Month ago

    Stop pole dancing and tap dancing on tables....😻

  • Leslie Desjadon

    Leslie Desjadon

    Month ago

    Please tell us you kept Buddy, he’s such a good dog

  • Elizabeth Dautremont

    Elizabeth Dautremont

    Month ago

    No you should not. Mere is right. You do not want to jack your back up. Listen to Mere and you can never go wrong.

  • Elizabeth Dautremont

    Elizabeth Dautremont

    Month ago

    I'm glad you are doing ok. Please be safe and careful with your back. You do not want to jack it up.

  • Marilyn Patterson

    Marilyn Patterson

    Month ago

    just watchedthis.boy,what a man, what a hero you are.if you were one of your kids or your wife or your dad, would you want them to follow the doctors recommendation. would definitely think twice about taklng my dog to you for sound medical advice.dont be a jerk.

  • Kevin Garcia

    Kevin Garcia

    Month ago


  • Deedee Majerus

    Deedee Majerus

    Month ago

    Matt,please just follow doctors orders,at least for a month or so,then start slowly.I had my first back surgery and didnt exactly get to follow docs orders due to family stuff.Then workmans comp sent me back to work too early .So three more back surgeries later and including an infection that almost killed me and landed me in hospital for six weeks,I am left in constant chronic pain. You can also damage nerves that can change everything for you like bladder continence,E.D. for men and even things like lifting a leg high enough to step over things. Back issues are nothing to play with or take lightly,better to err on the cautious side. Not preaching,just love you and want to see you healthy and happy.

  • Rvr4311 Meadow

    Rvr4311 Meadow

    Month ago

    Did you keep that white dog

  • MakroPavlo


    Month ago

    Go for it, if you really want to be in massive amounts of pain for the rest of your life.

  • VIPER410


    Month ago

    My grandma and grandpa both had back surgery and they both said they never should've let anyone carve on them. After that first back surgery it was one after another. It may be awhile but just wait you'll be getting more back surgery.

  • megan hunter

    megan hunter

    Month ago

    I had a herniated disc at L5S1 @ 15yo and a microdiscectomy surgery at 20yo (I'm 36 now) from weight training in high school. 6-7 steroid injections, A few years of PT. My first consultation for surgery was with a surgeon who wanted to put in 2 8in metal rods in my back at 17yo, that was a hard no from me and my mom. And quit pursuing surgery until I lost feeling on the inner sides on my feet when I was 19. 16 years later, I'm still doing great and I hope your recovery goes just as well!

  • Christine Grace Frances

    Christine Grace Frances

    Month ago

    I vote maybe..

  • Sara Blackwolf Dancer

    Sara Blackwolf Dancer

    Month ago

    Dude, think about what this video says to people who aren't elite athletes in top physical condition, and even those who are. Particularly the men are going to think you're saying they're wussy if they follow the doc's instructions. You may get away with it, but most of us wouldn't. You probably won't get away with it. I know you hate being inactive, and you hate being even temporarily laid up. Just how long do you want to be laid up, is the question.

  • ellioshie m

    ellioshie m

    Month ago

    get well matt.....
    you are a great vet.....🐶🐱🐱🐶

  • Brayden Warren

    Brayden Warren

    Month ago

    Matt, I am no expert, bit I reccomend resting and recovering. It would server heavily. We all want you to last man! Love you, take it easy.

  • Jason Barbee

    Jason Barbee

    Month ago

    I herniated my l4 l5 and s1. I got the extra butt crack scar to man. Surgery 2017. I will say surgery helped me tremendously but now when I have a bad back day it is 10x worse. Just gotta learn what you can and can't do. My doctor encouraged me to walk as much as I wanted after surgery

  • Jeremy Simpson

    Jeremy Simpson

    2 months ago

    Sorry Gimpy, vote is in & no one said yes lol.

  • Karen.S.W


    2 months ago

    Trust me, listen to the drs. I've had 7 of these and there's nothing more they can do for me until I get either end up In a wheelchair or a full spinal fusion.

  • nicholas chmelewski

    nicholas chmelewski

    2 months ago

    Oh damn dude! I has the same thing! I ruptured 2 discs. Between L4 L5 and S1. I had the same surgery. So glad you're feeling better!!!

  • Justin Shenoy

    Justin Shenoy

    2 months ago

    Had same surgery on L4L5

  • Nala June

    Nala June

    2 months ago

    sooooo, you put in a SPY system that can (and WILL) watch your family at all times? Without YOU noticing...
    More than enough videos on youtube showing this system being hacked.

  • ginger Rocks

    ginger Rocks

    2 months ago


  • Corey D

    Corey D

    2 months ago

    I feel your pain. I've had 2 lumbar microdiscectomies due to an extrusion in my L5-S1. I had the 2nd one because I didn't listen to my dr the first time. Listen to your Doctor!

  • antharro


    2 months ago

    Matt for goodness sake stop being a macho hardhead and listen to your wife and your doctors. This is serious, and if you screw it up you risk messing your back up potentially for the rest of your life. And if you don't care about the impact on you then think about how that will impact everyone else around you. Quit being an idiot and rest up.

  • Sarah


    2 months ago

    You are being immature and not behaving like a husband or father. Do you want a deadly infection or never walk again. Ugh...Matt !!!

  • redfirekla


    2 months ago

    Damn that sux hopefully he makes a full recovery

  • Sports94freak


    2 months ago

    Vote yes!

  • kathy lerner

    kathy lerner

    2 months ago

    Don't be stupid its not worth it , I didn't listen to my doc. I went back to work early lifted more than I was supposed to, now 7 surgeries later and fused spine and a spinal cord stimulator and after my 2nd surgery I ended up with a staff infection which kept me in the hospital for 3 months it changed my life forever and I'm only 56yrs. Don't be stupid !!! It's not worth it

  • Virginia Jackson

    Virginia Jackson

    2 months ago

    You know, Matt, you are a doctor. If people did not follow the directions you give them for their pet, their pet will suffer. You tell them those things for a reason. Same with your surgeon. He know these things. When I worked in surgery,, they did these a lot! But they KNOW that you must do what they tell you. If you weren't going to do what they told you, why did you even bother with the surgery?

  • Bandsmen


    2 months ago

    Will the insurance cover complications if you ignore the doctor's orders?

  • junegirl45


    2 months ago

    Hi Matt
    Sorry to hear you had back surgery. But it is good that it. Was minor. But seriously try to take things easy. Get well soon.

  • Ken M.

    Ken M.

    2 months ago

    I've had seven back surgeries! Stop your whining p****!

  • Vanessa Atalanta

    Vanessa Atalanta

    2 months ago

    I am always amazed at how unreasonable grown men can be.

  • John Aldridge

    John Aldridge

    2 months ago

    I had the same disc herniat, almost with the one above it. 2 back surgeries in 2 weeks. Hope everything goes well.

  • the redneck maker

    the redneck maker

    2 months ago

    Is anybody talking about his thigh highs

  • Mel B

    Mel B

    2 months ago

    Funny I’m seeing this in suggestions…just had c5-c6 herniated surgery, feel your pain with instructions but mine is 6 weeks doing nothing. I am however going to try to follow those instructions, not trying to go back through this again. I however did have a fusion surgery and have a plate and screws in place. Good luck healing.

  • Cathy Laycock

    Cathy Laycock

    2 months ago

    Glad you’re hopefully be healed. I’ve got sciatic nerve damage so have a small idea of the numbness you had. My top front leg is non-stop numb. Worse after walking or standing for long time. Do as the Dr says or you can undo the work the urge on did! Behave!

  • Michael Riehl

    Michael Riehl

    2 months ago

    Soooo did my daughter....

  • The_Perfect_Amethyst1996


    2 months ago


  • Shilo Kominarek

    Shilo Kominarek

    2 months ago

    Wait until your calf and or hip feels like it’s going to explode..
    If anyone knows of a great Back dr feel free to comment please ( I’ve had some bad luck )

  • Shilo Kominarek

    Shilo Kominarek

    2 months ago

    If you eventually have to have another surgery and they give you a choice of fusion or disc replacement - TAKE THE DISC REPLACEMENT!!!

  • Shilo Kominarek

    Shilo Kominarek

    2 months ago

    5 back surgeries due to work place injury and I’m worse today then before the surgeries.. Be careful

  • Elias Harper

    Elias Harper

    2 months ago

    Omg When did Matt get gray😳

  • xJeversons


    2 months ago

    Matt don't be dumb, listen to your doctors trust me it'll save you in the long run

  • Lawrence Ritenour

    Lawrence Ritenour

    2 months ago

    ONE WORD,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,_____A S S H O L E!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cynthia Gunnarsson

    Cynthia Gunnarsson

    2 months ago

    I had that same surgery in 2000 and made a full recovery. I was not in near as good of shape as you are so it'll be a breeze for you. Just don't overdo it which is easy to do. I wish you a speedy recovery!

  • speedy9179


    2 months ago

    The same thing happened to my mom a few years ago, just more extreem

  • Jocelyn Wade

    Jocelyn Wade

    2 months ago


  • Dustin Burkhart

    Dustin Burkhart

    2 months ago

    Dude you need to take it easy for a while. I had the same surgery last year. I didn't follow all of my instructions either. I now have partial loss of sensation in my right foot, occasional sciatic pain still, and mobility loss due to excess scar tissue and arthritis. Im only 37. Take it easy dude. You shouldn't be out shooting large caliber weapons yet. That's a lot of rotational flexion you are putting on your freshly cut into spine and muscle fascia.

  • The Clint Commander

    The Clint Commander

    2 months ago

    People, I know I shared my own story with Matt about my own back problems, but you also have to keep in mind that he's always saying things in jest. I don't believe that he's being serious about not following their advice. Yeah, he walked a mile, but a lot of doctors will have you walking out of the hospital that same day depending on the severity.

  • Jeanette Frantz

    Jeanette Frantz

    2 months ago

    Dr. Matt, you need to take the time to heal from your surgery. I have had lumbar spine surgery with hardware; I had a neuro-stimulation implant done last August -- none of these have worked. I have been under the care of pain specialists for more than 12 years. Between the first and second surgeries, my left leg would just give way and I would fall. It's a miracle I didn't break any bones. Dr. Matt, PLEASE DO NOT be foolish -- follow your doctor's instructions or you will ultimately regret not doing so. I don't want to see that happen to you. I am 76 years old now, and I'm paying the price for foolish driving mistakes, mistakes not mine, but never the less, I am paying the price! Seriously, take care of yourself and follow your doctor's instructions. Remember, NO BLT's (Bending, Lifting or Twisting! I've been at pain level 9 for a very long time. Don't push yourself too hard! Take it from an old woman!

  • Carl Stanford

    Carl Stanford

    2 months ago

    Always follow the doctors instructions when it comes to your spine. I have some experience with this injury. The risk can be severe. Do not listen to this fool.

  • Austin Nelson

    Austin Nelson

    2 months ago


  • cwuzii


    2 months ago

    For a smart guy who is college educated, he’s an idiot.

  • Fish, Family and Fun

    Fish, Family and Fun

    2 months ago

    Is it ironic that a doctor doesn't follow a doctor's orders????

  • Warren Rines

    Warren Rines

    2 months ago

    I've had three different back surgeries and have never had to wear the leg compression socks and my back is held together by titanium. They got me up as soon as I was awake and had me walking.
    Hope you feel better, get well soon

  • sargy95


    2 months ago

    Yo matt I've just had the same operation and I'm recovering from it now! Mine was was the one above yours I've been living with it 2 years and now I'm pain free. Hope you recovery well

  • Sd 247 Movers

    Sd 247 Movers

    2 months ago

    I was shot in the service. L2-l3, had a TLIF CLIF LLIF. A herniated disc come on bro. Don’t be a bitch. There’s only one thing without surgery. Nerve ablation

  • Mike Bullock

    Mike Bullock

    2 months ago

    Mine was L345 it sux

  • Ross Duncan

    Ross Duncan

    2 months ago

    Had this done 20 years ago and it was years to get over it fully ….nerve damage from the herniation plus scar tissue…take it slow for now! Switch away from running and go to swimming and cycling

  • Katariana


    2 months ago

    And barely a week later, Bill Goldberg is picking him up and yeeting him into a pool lol.

  • Phillip Jensen

    Phillip Jensen

    2 months ago

    Wow. I didn't have to go through any of that. I went to the hospital at 6am and was awake by 1230pm and back home by 7pm. My pain level before was unbearable. I was walking on my toes on my right foot. After I had no pain at all, I had meds didn't take any and was back at work the next week. Same surgery. A 1 inch cut, they inserted a tube to remove the disc through the tube. All better now

  • DNinja


    2 months ago

    Military incident, 2 herniated disks 8th & 9th thoracic. Right in the curve of my spine. Pain 24/7 gets worse the more I move. Can't stand too long, sit too long, sleep in one spot too long, run, lifting anything over 50 lbs. .....I know how you feel. Glad it worked out. If I sit or stand too fast, my spine locks up with a sharp pain. Standing too long causes my right arm to feel like a hot knife is running up and down my arm.

  • Jami Kerr

    Jami Kerr

    2 months ago

    You're in the medical field, you know better. Take care of your self and follow instructions!!!!!

  • Kathryn Hays

    Kathryn Hays

    2 months ago

    When my sister was 19 years old, she performed in her folk dance concert 10 days after having an ovarian cyst removed. The dancing included clogging, the cyst was the size of a grapefruit. We have hearty genes in our family thanks to the Germans and the celts.

  • John Doe

    John Doe

    2 months ago

    Just FYI, Your spinal cord stops at L1…

  • D Clark

    D Clark

    2 months ago

    Definitely a big, fat no on the marathon buddy. Take care of yourself. Maybe next year.