Someone Broke Into My Truck....

Published on Jun 8, 2021
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All merch proceeds go to finding the thieves... not really, ngl i'll probably buy pew pews with the money.

I get lots of comments asking about my equipment, here is what I use to make my videos!
Main Camera
Secondary Camera


  • JEGandEarnest Haney

    JEGandEarnest Haney

    20 days ago

    I don't know how many people did it but I figure one broke in while the other watched for other people. People are smart these days but if videos were watching you might have be able to catch him or her or them

  • James White

    James White

    25 days ago

    Matt and Mere, sorry that someone broke into your truck and stole your things. What go's around comes around. Their time will come.

  • Todd King

    Todd King

    27 days ago

    It's mind boggling the way we tolerate crime in the west. Whoever broke into Matt's truck should be hung by their nutsack. If you could get life for petty theft, it would be almost non-existent but in California unless you steal more than $900 they won't even arrest you.

  • Kuro Shiroi

    Kuro Shiroi

    27 days ago


  • Just Call Me MA

    Just Call Me MA

    28 days ago

    I can probably find it for if you have its mac adress, and i dont mean mac as in apple but the netcards mac

  • William Davis

    William Davis

    29 days ago

    Dope intro for demo ranch

  • Ace Martinez

    Ace Martinez

    29 days ago

    Actually they wont get nothing without the password

  • Chris Rowland

    Chris Rowland

    Month ago

    I wonder what gun Matt will use when he catches up with the thief who broke into his truck ?

  • rares p

    rares p

    Month ago

    4:38 yey! Russian Gopnik adidas pants!

  • Sin Shiesty

    Sin Shiesty

    Month ago

    Imagine if they got caught by demolitionranch boy that's a scary sight do you know you dealing with the most armed man on YouTube

  • Sean the Bawse

    Sean the Bawse

    Month ago

    That's why they do it, Matt. You can afford $2000 and they need the $200.

  • Nicole


    Month ago

    Happy birthday mere

  • pra3t0rian


    Month ago

    Lock it, hide it, keep it. Sorry man.

  • Rex Lapis

    Rex Lapis

    Month ago

    If she’s is 22 won’t she be less than 17 when she had a child ?

  • Robert Schwartz

    Robert Schwartz

    Month ago

    I am literally watching this on my own ROG computer. mine is a Zephyrus and has a ryzen 7 processor but i see yours has an intel processor.

  • Eliud M

    Eliud M

    Month ago

    Buying The Surbaban was a good investment

  • Clayton Realist

    Clayton Realist

    Month ago

    Did you have a password protect on startup? Everybody that carries a laptop to different places should have their computer set up with password protection.

  • Sabs


    Month ago

    Matt i need you to put go pro in the vehicle dude

  • MakroPavlo


    Month ago

    Someone broke into my dad’s car when I was a kid to steal a nice wood locked box. I had firecrackers in it. If only I could have seen that dude’s face when he unlocked that box, oh man🤣😂🤣 I still wasn’t happy but thinking of that took the edge off. You can’t make this stuff up

  • Trav-trav 1718

    Trav-trav 1718

    Month ago

    Next episode how thick is the average thug

  • Diane Plack

    Diane Plack

    2 months ago

    if somebody robs your car then buy an old cheap ugly car

  • Mikey and Janette

    Mikey and Janette

    2 months ago

    That’s why you don’t buy Fords.

  • JayJay410


    2 months ago

    I did it I’m taking over the channel by the way Matt’s underwear are for sale 100 bucks a pair………. Just kidding don’t track me down and shoot me with a .50

  • Phil Snyder

    Phil Snyder

    2 months ago

    500$ deductible Matt?? You aren’t serious. Insurance will reimburse unless your that rich you don’t care? Same truck same thing! Only a Lincoln welder so let’s talk coverage?

  • Björn Natan Bjarnason

    Björn Natan Bjarnason

    2 months ago

    At least they didn't break the f*ing window. The people who do that deserve to get a cows tail in their eye.

  • Long legged Larry

    Long legged Larry

    2 months ago

    LPL really outdid himself this time

  • Michael Schöllin

    Michael Schöllin

    2 months ago

    Hi, what is the model of the laptop?

  • Jared Waylon

    Jared Waylon

    2 months ago

    You should see how bullet proof that ford door handle is

  • Boyo Of Boiiis

    Boyo Of Boiiis

    2 months ago

    welcome to demolition ranch! and today we will spray my robers house with our new m2 browning!

  • Rob Shapiro

    Rob Shapiro

    2 months ago

    Those criminals deserve a bullet between the eyes. No criminal deserves to continue breathing

  • Sid Vicious

    Sid Vicious

    2 months ago

    That’s got to be the most stupid truck to break into in Texas,obviously don’t know how many guns you have!!🤔🤔😡😡 your friend Barrett will deal with

  • Joey Pineira

    Joey Pineira

    2 months ago

    We're gonna find an auction on eBay for demo ranches undies!!

  • clicker 70

    clicker 70

    2 months ago

    No parking lot security cams?

  • josh lloyd

    josh lloyd

    2 months ago

    Hate a damn thief

  • Red


    2 months ago

    I'm surprised that the alarm doesn't go off when you open the door while it should be locked. Dang

  • mmiillkk games

    mmiillkk games

    2 months ago

    Did u get an Asus ROG STRIX G15?

  • Max Christensen

    Max Christensen

    2 months ago

    Happy late birthday mere

  • Randy Beltrame

    Randy Beltrame

    2 months ago

    When did Ford start putting Chevy locks on their trucks?

  • Robert dobbs

    Robert dobbs

    2 months ago

    Give your daughter a hammer... She could literally break that "military grade aluminum ford" In to crumbs.

  • Thekrisfam !

    Thekrisfam !

    2 months ago

    People are shitty

  • jerry Rex

    jerry Rex

    2 months ago

    Chevy family van same happened too me but they were way too afraid what they found in my car probably my EX girlfriend I understand

  • Essvd 沈黙

    Essvd 沈黙

    2 months ago

    I personally never care about the items that are stolen it’s more the fact that someone took MY things that I worked hard for. Like the nerves in this person

  • JaredRoderick


    2 months ago

    Another reason not to buy a ford!

  • JaredRoderick


    2 months ago

    Ya don’t need underwear for your wife’s birthday trip! Hint hint.

  • Robert Wilkins

    Robert Wilkins

    2 months ago

    Sorry used to be a theif . Wish I could explain how sorry I really am. Oh well I repented and turned from those old ways and grew up . Happy birthday Mare . Love you all.

  • JimInAuburn


    2 months ago

    That jerk gave you content to make another video. Probably made more off this video than the jerk cost you... Think positive.

  • Alex Gifford

    Alex Gifford

    2 months ago

    San Antonio is always full break ins! Makes me sad for you. I’ve had my car broken into like 4 times I feel your pain.

  • Dylan op Powers

    Dylan op Powers

    2 months ago

    You could make a make another safe under you fords back seats if you still have it

  • Brian Clarke

    Brian Clarke

    2 months ago

    The suitcase is too big and noticeable. That’s why you’ve got to get a Dora Explorer book bag and put your stuff in it. You might get looks walking around with it but I there’s a good chance asshats like that will leave it.

  • RSST


    2 months ago

    At least it wasn’t your black bug out truck with all of your guns in it . And I like your new intro it looks way better . Doesn’t make sense that a shell is flying through the air , but it looks way cooler than just pellets so I hope you stick with what you have. Old intro looks faded , now . Great job .

  • Chad Isom

    Chad Isom

    2 months ago

    Built ford tough lol

  • Brant Billy

    Brant Billy

    2 months ago

    I’m liking the new intro better but would love to see the shells and shotgun sounds replaced with .50 cal casings and the barret sounds… cause I mean, let’s me honest… you are the .50 cal king 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • longlive duck

    longlive duck

    2 months ago

    if u need to steal old ass laptops the 200$ probably like 20k to him💀

  • Ethan the fs farmer

    Ethan the fs farmer

    2 months ago

    999k views lol

  • Wolfman Jackal

    Wolfman Jackal

    2 months ago

    Shit. Be grateful that you are able to just hit the stores and buy new stuff. Too many folks in America can't fucking do that.

  • Christian Cargill

    Christian Cargill

    2 months ago

    They saw the gold case and thought it was mafia or cartel! Lol

  • keepin it real

    keepin it real

    2 months ago

    Hey Matt that's a good makings for a country are in Texas after all.

  • keepin it real

    keepin it real

    2 months ago us a pic of the new shirt..and whomever your youtube posse see wearing know the rest.

  • Jack Johnson

    Jack Johnson

    2 months ago

    How is the lock on a newer truck that easily defeated.

  • Doggo Willink

    Doggo Willink

    2 months ago

    That truck must be known to have an insecure handle or something. Edit: Ok I kept watching.

  • Rogelio Montes

    Rogelio Montes

    2 months ago

    My pew pews got stolen from San Antonio also my ar9 and glock and my laptop… just 3 weeks also

  • Chris Butler

    Chris Butler

    2 months ago

    They probably saw you and targeted you bro, your kinda popular.... Thanks for showing me how to break in my truck if need be though LOL

  • redneck mexican

    redneck mexican

    2 months ago

    Poor guy

  • Mike Mike

    Mike Mike

    2 months ago

    No guns stole tho.... I hope... Atf they stole all his guns

  • John Walker

    John Walker

    2 months ago

    Welcome to the club. Got me too a couple weeks ago at greenspoint mall in houston - inside for 35min watch my sons boxing match at cdm boxing... Super Duty= look at me i have, guns, gear & cash inside & im easy target. Never again though

  • Kevin


    2 months ago

    Too bad you didnt catch them in the act and was able to mow down a useless libtarded theif.

  • Wolf


    2 months ago

    So you can just break into a fancy Ford F350 Platinum with a simple screwdriver in seconds...? And no GPS tracking on your laptop, especially since it has so much valuable work product on it? Hmmm...

  • Marcus Armani

    Marcus Armani

    2 months ago

    Maybe they saw all ur guns in the car and they got scared to steal more

  • Ethan


    2 months ago

    It was probably the guy that stole from donut operator

  • Korey Maier

    Korey Maier

    2 months ago

    Teaching kids to be vandals with matt 5:11

  • James Darby

    James Darby

    2 months ago

    never seen someone so calm about being robbed

  • DemolitionBros


    2 months ago

    What about the guns he has in his truck

  • Orange27Ben


    2 months ago

    Matt:ok guys did you know it’s mere’s birthday!?!?! And don’t tell mere!

    At meres funeral: Matt:she never knew it was her birthday

  • VLJ 1985

    VLJ 1985

    2 months ago

    You should put demo range decals on the truck, maybe people will think twice next time

  • Maniac Productions

    Maniac Productions

    2 months ago

    All it took was a screwdriver to force a ford lock?.......... "This is the lock picking lawyer and today I have for you........"

  • El gato Off-road

    El gato Off-road

    2 months ago

    I like the old one more

  • Polo NYC

    Polo NYC

    2 months ago

    That’s why I barely trust anyone other than my family and friends

  • Adrian Rodriguez

    Adrian Rodriguez

    2 months ago

    Lesson of the day…. Don’t buy a Ford

  • kpop fan

    kpop fan

    2 months ago

    Nicee !!!!!!! Juassss

  • Caleb Smith

    Caleb Smith

    2 months ago

    Hopefully you find them, and make them hold the targets at the range.

  • Drew James

    Drew James

    2 months ago

    Hey mat call me sometime I help you catch the jerk

  • Юрий Драгунов

    Юрий Драгунов

    3 months ago

    Buy Tesla

  • hunterox123


    3 months ago

    If I’m not mistaken, Ford started putting dash cameras in their vehicles but I’m not sure. You could check though🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Hunter Mann

    Hunter Mann

    3 months ago

    I can’t believe your alarm didn’t go off. Good job Ford top notch stuff

  • Kalashnikov Addict

    Kalashnikov Addict

    3 months ago

    At least you have a good reason to never come back to this god forsaken city again. Good for you

  • Ryan Alvarez

    Ryan Alvarez

    3 months ago

    I work at the rim, not saying which store. This is a VERY common thing going on right now, almost daily. They target those nice new trucks especially fords which are obviously easy to break into and they know there's probably nice things in there being a nice truck and all. The sad part is I don't think anyone is doing much about it, ford, or the rim, or rim security, or police department, this has been going on for a while now. One guy said he was in our store for less than 3 minutes and they took his bag and other valuable items.



    3 months ago

    People are dirt bags. Sorry it happened to you

  • Jonathan Babin

    Jonathan Babin

    3 months ago

    Do you still have the Raptor?

  • Google account 1

    Google account 1

    3 months ago

    22 ?

  • Kadence Curry

    Kadence Curry

    3 months ago

    Imagine the person who broke into your truck Caesars video and they were a big fan and they realize that they really messed up by stealing from cars

  • Victor P

    Victor P

    3 months ago

    Luckily that they didn't take any of your guns...

  • J Crawl Ox

    J Crawl Ox

    3 months ago

    lock picking lawyer would have a field day embarrassing that lock maker.

  • TheTNTwither


    3 months ago

    Luckily no guns were taken

  • Jack Jackalong

    Jack Jackalong

    3 months ago

    Thy must of been from Africa

  • Nathan Rawlins

    Nathan Rawlins

    3 months ago

    Never park far away from a building.

  • Adam Rodgers

    Adam Rodgers

    3 months ago

    How did the alarm not go off?

  • Samuel Burton

    Samuel Burton

    3 months ago

    i like the old intro

  • Brendan Gherman

    Brendan Gherman

    3 months ago

    What's the point of locking the door if you can just break it to it so easy?

  • Elijah Reyna

    Elijah Reyna

    3 months ago

    50. Cal VS. thief! Let’s see it!

  • Carsongoessickomode


    3 months ago

    Same thing that happened to my dad in sanatonio