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Published on Jul 22, 2021
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  • Toby Dunk

    Toby Dunk

    8 days ago

    “Just saying, the moons not real” 1000 iQ thinking right there

  • Blew Petal

    Blew Petal

    21 day ago

    American Made! Love it!

  • Spencer Armistead

    Spencer Armistead

    21 day ago

    But bro the chops on the guy in the shop😂😂

  • Ian Sampson

    Ian Sampson

    29 days ago

    What happened to Earl again?

  • christian clark

    christian clark

    Month ago

    The intro music part while he was traveling is part of another YouTube channel I used to watch and their intro

  • Bo Burwell

    Bo Burwell

    Month ago

    You better be nice to those bulldogs little man

  • Boruto Uzumaki

    Boruto Uzumaki

    Month ago

    Wait a minute I thought the HQ was already built like a year ago

  • James Adams

    James Adams

    Month ago

    Hey Matt you should get your ear lobes done like the guy from Texas speed, it would be a good look on you

  • Ethan Hendley

    Ethan Hendley

    Month ago

    You know I was really looking forward to seeing part two of Matt getting and ending block out of his truck then I remembered he has a skid steer

  • Bro Duke

    Bro Duke

    Month ago

    I get the feeling it’s only a matter of time before we see Demolition Race Werks machining monster truck burn out engines or the like lol

  • Straight Whacker

    Straight Whacker

    Month ago

    Did you keep Buddy?

  • ryfish5


    Month ago

    STI (Staccato firearms) is like right next door. Plan ahead next time and get a tour of that shop too!

  • Jacob Ceisler

    Jacob Ceisler

    Month ago

    Takeaway from this video:
    The moon is not real

  • Chandler Knowles

    Chandler Knowles

    Month ago

    DEMOBOP, demolition ranch base of operations



    Month ago

    If you are building a building use western steal buildings call them they are In Utah

  • adoracle1


    Month ago

    I'll be right back, Ima run out and grab a NEW PAIR OF EARDRUMS real quick...holy moses son. use headphones to edit.

  • Kimberly Erin

    Kimberly Erin

    Month ago

    Enjoyed hearing about more construction

  • JPOJOE !!!

    JPOJOE !!!

    Month ago

    Not sure if that's a wojack reference in the thumbnail lol.

  • Dutch Traveler

    Dutch Traveler

    Month ago

    The old HQ needs to be renamed.

  • l84Cabo


    Month ago

    The pavilion is cool but you're going to hate the metal roof because shooting under it will be loud AF. You may want to put some type of sound proofing on the underside to help deaden the noise.

  • mike13899


    Month ago


  • L Ward

    L Ward

    Month ago

    Dang i thought it was going to be a big ole fishing lake..

  • Scott Wainwright

    Scott Wainwright

    Month ago

    It wasn’t a meteor…? It was a FROZEN POOPY !!!💩

  • Jill Burton

    Jill Burton

    Month ago

    Matt, are you independently wealthy?

  • Ville Skogström

    Ville Skogström

    Month ago

    ” tHe MoOn’S nOt ReAl ” 😂😂😂😂

  • Aust7n


    Month ago

    At this rate, by 2030, Demolition Ranch will become Demolition Compound/Military Base

  • Brian Miller

    Brian Miller

    Month ago

    Demo Lil (Big) Shop of Horrors

  • Mark Wagner

    Mark Wagner

    Month ago

    He is too cute

  • AlphaMail626


    Month ago

    Matt trolling the guy with a beard knowing that he's the most handsomest in the shop

  • tina spilman

    tina spilman

    Month ago

    Here wishing it was about the big house on the hill or about Buddy the dog your keeping!!! 👍🏼

  • ST Nokes

    ST Nokes

    Month ago

    Matt, you're always welcome to come back and visit Indiana anytime!

  • Edward Lincoln

    Edward Lincoln

    Month ago

    nice ears wtf

  • John Musshafen

    John Musshafen

    2 months ago

    Lmao wait. Does Matt get to write off just about everything he shows us as a business expenses.

  • Mehrsehen Kugelfang

    Mehrsehen Kugelfang

    2 months ago

    When meteors hit the moon they bounce out and keep going.

  • Ryleet1


    2 months ago

    Matt’s gonna be the next joe dirt with the meteor, you like them spinning tires boy 🤣

  • Freeman Vashier

    Freeman Vashier

    2 months ago

    nice commercial. Free fix for free infomercial....

  • weedeater49cc


    2 months ago

    slap it with some coal rolling black powder propellent ... the uzi gokart dragster or the a-10 warthog gun drag sled .. like propellent to push piston pump faster and bang there you go .. the firestorm 1 million rounds per minute rocket sled for the ultimate adrenaline junkies better than any coffee .. i am the bullet ...

  • Aimo Koivunen

    Aimo Koivunen

    2 months ago

    Video starts at 14:30

  • Aimo Koivunen

    Aimo Koivunen

    2 months ago

    Austin will be San Fransisco.

  • Steve A

    Steve A

    2 months ago

    “You’re the handsomest guy in the shop” way to go, HOW RUDE AND CONCEITED YOU ARE MATT !!!!

  • Band man

    Band man

    2 months ago

    You should get a 700 special 🔫

  • Casey Johnston

    Casey Johnston

    2 months ago

    I wish

  • A2343


    2 months ago


  • Sevaria


    2 months ago

    00:29 Nice Truck...!!

  • Maxi


    2 months ago

    i only clicked because it was a mansion vid

  • Bob Perry

    Bob Perry

    2 months ago

    What’s wrong with his ears did you shoot your 50 Cal at him 😂

  • Cory Miller

    Cory Miller

    2 months ago

    Thats no meteor, that's a frozen chunk of space poopie. 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  • John Jesus

    John Jesus

    2 months ago

    No wonder Texas Speed takes so long to get orders out! The place looks pretty dang busy! IMO worth the wait

  • Little Rat

    Little Rat

    2 months ago

    sound deadener on the pavilion roof or it will stuff the sound

  • Gavin1130


    2 months ago

    TS&P, are all over YouTube and helping different channels. Someone’s always talking about being hooked up, or about something being rushed out.Not surprised they’re doing well, especially if they treat regular customers that good.

  • Sgt Sphynx

    Sgt Sphynx

    2 months ago

    Rainy days at the range sucked when I was in. Which I find weird because I enjoyed days in the field when it was raining

  • Dat Boi

    Dat Boi

    2 months ago

    cus the meteor is going so fast that it literally explodes when it hits the surface, which is actually why all of the craters are round and not at any angles as well. Online there is a picture of a one of the third stage boosters from a saturn v (moon rocket) that they crashed into the moon on purpose, i forget from what mission, but it did leave a small impact crater of its own if i remember correctly

  • Mr.JimmyCat


    2 months ago

    I love George

  • 2 months ago


  • Burke Wills

    Burke Wills

    2 months ago

    Good people. Our good people…. And that’s that MFers.

  • Burke Wills

    Burke Wills

    2 months ago

    If I hit a lick I might have to order something from them. Good looking stuff. The guy with the holes in his ears need to complete the package and get the dish lip. Aboriginal all the way baby. Matt you have worked hard and always been the same guy. I think you would be content with or without all the cash. It’s fun watching you and your family. You don’t have to give a damn or kiss buts. Never have never will. God bless you all.

  • Burke Wills

    Burke Wills

    2 months ago

    Texas Pete, …WinstonSalem North Carolina, Texas and North Carolina flags damn near the same. Hell yeah. Like a car truck. Would not turn my nose up to a Ranchero either. Yeehaw!!

  • mason appalachiantrail

    mason appalachiantrail

    2 months ago

    I’m so happy to see all this production in the USA. I assume these are all top end.

  • Nathan Cobb

    Nathan Cobb

    2 months ago

    I love that you have him in the ending to each video. I'm positive that he is so proud of you and everything you have accomplished. Please never remove that video clip

  • Matt Unruh

    Matt Unruh

    2 months ago

    You’re gonna want to spray foam the bottom of your metal roof. My local shooting range did something very similar and it would ring so bad with every shot. They foamed it, and vwalah. Plus you won’t get rain noise in video

  • Paladin Entertainment

    Paladin Entertainment

    2 months ago

    I see that spot you graded out, and 3 words come to mind.


  • TheStarsAreDead


    2 months ago

    The reason there is no meteor left in the hole is because they hit so hard that they vaporize the hills you see around the crater is what's left of the meteor.

  • Wiley Coyote

    Wiley Coyote

    2 months ago

    I bet it's going to be a big garage to house the five ton and all of his other "toys".....

  • Danny Boy

    Danny Boy

    2 months ago

    Impressive power from them motors. My boss has a Malloo making 740bhp at the wheels with an LS 👍🏻

  • Robert Geiger

    Robert Geiger

    2 months ago


  • Joe Blow2

    Joe Blow2

    2 months ago

    The meteor is worth about 1 million $$. I'd find it.

  • Joe Blow2

    Joe Blow2

    2 months ago

    Are you hinting that you are a closet cub???

  • Zimport1


    2 months ago

    Not trying to be a Karen but where’s your safety glasses, safety first there’s a lot of moving parts in that shop.

  • Matthew Caouette

    Matthew Caouette

    2 months ago

    Buh Buh Buh bummmm DIRT

  • Beyond Skill

    Beyond Skill

    2 months ago

    *mat films in the rain under this small shed*
    also the film:*PSPFPFPPFPFPIUFIFIFIFPPPPPPPPPPPPPP HREHEHEHEH CHCHCHCHC * (rain sounds hitting the tin roof)

  • Кирилл Красильников

    Кирилл Красильников

    2 months ago

    Чё блять у него случилось?

  • mattin AZ

    mattin AZ

    2 months ago

    Gota have the spray foam insulation guys come out and hit up the pavilion, it quiets down the pew sounds as well as the rain

  • YS Tong

    YS Tong

    2 months ago

    Today’s the day the “Meteor Craters are fake” society is born.



    2 months ago

    Hell yeah

  • Kasey Miller

    Kasey Miller

    2 months ago

    You should weld hooks onto the pavilion and run a heavy duty waterproof tarping on three of the sides so if it rains it keeps it out and keeps wind down

  • Dashing Grandpa

    Dashing Grandpa

    2 months ago

    That was a neat tour at Texas Speed & Performance.

  • Keaton Kilby

    Keaton Kilby

    2 months ago

    Why tho

  • John Lasonde

    John Lasonde

    2 months ago

    Demo HQ 2.0

  • Guilherme Teres

    Guilherme Teres

    2 months ago

    Imagine if Matt do a collab with heavydsparks to build this...

  • Emily Williams

    Emily Williams

    2 months ago

    DATME: https://ok.me/ehOj

    #1万人を超える人が見ていたもん( #笑)
    #まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #垃圾

  • Logannster12 BIGJONJR.

    Logannster12 BIGJONJR.

    2 months ago

    Put a bugchatcher supercharger on the elcromino like the one in fast n furious

  • Nickolas Wilkerson

    Nickolas Wilkerson

    2 months ago

    Hey, umm, you are still on a mountain , right? You have a thing that digs and nothing under it. Why not build a family bunker complete with secret style hidden room. W/an indoor shooting range? Too much?

  • jimmy vahviala

    jimmy vahviala

    2 months ago

    "The moon's not real" haha, loved that. And by the way, isnt the earth flat?

  • William Courneya

    William Courneya

    2 months ago

    14:28 the moons not real😂

  • Chris Harris

    Chris Harris

    2 months ago

    Get a ranch and then clear-cut it. Of course.

  • Ian Horne

    Ian Horne

    2 months ago

    Matt, I know its not connected but are you still involved with the Vet Ranch?

  • Paul Andring

    Paul Andring

    2 months ago

    So when are you gonna build DemoWrench Headquarters?

  • Second Amendment

    Second Amendment

    2 months ago

    I’d put a gantry crane and a super heavy lift in the “barn/repair shop.

  • spokee


    2 months ago

    For the building shame it’s done so late or u could’ve used dirt for any concrete parts of the house to avoid paying for it

  • Crypto Info

    Crypto Info

    2 months ago

    If I ever get lucky enough to be in a position of building a cool fast car, I will absolutely look to Texas Speed to power it!

  • Jonathan Marquis

    Jonathan Marquis

    2 months ago

    Just realized... Matt has told me he loves me more than my wife of 8 years... lol 😆

  • Kerri Ruder

    Kerri Ruder

    2 months ago

    Gee, Matt. Can you FINISH something? 😊

  • Julian Walker

    Julian Walker

    2 months ago

    I would build the shed two times larger than what you need because space gets used up pretty quick

  • Riding Stuffed

    Riding Stuffed

    2 months ago

    What if trees are aliens , so smart , they let us cut em down make houses, paper , other stuff , the wood is around all of us all the time ....they can hear everything.... Master spy ...
    Maybe 🧐

  • DarthHideous


    2 months ago

    Isnt Texas Speed the same shop that makes the LS Motors for the legend Mike Murillos FORD MUSTANG.

  • Aileen Hunts

    Aileen Hunts

    2 months ago

    ... i feel sad sometimes for the El Chromino, because all the effort is put into the motor, whereas the car would really deserve to get a makeover to be clean and elegant :'(

  • Aulix


    2 months ago

    Uhmmm, did you just steal the pfi intro song? xD

  • Scott Bloxsom

    Scott Bloxsom

    2 months ago

    10:43 I cant wait for this video!!

  • Jeff White

    Jeff White

    2 months ago

    That's a little bit passed the point of proposed hq site 😆.

  • Skup


    2 months ago

    Спасибо за видео! Спасибо за твой труд!