Opening Up El Chromino's LS...... Yeah She's Done For

Published on Jul 15, 2021
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  • Hellseeker


    Month ago

    Dat's not good at all

  • Mike Saxman

    Mike Saxman

    Month ago

    It is a good idea to remove the flywheel or flex plate before you bolt your engine to the that if/when you decide to remove the crank after you have flipped it upside down...the crank doesn't still have a heavy flywheel OR a large round flex plate still attached to it, making it heavier and also more difficult to set down on a level bench, floor, etc. ;)

  • Steven Swann

    Steven Swann

    Month ago

    That engine took a flight and landed in Destination Fucked

  • Tim Ritchie

    Tim Ritchie

    2 months ago

    Play hard spend spend hard. Heat and hard turning sounds like scored pistons and cylinder walls.

  • erkie


    2 months ago

    put a lift on it 😂

  • Karmiller


    2 months ago

    I don't know why, but as you bere backing the Corvette out watching the spider eggs bounce was hilarious.

  • Dr Earnhardt

    Dr Earnhardt

    2 months ago

    give the oil to your kids and tell them it's black glitter paint.

  • Francisco hernandez

    Francisco hernandez

    2 months ago

    Texas speed will help with that 🤣

  • Scrubs R/C

    Scrubs R/C

    2 months ago

    Well those tyres are going to murder the rebuilt engine even faster

  • Daniel Nixon

    Daniel Nixon

    2 months ago

    Careful Mat. The left will Hate you. Just saying. That's all they know

  • Rob Hormell

    Rob Hormell

    2 months ago

    If I'm paying Holly prices for an oil pan I want one made in America not fucking China.

  • Brian Hood

    Brian Hood

    2 months ago

    Just so you know. Your supposed to break the engine in for a few thousand miles before you go full blast on it.

  • James Perrie

    James Perrie

    2 months ago

    Was just away to say the huge back wheels didn’t help and along comes new huge back wheels. 😂😂

  • uglysnowman gaming

    uglysnowman gaming

    2 months ago

    I don’t like the truck tires

  • Al A

    Al A

    2 months ago

    "China" on LS oil pan is very disappointing.

  • Logan Umstot

    Logan Umstot

    2 months ago

    car video ✔
    video length ✔
    badass vette ✔
    el chromino getting a new heart ✔
    boy a guy sure could get use to this with ease & this type of content is almost as good as wet pussy and cold beer on a 80 degree Saturday

  • Danno P

    Danno P

    2 months ago

    Pew pah-pew pah-pew!!
    That’s the future I predict for the LS… 😉

  • Kenneth Elliott

    Kenneth Elliott

    2 months ago

    Get a baffled oil pan and best oil pump out there. Weld the bolt to the tube so it don’t back out. Get the biggest radiator, water pump, fans lines possible mounted in the bed. Same with oil and trans cooler. Also the wheel hope of those tires are going to destroy stuff and never work if you can’t get it under control. Real burn out cars have tall rims and lower pro tires with smooth track patch keep that from happening. You get better smoke and less stress on the car for longer better butnnouts. I mean take some basic notes from the war bird car.

  • vx Scenario

    vx Scenario

    2 months ago

    My parents do hello fresh all the time. I will definitely send them the code. 👍👍

  • Dean Pitts

    Dean Pitts

    2 months ago

    to be honest its probably those tires thats messing everything up

  • Rear Engine Shop

    Rear Engine Shop

    2 months ago

    Looks like Texas speed is going to be busy. 😂

  • Dustin Meier

    Dustin Meier

    2 months ago

    Suggestion if you can find it... Front doghouse (fenders, grill, bumper, etc) from a 1976 Laguna S3. Has to be a 1976. ... Rubber front that can take more impacts, and looks cool. Plus, it's a direct bolt on.

  • The_Painter


    2 months ago

    I would recommend putting a Power Steering cooler on it too, those pumps generate heat.

  • Callum Young

    Callum Young

    2 months ago

    I would love to see some bash bar building in house

  • Brevan Hansen

    Brevan Hansen

    2 months ago

    roof rack and light bar on the El chromino?

  • Sam Levesque

    Sam Levesque

    2 months ago

    nice chrome wheels but that car need more love I would repair the body and put a nice chrome wrap on it.

  • phild iowa

    phild iowa

    2 months ago

    Texas Speed, " Matt, if you want another engine not only do you have to let us shoot at the Ranch, but you have to let us stay above the garage."

  • music madness

    music madness

    2 months ago

    "kiss" method keep it simple stupid

  • Bob Breit

    Bob Breit

    2 months ago


  • Jason Heller

    Jason Heller

    2 months ago

    Melting happens when ya pound the poop out of er

  • Jason Heller

    Jason Heller

    2 months ago

    May as well get her fixed up n put it in the vetted with a couple turbski's or one big turbski

  • Jason Heller

    Jason Heller

    2 months ago

    That's pretty awesome to have a friend give u a gift "Texas Speed Engine" worth probably like 15 to 20 g's

  • BlackDragon


    2 months ago

    FENDER FLARES!!!!!!!

  • Me You

    Me You

    2 months ago

    Looks like a warranty job to me hahahah

  • Richard Dunn

    Richard Dunn

    2 months ago

    Dude you are awesome you look like you have a lot of fun keep up the fun hope you're back stronger

  • Joshua Pool

    Joshua Pool

    2 months ago

    Am I the only one really hoping for a Mansion update

  • coleh46


    2 months ago

    Got those exact same rims on my ‘86 Z28 SBC camaro. My dad also talked me into getting the Torque Thrust II rims

  • diy mechanic

    diy mechanic

    2 months ago

    thats sketchy, ps fluid can catch on fire

  • booboo028


    2 months ago

    should we tell him he is holding the knife wrong? or just leave it

  • james Hurley

    james Hurley

    2 months ago

    You also need to update your radiator get a bigger and better one to keep the engine cooler !

  • storm wickham

    storm wickham

    2 months ago

    Should do a trans cooler and oil cooler. Maybe a 3 or 4 core radiator next time?? Then you wont have any overheating issues....

  • Flynn Silvester

    Flynn Silvester

    2 months ago

    when the el chromino's burn out days are over you should turn it into a dune buggy or race truck or rat rodmino

  • Carl Godwin

    Carl Godwin

    2 months ago

    I'm 5 mins in & I think you spun a bearing.

  • Jesus M. Ortiz

    Jesus M. Ortiz

    2 months ago

    Did he just watered his car? Is it gonna grow tho?🤔

  • Ron Watson

    Ron Watson

    2 months ago

    Looks hot in there turn that exhaust fan on in the shop

  • Allen Bro

    Allen Bro

    2 months ago

    What happened to the christmas puppy Remy from a couple years ago?

  • Javier Vargas

    Javier Vargas

    2 months ago

    Man, I used to think the paint job on the vette looked bad - but looking at it again, I still think it does.
    Jk, it honestly looks good, I just wouldn't have painted it that way.

  • WatchDogツ


    2 months ago

    Not 100 percent sure about what im about to say but im curious. He said he was going to put an aluminum water pump on since the plastic one bulged out when it got super hot. Since aluminum is a softer metal and metal expands when hot, wouldnt the aluminum one potentially bulge out too if hot enough? Even if it didnt wouldnt it just be wiser to upgrade the coolant system instead of possibly having to fix several things over and over? I'm also only 3/4 the way the through the video so he might say things that is associated with my comment.

  • Real McCoy

    Real McCoy

    2 months ago

    Is it me or is the shirtless Matt happening more often? I mean his fan base is like 90% men (i'd imagine) what im trying to say is i fast forward through most of his videos now, am I the only one?

  • WatchDogツ


    2 months ago

    I think its safe to say we ALLLL want to see more ZR1 content. Anything would be awesome

  • Parker d

    Parker d

    2 months ago

    Unsure of if you’re using a new camera or what but this and the new demo video are soooooo blurry when you get close

  • Brian Wilson

    Brian Wilson

    2 months ago

    You can get all your parts you need a motion race works lol

  • Johnathan Saegal

    Johnathan Saegal

    2 months ago

    The El Chromino burnout competition was an awesome Off The Ranch video... but my favorite is still when you took the family out on the rented yacht... it was just a different, more relaxing and fun family event... shows how close and loving your whole family is to each other (I'm sure you edited out sibling bickering that happens no matter what), but still, that was a fun and relaxing family-fun outing you shared with us.
    ... now get the El Chromino back into competition!

  • Hunter Ribble

    Hunter Ribble

    2 months ago

    You can thank cleetus and James for that, they sprayed it on the dyno 😂

  • Valentin Marcic

    Valentin Marcic

    2 months ago

    Those pipes look like "longhorns"

  • Joe Rocket1979

    Joe Rocket1979

    2 months ago

    Is it just me or should that engine have been able to last more than one little burnout??

  • Chris Leger

    Chris Leger

    2 months ago

    Put a lift on the elcromino

  • Erik de Jong

    Erik de Jong

    2 months ago

    make a 1200 hp lawnmower

  • Daniel Dunham

    Daniel Dunham

    2 months ago

    Need to gear the rearend to account for those giant tires so it doesnt stress the engine so much trying to burn them

  • Rob Shibby

    Rob Shibby

    2 months ago

    Hey! we have hello fresh in Sweden now, do you think the code will work here aswell or only US? haha

  • shqwimptdy


    2 months ago

    Hella fresh😎

  • corey spofford

    corey spofford

    2 months ago

    all right glitter it is nice to see the el unicorn haha so something is rubbing and bad from the amount of shavings i would scoop the engine next time if i was you i find that a lot easier then tearing it apart if you have any skill in machining i would say make the parts there a simple end mill should do and remember chrome only sticks to iron well and the best upgrade you can give it is the foot shaped gas peddle and cutting out the fender is not hard just use a sawsall i know they say use a disc grinder but if you do not care about looks and just want something done in a timely manor

  • Max Cullen

    Max Cullen

    2 months ago

    Love how all the boys getting in too mix now fan of them too

  • Rich Ard Lee

    Rich Ard Lee

    2 months ago

    meme 6 Months later

  • TheKeystoneKid


    2 months ago

    This video reminded me that his corvette would look 1000x better with a nice paint job over the weird fake stuff it has on it.

  • Brycen Bell

    Brycen Bell

    2 months ago

    Did you happen to take a video turning the engine over when you had it pulled apart?

  • Dawn Hale

    Dawn Hale

    2 months ago

    Holy dad shorts!!!! Lol

  • I'm at work

    I'm at work

    2 months ago

  • doubledeckersoulwrecker The 3rd

    doubledeckersoulwrecker The 3rd

    2 months ago

    When your diagnosing a dog's heart problem, do you check all of its leg bones first?

  • Burrito Brad

    Burrito Brad

    2 months ago

    I have the tires on my truck they do indeed spin especially if it’s wet

  • MrShpaco


    2 months ago

    Got them Texas Long Headers

  • Keith Parmer

    Keith Parmer

    2 months ago

    Compression spark fuel the first 3 things to check first 95% of the time this will point u in the direction u need to be going

  • Andrew Miller

    Andrew Miller

    2 months ago

    hey, my tires ;o

  • N.C Tradings

    N.C Tradings

    2 months ago

    Matt was strain 100 released ?

  • Rachelle Malidore

    Rachelle Malidore

    2 months ago

    I would luv stay & help jus gimme 9 or 10 hrs 2 get there lol

  • Zach Minor

    Zach Minor

    2 months ago

    “You will ride eternal, shiny and chrome.”Lol.

  • Marcus Grant

    Marcus Grant

    2 months ago

    Leasons in how to do thing's wrong. Logic board is Fried 8n Matt's head.

  • Lillian Campbell

    Lillian Campbell

    2 months ago


    #1万人を超える人が見ていたもん( #笑)
    #まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #垃圾

  • kersone 01

    kersone 01

    2 months ago

    My dude....just full on mad max it at this point 🤘🤘🤘

  • Jack Ashley

    Jack Ashley

    2 months ago

    Looks like my wife’s Toyota after I told her to get the oil changed and she got her nails done instead.

  • Daniel Ruthenberg

    Daniel Ruthenberg

    2 months ago

    I am ok with pretty much everything that Matt does but putting those big tires on his burnout can just pis’s me off. While I am out here putting the cheapest tiers on my every day driver

  • Tim S

    Tim S

    2 months ago

    Matt next time get Mere to wash your car please. Thanks from every dude.

  • Van Hillbilly Halstead III

    Van Hillbilly Halstead III

    2 months ago

    Show us you going to Texas speed

  • Curly


    2 months ago

    Dude, show us the progress on the House on the Hill, please.

  • Andy Hasdifferentopinions

    Andy Hasdifferentopinions

    2 months ago

    Was I the only one expecting a daisy dukes cut offs ringing out the soapy sponge scene?

  • Emily Skye

    Emily Skye

    2 months ago

    Can’t wait till he gets the whole body chromed

  • Trey Cook

    Trey Cook

    2 months ago

    We need Brandon walking in on you cutting those fenders and him saying "that looks like shit" then fade to black/outro. Epic

  • Charles Payne

    Charles Payne

    2 months ago

    When you're in Austin you need to stop by Cabela's in Buda tx's

  • Ron Hunt

    Ron Hunt

    2 months ago

    sweet but wheres the bronco!!!

  • Alton Davis

    Alton Davis

    2 months ago

    I swapped engines out on a concrete slab with no lift. Man I wish we had one, it looks like it's soooo much easier.

  • Undisputed Carl

    Undisputed Carl

    2 months ago

    Being a detailer watching you clear your car made me feel so bad for it lol love your content but man please dont clear your cars like that LOL

  • Jayden Fish

    Jayden Fish

    2 months ago

    Can y’all have the guys record what went wrong with it

  • Sirron Nala

    Sirron Nala

    2 months ago

    The chromino is the cudas little brother that just can't keep himself clean and is an embarrassment to be seen with

  • Ethan Johnson

    Ethan Johnson

    2 months ago

    We need the bronco to be finished

  • michael salesky

    michael salesky

    2 months ago

    Give a bronco update

  • Randy Clendenin

    Randy Clendenin

    2 months ago

    Hello Matt, if you'd read my comments on ADDITIVES that are proven, "THIS WOULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED"!!! Just say'n! Sincerely, Randy. 🙏😇👊

  • jeremie manninen

    jeremie manninen

    2 months ago

    so stupid putting big ass wheels on that vehicle. You're trying way to hard by putting such large wheels on there when they're clearly not meant for that car if you insist on putting those giant ass wheels on it then put a damn lift kit on it

  • StumpyBuilt


    2 months ago

    So. I have an idea for your intro video. Since you dont have the humvee anymore. Since you updated the demo one. What about replacing the humvee with the 5-ton and the truck on the right with the monster cuda with mere sitting on the trunk?? Idea

  • Yaman Tarakji

    Yaman Tarakji

    2 months ago

    the whole car should be as shiny as the new tires

  • Zach Parker

    Zach Parker

    2 months ago

    engine looks like Texas long horn with the pipes left on.