It's Time to Build Something Huge!!!

Published on Jul 20, 2021
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  • OffTheRanch


    2 months ago

    Don't know why I said 1978..... meant 1998 Stewart and Stevenson.

    • AmountStax


      2 months ago

      So how many 👍 will get you to buy a M1-Abrams?

    • Marshall Kohler

      Marshall Kohler

      2 months ago

      Call it the "Demo Motor Pool" or "DE MOtor Pool"

    • Roach Zero

      Roach Zero

      2 months ago

      "DEMORANCH HQ-X2" Love you guys .... And yea it's simple but its functional . (And the only reason I say HQ-X2 is because I think your crazy ass will build something EVEN BIGGER within the next few years after. ie. HQ-X4 , HQ-X8 , Etc.)

    • Captain Bear

      Captain Bear

      2 months ago

      Matt, there is a slave cable receptacle to the right of the battery box. the 5ton should also have one of these receptacles located near the battery box. You should have gotten a slave cable when you bought either of those trucks

    • Tyler clark

      Tyler clark

      2 months ago

      Is there not a place for a slave cable on the 1078? We use them all the time but I don’t know if your model has it or not.

  • MikadoRC


    5 days ago

    13:26 LOL

  • TheCube182


    9 days ago

    He will buy definitely a tank😂

  • Possum Rides

    Possum Rides

    9 days ago

    Build something Huge? How about "Modesty"?

  • Chez


    11 days ago

    Since "Demo Ranch HQ" is already taken, call it "The Bunker" or "The Vault" :)

  • William Collins

    William Collins

    13 days ago

    Retired Structural Iron Worker here you got the $$$ I got the time ???

  • Owen Dodwell

    Owen Dodwell

    17 days ago

    Name it the Demolition auto

  • Delson. S

    Delson. S

    18 days ago

    Or Middle wood Workshop

  • Delson. S

    Delson. S

    18 days ago

    Or demolition bunker for the shop name

  • Delson. S

    Delson. S

    18 days ago

    Call it demolition Warehouse.
    for the shop name and get a tank

  • Spencer Armistead

    Spencer Armistead

    21 day ago

    The Demo Ranch Car Queue

  • Андрей ВЕСЕЛЬЧАК

    Андрей ВЕСЕЛЬЧАК

    23 days ago

    Matt, bro, you need to try to get ГАЗ 66 "ШИШИГА" (GAZ66"SHISHIGA")

  • Gingerbread man

    Gingerbread man

    25 days ago

    Most of the time you just empty the water on those batteries and refill them with tap water. Not purified. I drove one for 9 years and never once had to replace the batteries. Just the water a few times.

  • DigitalSparky


    27 days ago

    Demo Ranch HQ? really it's Demo Branch... :P teehee

  • David Clapham

    David Clapham

    Month ago

    Pointless nothing got built yet title build something huge humm

  • aaron kile

    aaron kile

    Month ago

    Demolition repairs

  • Street48


    Month ago

    The Demo Ranch --- Repair Shop!

  • Brandin Spare

    Brandin Spare

    Month ago

    Call it “Fort Demo Ranch”

  • William Helms

    William Helms

    Month ago

    Demolitia Wearhouse

  • charles mauk

    charles mauk

    Month ago

    It needs to be called demolition wrench 😂😂

  • Spaz


    Month ago

    Obviously, it should be the Demolition Wrench HQ. Come on, Matt. Lol.

  • CHristoph Heinisch

    CHristoph Heinisch

    Month ago

    Don't US military truck have jumpstart sockets? That would be really weird.

  • Sally Bentley

    Sally Bentley

    Month ago

    Demo’s Garage

  • Nick B

    Nick B

    Month ago


  • elizabeth tye

    elizabeth tye

    Month ago

    The ReMARKable Pit, which of course then gives you license to install a super service pit. With plenty off ventilation and air flow opportunities. Will you be able to see it from the Ranch House? 🙂

  • Anderson


    Month ago

    You should get an axe for the first truck and a shovel

  • Jay Ram99

    Jay Ram99

    Month ago

    demo's hideout or demo's shop

  • James Puryear

    James Puryear

    Month ago

    The demo service bunker

  • cwuzii


    Month ago

    He so regrets making the hq so small 🤣



    Month ago

    Demorage!! Demo and Garage combined.

  • Kyle M. Andrews

    Kyle M. Andrews

    Month ago

    I agree with Demo Wrench! Awesome!

  • RocMan


    Month ago

    I think it needs a green metal roof to match the tree lines and blend in the woods, name it "Monster Shack"

  • Austin Mayorga

    Austin Mayorga

    Month ago

    Fob demo

  • Paddan1988


    Month ago

    Name it the armory

  • Dimonbl4


    Month ago

    "Demolition ranch workshop". One of it walls needed to be bulletproof or fully covered with sandbags.

  • Matt Schmidt

    Matt Schmidt

    Month ago

    Mark’s Shop

  • ImAFLying Cactus

    ImAFLying Cactus

    Month ago

    Definitely need a tank… lol

  • The fun Monkey

    The fun Monkey

    Month ago

    The demolition car shop

  • Jeremy Hollars

    Jeremy Hollars

    Month ago

    Call it the mereage

    • Jeremy Hollars

      Jeremy Hollars

      Month ago

      Dont tell mere. It doesn't really exist. It's a garage.

  • fatsoda


    Month ago

    "The Pool Room"

  • Jeremiah Harrison

    Jeremiah Harrison

    Month ago

    Demolition Wrench HQ

  • Stephen Meyer

    Stephen Meyer

    Month ago

    Make apologizes with Mer for building it, by calling the new garage MerA-Copa

  • Skyler Elkins

    Skyler Elkins

    Month ago

    You could call it the Demolitia Bunkr!! Also I'm a huge fan. :)

  • Wide Load

    Wide Load

    Month ago

    Call it The Lab. For all your "experiments" you know because you're a doctor. Ish.

  • Corey Clopper

    Corey Clopper

    Month ago


  • Rainer and Katie Niederoest

    Rainer and Katie Niederoest

    Month ago


  • Eli Cooper

    Eli Cooper

    Month ago

    Don't tell mere hq

  • John Crews

    John Crews

    Month ago

    The Demolition Ranch “Barricks”

  • Anthony Johnson

    Anthony Johnson

    Month ago

    Demo Ranch Fire Station/HQ/Workshop. If it’s 2 storey then it must have a fire pole or slide.

  • Dan Preston

    Dan Preston

    Month ago

    You can't call it anything but ... The "Garaj Mahal" because it will, no doubt, be huge. Complete with gold fittings... and toilet

  • Mike Saxman

    Mike Saxman

    Month ago

    Some big YouTubers who work on various vehicles and/or build, fix, modify things have probably told you whatever you build WAY BIG the first time you build it...because expansion, accumulation, collection, WILL need more space inside of it. Right, thinking ahead man thinking. Just do it. ;)

  • Pati Randall

    Pati Randall

    Month ago

    Demo Ranch Maintenance Shed, it's perfect!

  • Cody McMillan

    Cody McMillan

    Month ago

    It’s 4 batteries cuz there’s a 24 volt side and a 12 volt side.. you can hook to either set with cables and it’ll start my man. Ask me for more military truck info if needed (im a military truck mechanic)

  • Foley Woodworking

    Foley Woodworking

    Month ago


  • MrRtkwe


    Month ago

    HQ Two: Electric Boogaloo? Oh wait that's been ruined by crazy people.

  • scotty shaffer

    scotty shaffer

    Month ago

    Speed Lab....Hmmmm.....

  • Joe Bro

    Joe Bro

    Month ago

    Demolition Depot

  • Matthew Iliescu

    Matthew Iliescu

    Month ago

    for the name ''Demorage'' for demolition ranch and garage

  • Jonathon Duhme

    Jonathon Duhme

    Month ago

    You already have a name though. Demolition wrench or Demo's Garage

  • Roger Johnson

    Roger Johnson

    Month ago

    build it and make sure its above any flood area

  • Roger Johnson

    Roger Johnson

    Month ago

    ground the truck not the battery when boosting dead truck

  • Campbell Hazley

    Campbell Hazley

    Month ago

    So, how are you going to run a machine shop off solar? You'll definitely need a decent generator running for your welder and machine shop stuff without any mains power.

  • Siah Bryant

    Siah Bryant

    Month ago


  • Mapuche Warrior

    Mapuche Warrior

    Month ago

    Call it the Rendezous

  • Youthfulplayer


    Month ago

    Matt is slowly building an AdamLZ compound

  • VIPER410


    Month ago

    Ammo reload station, heavy lifts/cranes, weapons cage, multi level floor 1 floor 2, refrigerator for cold drinks, solar system, onsite water tanks for water supply

  • Adan Gonzalez

    Adan Gonzalez

    Month ago

    Demo's Garage

  • Jonathan Straub

    Jonathan Straub

    Month ago

    Demo Wrench hq

  • Deborah Malone

    Deborah Malone

    Month ago

    Call the building "The Armoury"!!

  • Ray Hardman

    Ray Hardman

    Month ago

    Demo's mechanics shop

  • Cash Creek Farm

    Cash Creek Farm

    Month ago

    Call it Demo Garage.... and make another channel for it! You'd get a couple million subs in the first month. Self sustaining with a payback!

  • Rui Pestana

    Rui Pestana

    Month ago

    Call it DEMO SHOP

  • ouchdr


    Month ago

    The Alamo

  • Mason Naler

    Mason Naler

    Month ago

    Call it the demo ranch outpost

  • Brian Hulse

    Brian Hulse

    Month ago

    the demolishop

  • AOS Graywolf

    AOS Graywolf

    Month ago


  • Cayden Parentela

    Cayden Parentela

    Month ago

    I would call it operation ranch or demolition op, or demo op

  • Kevin Romann

    Kevin Romann

    Month ago

    Whatever size you build it double it and you'll still fill it.

  • Tony constantino

    Tony constantino

    Month ago

    Make the slab thick 12” min to hold the Weight of the big trucks on jack stands.
    an I-beam across the ceiling with rails on the walls to hang a winch from the ceiling if you need to take out an engine you can slide the beam to the front or back of the shop then move the winch on its own wheel attached to the I-beam.



    Month ago

    Demo garage

  • Nicolas Murphy

    Nicolas Murphy

    Month ago

    Needs a wood shop, metal works, fabrication everything!!

  • Zack B-Wheal

    Zack B-Wheal

    Month ago

    Has a really nice car hauler trailer let's go work on it out there. Me wierd flex but ok?

  • Somebikerguy


    Month ago

    Call the shop "Demolition Fabrication". The perfect oxymoron..

  • Timothy O‘Connell

    Timothy O‘Connell

    2 months ago

    The smaller Demo HQ should be called the Demo FOB (Forward Operating Base)

  • BlackPrint27


    2 months ago

    Demolition campus

  • Tyler Wildman

    Tyler Wildman

    2 months ago

    Agreed to call that which should not be named..."The Shed" because its ironic lol

  • Poetrius Giovanni

    Poetrius Giovanni

    2 months ago

    Demolition Garage or Demolition Shop.

  • Sam Morgan

    Sam Morgan

    2 months ago


  • Joseph Cooper

    Joseph Cooper

    2 months ago

    Rest In Peace GOLDIE!!!

  • Bootwobooplayz


    2 months ago

    id call it the demo repo because its a repair shop and demolitia forever

  • Darren Evans

    Darren Evans

    2 months ago

    Naw its not demo ranch HQ its demo wrench HQ

  • Jake Foster

    Jake Foster

    2 months ago

    Demo Ranch Depot

  • Eyan Wise

    Eyan Wise

    2 months ago

    Well he said he tank, so it has to happen

  • Marshall Kohler

    Marshall Kohler

    2 months ago

    Or you could call it "Demotor pool" or to make it dramatic De Motor Pool 😂

  • Marshall Kohler

    Marshall Kohler

    2 months ago

    Call it "The Outpost" since it is so remote it fits well. Another good name option is "The Compound"

  • Jimmy Kim

    Jimmy Kim

    2 months ago

    Why not call it demo motorpool

  • Raymond Wilmoth

    Raymond Wilmoth

    2 months ago

    get a 2 post lift

  • Jeffrey Rider

    Jeffrey Rider

    2 months ago

    Demolitia Depot & Anex - build a zip line tower at the site and one up by the garage to get to your Depot fast.

  • Richard Poole

    Richard Poole

    2 months ago

    Demo Auto Shed!

  • Nathaniel Shrock

    Nathaniel Shrock

    2 months ago

    Look at that view, just look at it!