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Published on Aug 26, 2021
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  • Ernest Stevenson

    Ernest Stevenson

    9 hours ago

    NF excellent choice for running. Dude is on fire!

  • Zachariah Lawson

    Zachariah Lawson

    13 hours ago

    You're looking for an unloader valve. Same thing on industrial pressure washers.

  • Kiwi


    18 hours ago

    I'm a sucker for music-synced footage and the knife flip, uuuuh love it x3 8:33

  • cheverlot


    Day ago

    Matt reach out to you tuber Stephen Cox I'm sure he will help

  • Jon Saleen Oliphant

    Jon Saleen Oliphant

    Day ago

    The sections are for sloshing.

  • cwuzii


    2 days ago

    What’s he saying to out on the top? A moddus? Googled it and nothing comes up, is it some sort of hun?

  • ProfJeffy


    4 days ago

    Why is the water so milky though?

  • OklaKota


    4 days ago

    Worse case scenario you can send that truck over to Skeeter Brush Trucks down in Hillsboro TX to set the pump system and all the other goodies on there.

  • ryfish5


    4 days ago

    Sometimes terribly awkward is worse than terribly heavy.

  • Scrapyard prospecting

    Scrapyard prospecting

    6 days ago

    I got a 86 f250 with a 6.9 for a cool project cheap let me know n it’s your you need another mad max build

  • keihinpwk


    8 days ago

    hi matt.
    is there a PTO on firetruck gearbox. if so you dont need petrol watherpump. :)

  • James Boettcher

    James Boettcher

    8 days ago

    I like how he said it never gets cold in Texas but we just had a giant winter storm that froze the entire state.

  • Kevin VanderLoop

    Kevin VanderLoop

    9 days ago

    Morrison bypass valve model 174. At 40 psi of pump pressure, you will get roughly 30 gpm out of a 1 inch hose. The pressure is adjustable with a 7/16, 3/8, and 3/4" wrenches. I've had no problem adjusting up to 90 psi of pump pressure.

  • Josh Hartin

    Josh Hartin

    10 days ago

    It might be a good idea to convert that pump to propane. That way you’re not dealing with a gummed up carburetor after sitting.

  • Clarence Teo

    Clarence Teo

    10 days ago

    It's weird you wear shoes in the house but not outside the house

  • Chief SlinginBeef

    Chief SlinginBeef

    11 days ago

    Remove that new York shirt from your child!

  • Jeremiah Esparza

    Jeremiah Esparza

    11 days ago

    Gonna surge more when its at half capacity

  • Gg Gg

    Gg Gg

    11 days ago

    You have a Jarvis!!

  • Girthtrude


    12 days ago

    so with the tank problem u can on the way to the hose reel u put in a T with a pressure valve that will open when it goes over a certain point in pressure and will go back in to the tank and with that u could possibly use that to fill the tank if u put a manifold after the tank and before the pump so on that manifold u can switch between the tank or a hose with a filter on it that u can throw in to a pond or u can hook it up to an other tank and u can refill that way and I think that would be the easiest way to go about it and its not that hard to do just remember to get good pipe that can handle the pressure. The pressure valve u can have a mechanical one or a electronic but I would go with a mechanical one that is controlled with springs just for ease of use

  • Dark nerf Shadow

    Dark nerf Shadow

    12 days ago

    Use a pressure relief valves for circulation

    • Dark nerf Shadow

      Dark nerf Shadow

      12 days ago

      A common valves you see on air compressors and there are pressure relief valves like the valve you see on the side of your tanked hot water heater

    • Dark nerf Shadow

      Dark nerf Shadow

      12 days ago

      There are multiple types

  • Ben Nicholson

    Ben Nicholson

    12 days ago

    Hey Matt, did you get a pump solution figured out for the fire truck? I work on pumps for a living and might be able to help!

  • I SEE You

    I SEE You

    12 days ago

    Duel pump motors and duel tankes Please..It can handle it... :)

  • Solo Protector

    Solo Protector

    12 days ago

    i applaude that cricket's tenacity to piss off all the people who watch the video and HATE repetitive noises.

  • J S

    J S

    12 days ago

    2 way valve before the hose that either sprays water or pumps it back into the top of the tank. You can also put the 2 way hose at the nozzle however you'll need a return line and that will be heavier. If you return the water back up through the bottom, you will be working the pump against the weight of the water in the tank and defeat the purpose.

  • Damion Castro

    Damion Castro

    12 days ago

    For the fire truck, buy a second pump that’s connected to the tank from the top that pumps into the tank for fast refills.

  • Adam Williams

    Adam Williams

    13 days ago

    U dont need sch 80

  • Larry White

    Larry White

    16 days ago


  • thomas lyon

    thomas lyon

    17 days ago

    Don’t use ethanol fuel!!!!! On your pump. After setting for awhile it will plug the carb.

  • thomas lyon

    thomas lyon

    17 days ago

    Don’t use straps

  • Preacher - Man

    Preacher - Man

    17 days ago

    The water tank has different levels in cubes like that because it acts as a water break to prevent the water from sloshing and building up momentum.

    • SGT.TexasRanger


      12 days ago

      Exactly, they're called baffels.

  • Casper3059


    18 days ago

    Please tell me you found that cricket and re-homed it

  • P Crombie

    P Crombie

    18 days ago

    you should have bought a water truck they have all that you want to put on your truck

  • Rippinz Isepic

    Rippinz Isepic

    18 days ago

    OMG, I commented too soon. Did not know you had back-surgery. Dude, backs are life and needed to enjoy life as you are well aware of. Please take care of yourself. Nothing that I know of can ruin a life more than a bad back. Please treat yourself well, you only get one true support in life. Well not including your BaddAss wife. Please be safe. Sorry you hurt your back and hope your Dr. did good. I think I was 17yrs old when I lost my support.

  • Rippinz Isepic

    Rippinz Isepic

    18 days ago

    Hello, some of your Epic vehicles appear to be able to run a mansion if the power ever goes out and you need to pump water from a Well. Anyways pretty sure you know this already. Love your work. Take Care. :O)

  • FPS Madness

    FPS Madness

    18 days ago

    Should of switched the truck and fire truck round the ramp would of ment less hight to lift it..

  • xorbodude


    18 days ago

    Wont you fishtail if you put the weight too far back?

  • PuppetMaster


    18 days ago

    You probably want 4 drain plugs in the buttom of each section in order to empty it completely. Maybe you can combine them 4-to-1 and then into the pump.

  • Robert Andrews

    Robert Andrews

    19 days ago

    Having the tank between the axels is ideal for weight distribution.

  • Martijn den engelsman

    Martijn den engelsman

    19 days ago

    your looking to make a minimal flow pipe on your system. they make it a lot on factories with big pumps. you can also make like a T fitting on your vacuum side of the pump wich you can swich from draining the tank to draining the resevoir, by putting 2 handvalves on both ends of the T and on the hose end you can stick it back to the tank on your truck, good luck!

  • luna gacha🐱

    luna gacha🐱

    19 days ago

    The valve you're looking for is an "unloader valve", like what's on a pressure washer.

  • SternLX


    19 days ago

    An idea for an alternative to having to go back to fill Tank on truck with old White Tank. Put it on a Trailer.
    Google "Water Trailer" examples.

  • Robert Bates

    Robert Bates

    19 days ago

    Ok... retired FF here. Take your pump output and put a gated splitter on it - one to the reel, one to the tank. Remember this though you will need to put a vent on the top of the tank if your are going to pump into it from the fire pump - otherwise you will pressurize and damage the tank.

  • Julie Hoffman

    Julie Hoffman

    20 days ago

    Great system

  • cyberodios12


    20 days ago

    I dont know if you will see this or not, but here is a simplistic diagram of how to accomplish the tank suction/fill with the pump and how to allow recirculation using an Unloader/Relief valve on the discharge side of the pump to manage overheating.

    • cyberodios12


      20 days ago

      If you do go with this method, you will also need to install a pressure gage on the discharge side of your pump in order to set your unloading/relief valve. This will essentially act as a pressure regulator for the hose when it is not being used, allowing the excess pressure to return to the tank.

  • John Rocheleau

    John Rocheleau

    20 days ago

    Hi Matt. I might be late to the game here. But I’m a volunteer firefighter. You’re TOTALLY on the right track with all of your thoughts and theories. It’s really quite simple. You just run a 3/4 (or 1/2,or 5/8, depending upon what you have already) return pipe to your tank from the supply from your pump. Have a 90 degree ball valve installed. When closed, it just all comes out the hose reel. If you’re running little to no water out the hose reel,you can crack, or fully open the ball valve to return to the tank. We have this system on our grass rigs and water tenders at our fire department. There’s also a bit more complicated version of this on our engines. But it follows the same basic principle.

  • Chase Gurganious

    Chase Gurganious

    20 days ago

    Lol. Get different covers with bigger holes lol

  • RC6 YouTube

    RC6 YouTube

    20 days ago

    The recirculating system could also be your refill

  • rex32


    20 days ago

    The pressure relief system could be your refilling system too

  • Eddy


    21 day ago

    Glade you moved the water tank back
    Looks like getting to the spare wheel would be s little difficult get to.
    N8ce idea.

  • Luke Hainzinger

    Luke Hainzinger

    21 day ago

    As far as hand tools go a few water extinguishers would be a good idea, could plumb in an air chuck to fill them and fire swatters are the cats meow for grass fires.

  • Troy Richards

    Troy Richards

    21 day ago

    i can help with the truck!

  • Ryan Walker

    Ryan Walker

    21 day ago

    Get a fire smacker

  • grammiesawsoneadvetures


    21 day ago

    Very cool. Love the water system! Cantbwait for the fire truck demo!!! Nice seeing you, and the girls. Awesome card trick.😁

  • Logan Zaske

    Logan Zaske

    21 day ago

    I think you mean Mere-a-thon shape!!! 😂🤣😂👍

  • Ethan Brower

    Ethan Brower

    22 days ago

    You need an unloader valve

  • Chad Dineen

    Chad Dineen

    22 days ago

    no axes but a few polasky tools would be handy, really good story behind what a polasky is

  • Charlotte Jordan

    Charlotte Jordan

    22 days ago

    Ladders - Net's - Ventilator's - Fire Extinguisher's. Your future pool water, great for emergency and why not install a water tower or fire hydrant on your property. ☺

  • VBSM Family

    VBSM Family

    22 days ago

    Leaf blowers and rakes to seperate dry leaves from the fires track

  • Travis Kelley

    Travis Kelley

    22 days ago

    The next shin lim

  • spedward860


    22 days ago

    There is tons of companies that outfit trucks to fight wildfires I'm sure there is a very simple solution to your problem if you do some searching.

  • Randy Carter

    Randy Carter

    22 days ago

    Get yourself a unloader valve ( bypass valve) for when spray nozzle is closed

  • Sparky’s Exotics

    Sparky’s Exotics

    22 days ago

    You need to shoot a log skidder we have two and they arr built like a tank

  • Boxed Fender

    Boxed Fender

    22 days ago

    Matt sounds like Mr Barbrady from south park when he was learning how to read on the chicken f' er episode lol
    Just when he was explaining the batteries and tank on the fire truck

  • ajhatti2011


    22 days ago

    Or a secondary pump on the other 550 gallon tank. Might be good to have two if something goes wrong.

  • Keith Brigadier

    Keith Brigadier

    22 days ago

    The gunner's nest could be made into a remote-controlled water cannon.

  • Mitchell Lopeman

    Mitchell Lopeman

    22 days ago

    You probably would consider getting brush hooks, Pulaski’s, brush rakes and more made specifically brush fires when your truck can’t make it to the fire that is in a more remote area on the ranch.

  • Another Person

    Another Person

    23 days ago

    A bigger drain will surely help

  • Mason Stansberry

    Mason Stansberry

    23 days ago

    Probably late, but that's a nice ass cadillac

  • Locke99GS


    23 days ago

    For keeping the water out of your house, this is kinda exactly what a "french drain" is for. Can handle a lot of water and isn't terribly difficult to install.

  • Evan Fields

    Evan Fields

    23 days ago

    Instead of putting a ma Duce one to you should put a water turret

  • Cole Santman

    Cole Santman

    23 days ago

    “It’s never cold here” we only got like 6 inches of snow in 2 days

  • Kobsche


    23 days ago

    Put a water cannon on the truck

  • North East Outlet

    North East Outlet

    23 days ago

    If you need truck to carry any loads you can always dump the water out to allow you more weight 👍

  • Douglas from Pa

    Douglas from Pa

    23 days ago

    Use the hose reel to refill the tank. Plumb a quick disconnect into the feed side of the pump to pull from the white tank. I imagine you already plan to have a shutoff valve at the outlet of the tank.

  • Redfields Apprentice

    Redfields Apprentice

    24 days ago

    In my opinion adding a T on your outlet with a ball valve would be the easiest way to divert the flow back to the tank. When you are ready to go flip the valve back and resume. This is the lowest tech cheapest option to protect the pump.
    It is possible to automate this with a 12V solenoid valve that could be activated with the push of a button and done even wirelessly. A valve of this size would be rather spendy.
    Lastly you could maybe get an ARC Valve. This is an Automatic Recirculation valve that senses flow drop and automatically recirculates the flow back to tank. There are continuous recirculating versions that will always be sending flow back to the tank but this wastes a portion of your pumps output so you have to upsize. These valves will be a very expensive option as they are designed for industrial centrifugal pump systems (I’m not certain you’ll find one that will match your pumps flow due to its small size).
    Source: I was a hydraulic technician for 10 years.

  • Christopher Love

    Christopher Love

    24 days ago

    ray j

  • peterson0096


    24 days ago

    You need a fire hose turret

  • James Garrison

    James Garrison

    24 days ago

    Did you think about letting all the air out of the tires So you don't have to lift the tank so high

  • David Atwood

    David Atwood

    24 days ago

    You could put one of those Decked bed inserts with the drawers on the fire truck on the back.

  • Michael Benoit

    Michael Benoit

    25 days ago

    So for the switch directions thing w the pump refilling the tank...
    Put the feed from the tank on a Y & the hose coming out of the pump on the pressure side on a Y. Then hook 1 of each ends to each side then have a 3 way valve on each side or have 4 valves 1 on each output from the 2 Y fittings.
    Sweet trucks Matt! Got a 93 f250 7.3idi & trying to figure out a little fire truck of my own & if I get this old dsl pump from my friend.

  • Bennie Leip

    Bennie Leip

    25 days ago

    Maybe the best solution to everything is , fill that tank up with diesel and gasoline and you have a huge flamethrower 🤷🏼‍♂️😝

  • Benjamin Totallynotalt

    Benjamin Totallynotalt

    25 days ago

    Hold up how many cylinders does the 5 ton have again?

  • Benjamin Totallynotalt

    Benjamin Totallynotalt

    25 days ago


  • Layne Anderson

    Layne Anderson

    25 days ago

    those channels help maintain a little weight in the tank to help keep it in place and strapped down. That is totally a good thing.

  • Resent Fusion

    Resent Fusion

    25 days ago

    lots of solid help in the comments as usual glhf matt

  • Brenda Price

    Brenda Price

    25 days ago

    It is too bad that your driveway is paved. There are materials that will absorb the moisture to prevent runoff. BUT I think you have come up with perfect solutions to prevent totally changing the driveway=costly issue.

  • bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu

    25 days ago

    Why pump water uphill from a "ground tank" when you can mount that tank 20' in the air and use gravity to accelerate your refill from it?

  • Hector Vitela-Castro

    Hector Vitela-Castro

    25 days ago


  • fudaldeath


    25 days ago

    need a water turret on that turret bay. ... along with a M2

  • Matthew kuchar

    Matthew kuchar

    25 days ago

    Have the ground tank above the other tank so it would gravity feed into the firetruck

  • Subject 1345

    Subject 1345

    25 days ago

    Make sure you put a cleaning station on the tank drain. come in handy.

  • Raj Gill

    Raj Gill

    25 days ago

    I think you can get little "drain fences" similar to what we put around our shower drains to catch the leaves in a perimeter around the drain, letting water through

  • selltech


    25 days ago

    Wait, Matt is like Tony Stark, lots of guns and both have a Jarvis!!!!!

  • Niht Hrafn

    Niht Hrafn

    25 days ago

    I would have two of those tanks on that bed and make a false deck over the top of them for extra storage and carrying capacity.

  • HammerTowing


    25 days ago

    The drain systems aren't bad, but the driveway NEEDS to be replaced and graded properly away from the house. I'm guessing the house foundation settling caused the issue over time. 😑
    Like the tank placement in the truck 👍
    Glad to see you noticed a problem with getting the tank in the truck and found a solution 😁 I know the feeling...
    A person willing to consider a stranger's suggestions, is an intelligent person. 😎

  • Miranda Brooks

    Miranda Brooks

    26 days ago

    Why don't you just go to your local fire department and ask real fire fighters? Maybe they can tell you how their fire truck works and how you can build a mini version of theirs.

  • bouytt guyt

    bouytt guyt

    26 days ago

    JARVIS IS STACKED FOR A SKINNY DUDE. More Jacked Jarvis cameos plz. Plus the name just screams Matt's new pew pew friend

  • preynolds79


    26 days ago

    so is the design of the water tank notched out like that to prevent 4500lbs of water shifting as you corner and break while driving as well as give you mounting options?

  • jayscrazzy obsessions

    jayscrazzy obsessions

    26 days ago

    Just put the white tank on a platform in the air and use gravity to fill the black tank will make ur black tank fill faster too