I Got My Whole Family Body Armor...

Published on Jun 20, 2021
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Thanks to Frank from Premier Body Armor for coming out and hanging with me today!!! And thanks for the awesome new set up for the whole fam!! Above and beyond!!!


Thanks so much for all the love and support guys!!! Grab a shirt/hoodie/patch and join the Demolitia today!!! www.bunkerbranding.com/pages/...

I get lots of comments asking about my equipment, here is what I use to make my videos!
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  • OffTheRanch


    3 months ago

    Check them out here! https://premierbodyarmor.com

    • Redfields Apprentice

      Redfields Apprentice

      24 days ago

      @Jamie Connell this guy gets it. Ever see what happens when a cable like that snaps??!!?? Men of Honor staring Cuba Gooding JR and Robert De Niro shows quite graphically what happens. Anyone watching this that uses a winch with a steel cable should throw a blanket, a jacket or even a TShirt over the line near the middle (like hanging laundry to dry). This removes the stored energy in the cable should it snap. Synthetic lines doesn’t require this……

    • Gordon Hedgepeth

      Gordon Hedgepeth

      2 months ago

      Just him being in your videos will bring him a crap ton of business. That's why he did the trade

    • Toby Brovay

      Toby Brovay

      2 months ago

      @William Wilson yeah but with that thick steel I assume it would be hard for spreaders and jol to open the doors

    • TheSickness1234


      2 months ago

      @Matt you should totally hook up with Cletus and Motion Raceworks to get that Burban moving.

    • William Wilson

      William Wilson

      2 months ago

      @Toby Brovay jaws of life I suspect

  • Master Basser

    Master Basser

    Day ago

    if the bad guy's in the back seat, that's what the bullet proof backpack is for Lol,

  • Frozenbizkit


    2 days ago

    Might need Body armor after the Cartels take over Texas.

  • bob mcilroy

    bob mcilroy

    5 days ago

    Thank you for caring for us Premier Armour!



    5 days ago

    I'm pretty sure Matt fully intended on shooting this thing while making this video but didn't have the heart to tell the guy .

  • Legacy Retics

    Legacy Retics

    6 days ago

    I've been looking for kids plate carriers for months. They NEED to produce them lol

  • Darren Barrass

    Darren Barrass

    8 days ago

    Put another winch on the back of the truck

  • Cynical Miscreant

    Cynical Miscreant

    8 days ago

    So if I take my abrams tank and fire a sabot it will stop it?

  • Cynical Miscreant

    Cynical Miscreant

    8 days ago

    why did u tie the 5 tons rear to a tree

  • Dylan Playz Gamez

    Dylan Playz Gamez

    9 days ago

    How about a Chevrolet Avalanche matt? would that work? 9:50

  • Hioki Ryuuhei

    Hioki Ryuuhei

    12 days ago

    - Matt : NEW DEMOLITIA VIDEO : "Are my kids bulletproof : CHILDREN VS 50 CAL"
    - Mere : Ok, no more guns for you... 😂😂😂

  • morgan johnson

    morgan johnson

    12 days ago

    U know u gotta test these plates



    13 days ago

    just now?

  • Jason Luo-Xia

    Jason Luo-Xia

    14 days ago

    only in america

  • Panel SM

    Panel SM

    15 days ago

    I always wonder how does matt avoid the fan’s because San Antonio is big, and we all know how people act around “celebrities”. Now i know the answer 23:07. Dude looks like he eats reinforced concrete for breakfast.

  • Kas and Marvin

    Kas and Marvin

    17 days ago

    Magine with your lawyer thinks of that Ditch oh I just realized a ride would you are a birch

  • Chase Dillman

    Chase Dillman

    18 days ago

    Bro I love you to death. Lol learn how to make other people that you're filming with not feel so awkward.

  • Lifes Mavrek

    Lifes Mavrek

    19 days ago

    Frank; "So..how am I going to get this back to North Carolina?"
    Matt: *walks away with sinister grin* "Eh thats not my problem" 🤣🤣

  • Music Vibez

    Music Vibez

    21 day ago

    just found this channel and matt was not holding a gun strange

  • tatfung


    21 day ago

    Linc's reaction is adorable

  • bruce wayne

    bruce wayne

    23 days ago

    I really like bulletproof vests & bulletproof backpacks & yes they are very useful but who's to say that the shooter or shooters wouldn't aim for the head or neck or arms or legs or stomach or sides or hell throw a grenade or pipebomb or fire bomb



    26 days ago

    *_Frank was shot the next day, lol. Just kidding, but a Canadian customer of mine was shot the minute he stepped out of his bulletproof vehicle. It was on the news. Cops came & confiscated his horses._*

  • Cabreraperformance


    26 days ago

    That is awesome Matt! Enjoy that tank with your family and wow! That Suv is crazyyy.
    P.S that was the most expensive marketing investment for Premier Armor 😂😂😂
    Good on them, and hope they can write it off on the taxes 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️😂😂😂😂

  • Thomas Delaforce

    Thomas Delaforce

    27 days ago

    I don't think you will be fully protected if you get run over by the 5-ton but oh well it made a point

  • Winston Weatherby

    Winston Weatherby

    27 days ago

    This guy is a classic narcissist business owner. Makes a great product and a good business, but must be super draining to work with.

  • mio mine

    mio mine

    Month ago

    Did you get the dog a bullet resistant vest

  • Some Dude

    Some Dude

    Month ago

    I've learned more math from you then I ever did in high school lmao

  • David Delacruz

    David Delacruz

    Month ago

    I’m sorry to say but scaring your children so much that they think they need body armor is child abuse fuck this guy

    • Jake Snow1

      Jake Snow1

      17 days ago

      We may need it one day if we ever have to use our second amendment for what it was written for.

  • Ben Herzog

    Ben Herzog

    Month ago

    A cargo carrier on the roof made out of steel with Thule stickers on it, that carries the ma deuce

  • Mark F

    Mark F

    Month ago


  • Coast Daze

    Coast Daze

    Month ago

    Whoa did you get a deal, Matt...unless silver goes up to $1000/oz. LOL

  • Demolition Man

    Demolition Man

    Month ago

    Your such a great father and family man

  • Devastators Army

    Devastators Army

    Month ago

    I can imagine snipers on the outside mere with no body armor on walks out she’s bulletproof she don’t need body armor

  • Jeff Sonich

    Jeff Sonich

    Month ago

    Aren't you married to a mechanical engineer..?

  • Beth Galyon

    Beth Galyon

    Month ago

    I can still never forgive you for the cuda

  • Kryss Howard

    Kryss Howard

    Month ago

    you have 3 military grade cars

  • James Lund

    James Lund

    2 months ago

    That body armor is as bulletproof as the suv. Your head is the head lights your arms are the mirrors your legs are the tires. I hope the kids know that they are not fully bulletproof.

  • James Lund

    James Lund

    2 months ago

    Matt doesn’t want that old armored vehicle, he’s just being nice.

  • Maria Padilla

    Maria Padilla

    2 months ago

    At 28:45 the kid said his sister has bruses I think they were using a 50 cal nerf gun.

  • Brad Ford

    Brad Ford

    2 months ago

    You get a like for the that! I'm driving the truck and controlling the winch. You must be a genius.

  • Do Tung

    Do Tung

    2 months ago

    The macho viscose traditionally knit because twilight immediately pretend excluding a parched lead. innocent, diligent discovery

  • NobleNumenorean


    2 months ago

    Prepping for the boog

  • TheOReport1994


    2 months ago

    Quick, call Matt from Matt'sOffRoadRecovery! He'll get ya out!

  • John Wood

    John Wood

    2 months ago

    You can make to 5M

  • poor fat man

    poor fat man

    2 months ago


  • Angel Cisneros

    Angel Cisneros

    2 months ago

    how come you didn’t wench while putting the 5 ton in reverse so ur pulling with the wench and the force of the 5 ton

  • Thomas Langton

    Thomas Langton

    2 months ago

    I’m not gonna like frank looks like he could be Matt’s dad even though we know who Matt’s dad is 😂

  • Bandsmen


    2 months ago

    Matt, time to dig ditches.

  • Tristan Martinez

    Tristan Martinez

    2 months ago

    If you’re ever in a pinch you can hook to the vehicle you’re pulling out and hit it in reverse until the truck you’re snatching with it buried about half way down the wheel which multiplies your leverage keeping your snatching truck anchored while you winch (it won’t slide towards the truck you’re pulling out)

  • nunnink av

    nunnink av

    2 months ago

    They don't make the kid carriers!?!?!?

  • G&M Adventures

    G&M Adventures

    2 months ago

    Funny part is in a few months the suburban will be payed for from new traffic from off the ranch

  • memew419


    2 months ago


  • bradley berdahl

    bradley berdahl

    2 months ago

    STAY AWAY FROM THOSE CABLES SON!!!! we dont want you gettin hurt !!!! dont want another Kentucky Ballistics type..."episode"....cables can snap and cut you in half Bro!

  • Donell Gower

    Donell Gower

    2 months ago

    Yo at 4:40 you made brain hurt

  • Völksinhalt WT-WoT Blitz

    Völksinhalt WT-WoT Blitz

    2 months ago

    *”Remember, No Russian.”*

  • John Doe

    John Doe

    2 months ago

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't body armor restricted to law enforcement under ATF rules?

    • kenneth goze

      kenneth goze

      2 months ago

      Not in any way. The only people restricted from owning or using it under federal law and state laws I am aware are those with violent felony convictions.

  • Wayne Wilhelm

    Wayne Wilhelm

    2 months ago

    Myers factor would double the weight of the truck and maybe even triple the weight so almost 30k pounds now equal 60 to 90k

  • Gameplay Allday

    Gameplay Allday

    2 months ago

    Send the link in the chate

  • Judith Rapier

    Judith Rapier

    2 months ago

    You buy an armored SUV and body armor? What are you afraid of? Sounds a little paranoid.

  • emmitt


    2 months ago

    This kinda of gave me a sick feeling - why would you tell a kid he's bullet proof ?
    This was all kinds of wrong.

    • Zele puza

      Zele puza

      2 months ago

      @emmitt who said I tell jokes to young children you delinquent I said you probably can’t take any sort of “edgy” joke 🤦🏽

    • emmitt


      2 months ago

      @Zele puza I don't tell "edgy Jokes" to young children. Please tell me you don't have kids.

    • Zele puza

      Zele puza

      2 months ago

      @emmitt I can only imagine how you are when it comes to “edgy” jokes get outta here with you shit humor

    • emmitt


      2 months ago

      @Zele puza I get that he was kidding - and I'm a big fan of Dranch - but that wasn't funny. maybe if he said it to an adult, but not a 8yr old. ( just a guess but Mere most likely agrees with me )

    • Zele puza

      Zele puza

      2 months ago

      It’s a joke you delinquent



    2 months ago

    Moral of the story buy a ch-46 and you’ll be fine

  • levi mangnall

    levi mangnall

    2 months ago

    mad fan shout me out

  • RedEagle 1

    RedEagle 1

    2 months ago

    Did yall even go shooting tho what a lameo

  • Shawn Fox

    Shawn Fox

    2 months ago

    Can't beat that deal awesome greatness.

  • Deere2154D


    2 months ago

    Prepping them for school I see.

  • Tyler Young

    Tyler Young

    2 months ago

    I think you sent it just a Little to hard bud

  • Alan Shatrowskas

    Alan Shatrowskas

    2 months ago

    Absolutely love this

  • Adam949


    2 months ago

    I would had gave that man a rifle and a case of beers for that.

  • Pat Collins

    Pat Collins

    2 months ago

    Rich people problems hahahaha.

  • Jack Bryson

    Jack Bryson

    2 months ago

    is it just me or did matts cameraman look like chocolate operator

  • Theodore Bradley

    Theodore Bradley

    2 months ago

    I love that premier works with Autumn’s Armory, finally Matt is stepping up his game and promoting a great company!

  • Waldemar


    2 months ago

    Matt should buy a Kamaz truck.

  • Daniel Nilsson

    Daniel Nilsson

    2 months ago

    Maybe Matt needs a tinfoil hat to match the bodyarmor and the suburban ;)

  • Ricardo Salazar

    Ricardo Salazar

    2 months ago

    Is it just me or is that the first time you saw the camera guy



    2 months ago

    * reads title *
    Me: wholesome

  • Michael


    2 months ago

    Child Plate Carriers- Uhmm.. Yaaaa!!! 🤘😎

  • Nuclear VoidYT

    Nuclear VoidYT

    2 months ago

    watch nobody shoots the tires xd

  • 2 months ago

    So true

  • vodoo135


    2 months ago

    *cue truck got stuck by corb lund*

  • Jon


    2 months ago

    100% USA made means absolutely nothing....

  • Daily reload time

    Daily reload time

    2 months ago

    Damn Lincoln is so much older since I seen him last that makes me feel old

  • skipashly


    2 months ago

    Next time strap the back of the pulling truck to a tree to stop it from sliding

  • mike13899


    2 months ago


  • Cyrus Khalvati

    Cyrus Khalvati

    2 months ago

    Is matt seriously 200lb? He looks 175 at most 180. Though i guess that pretty much is 200 for math purposes.

  • Lord Hoth_09

    Lord Hoth_09

    2 months ago

    Frank is definitely a marketing genius. He knew the trade was nothing but the word out was everything.

  • motus


    2 months ago

    He's preparing them for the heist

  • Lord Hoth_09

    Lord Hoth_09

    2 months ago

    I hate that the very dangerous idea worked but I’m glad it did at the same time.

  • Six Lug Chris

    Six Lug Chris

    2 months ago

    Should have gone with Uprise Armory, they don’t do business with any government organization

  • Outdoorfoolery


    2 months ago

    They totally should make small plate carriers

  • Brian Toscano

    Brian Toscano

    2 months ago

    Yankum ropes are absolutely amazing for stuff like this

  • Peter Korikov

    Peter Korikov

    2 months ago

    if your kids like the police they will freak out putting their vest on

  • david carey

    david carey

    2 months ago

    Raccoon tracks

  • Beckett Hardin

    Beckett Hardin

    2 months ago

    Link on watches this video yay I won get hurt if I get ran over

  • Beckett Hardin

    Beckett Hardin

    2 months ago

    Are you wheels bullet pruff

  • bearripper


    2 months ago

    Matt!!! Gravel that god dang dirt slog run!!

  • Adrienne Fleming

    Adrienne Fleming

    2 months ago

    What you should do is just hook the winch up and reverse your 5 ton to pull the fire truck out this is for if you get stuck again.

  • Broo_sh


    2 months ago

    matt you need to push in dozer those muds out, & then put gravel & sand on that orad and pack it hard.

  • Martin zekial

    Martin zekial

    2 months ago

    Snatch blocks are your friend, always. You might want to get a comalong as well at some point.

  • d skiff

    d skiff

    2 months ago

    I can honestly say I don't miss driving a lmtv

  • Will Pearce

    Will Pearce

    2 months ago

    To do this with small truck anchor back of truck to big tree