I Got a New Electric Bike cuz I am Environmentally Conscious...

Published on Aug 27, 2021
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  • cwuzii


    Day ago

    Wait so if the demo ranch and the mansion are on the same property, how have you been in demo ranch for years and only got the mansion property a year or so ago? I don’t actually watch the ranch side so maybe you had a move?

  • cwuzii


    Day ago

    Looks like someone in their 50s would get that haven’t got a clue about bikes, shit motor, mediocre brakes, shit forks, shit gears… get a proper EMTB made by a company that actually knows what they’re doing…

  • Dave Wenners

    Dave Wenners

    2 days ago

    Electric bikes are for Sally’s 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Xavier Farina

    Xavier Farina

    2 days ago

    Did you keep the stray? Love your videos

  • The Geekiest Guy

    The Geekiest Guy

    3 days ago

    That's a diesel. She needs them cranking amps. Just feed her and she'll treat you right, brother. 👌🏾🤣🤙🏾🤙🏾🤙🏾

  • The Broke MountainBiker

    The Broke MountainBiker

    8 days ago

    LoL, only 60mm travel. Mine has 170mm and some get up to 210mm of travel on a bike.

  • Torbox1


    10 days ago

    The fenders help a lot in muddy weather cause the tires will pick up the mud and water and soak you. I've had it happen, not fun.

  • Yoopertube Unlimited services

    Yoopertube Unlimited services

    10 days ago

    So is this the battery bike that ppl have to charge outside cause it’s been burning ppls houses down?

  • Nomad Nolan

    Nomad Nolan

    11 days ago

    Gun range inside the new HQ?🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Janet Moreton

    Janet Moreton

    11 days ago

    You need a name for the un-abandoned ranch. Like, maybe...Villa Demolitia?

  • Brennan Frakes

    Brennan Frakes

    11 days ago

    Those bikes are really cool but they actually cause a lot of pollution mainly with the battery cause they are made from rare earth elements that cause pollution to mine and to manufacture not to mention the disposal of those batteries.

  • Classlessrook32


    12 days ago

    I hate delivering those RAD bikes they are heavy lol and require a signiture #fedexGround

  • iDoit4LoLz


    12 days ago

    What ever happened to Skif knives?

  • Pink Elephants

    Pink Elephants

    12 days ago

    If you converted truck to full EV, there'd be no starting issues, no smelly expensive fuel requirements, and, it would go like stink. The torque on it would be insane, especially off of the line. Potentially, if you had solar, you could run your truck for nothing most of the time; Mere would be good with that, I'm sure. 🤪😁😋

  • Spencer Armistead

    Spencer Armistead

    13 days ago

    when you want to ride a bike and say you took a bike ride but don't want to do any work

  • Joey Bryant

    Joey Bryant

    13 days ago

    You need to get Doug demuro to review the 5 ton!!!

  • Cindy Torunski

    Cindy Torunski

    14 days ago

    I love my Rad. Send me your fenders. I'll put them on mine. Lol

  • Jig made a video

    Jig made a video

    14 days ago

    What’s your camera setup?

  • Sol


    14 days ago

    emo ranch: I Got a New Electric Bike cuz I am Environmentally Conscious
    also demo ranch: Check out my fire truck and don't forget my 5ton

  • Thijs Rikkerink

    Thijs Rikkerink

    14 days ago

    1:43 is that a Doug DeMuro reference?

  • Gerardo Balderas

    Gerardo Balderas

    15 days ago

    It’s called a blue top or hub not steak

  • George wiley

    George wiley

    17 days ago

    Could be a corrosion problem too. Pos+ cable to starter could have corrosion on it.

  • The Stand

    The Stand

    18 days ago

    Should get daddy Doug around to review the quirks and feature of the 5 tonne and the fire truck.

  • Jason Marks

    Jason Marks

    18 days ago


  • Mnguyen559


    18 days ago

    Demo Demuro

  • charles huber

    charles huber

    18 days ago

    Those stakes are grade stakes. They help the workers keep the ground level

  • Rainer and Katie Niederoest

    Rainer and Katie Niederoest

    19 days ago


  • T Sasso

    T Sasso

    19 days ago

    Starter issue maybe

  • F S

    F S

    19 days ago

    UFO 5:16 awsome

  • Dalek Cat

    Dalek Cat

    20 days ago

    It's definitely a really cool bike but I feel like non electric bikes are technically more environment friendly

  • Matthew Kriek

    Matthew Kriek

    20 days ago

    Matt lol, you have a drone... Showing us an overhead view that shows your house and demo HQ would be the easiest thing in the world ☺️

  • B. Andresen

    B. Andresen

    20 days ago

    Why not buy a Electric F150? …when usa get batterie range like European cars 😄😉

  • X'nedra Fan

    X'nedra Fan

    20 days ago

    Did he keep that dog?

  • Al P

    Al P

    20 days ago

    Environmentally concise, is good to know, it must not be easy picking up all that lead, keep up the good work.

  • HellishGrin460


    20 days ago

    Elecyric vehicles currently in most states are actually significantly less environmentally friendly.

  • mr pugtato 3

    mr pugtato 3

    21 day ago

    "Master Chief, mind telling me what your doing on OffTheRanch?"
    "Sir, fire trumk"

  • Jerry Davis

    Jerry Davis

    21 day ago

    Master Chief could have a starter issue. Possible that the starter draw (amps during cranking) is excessive and batteries can’t keep up. It’s an easy check to test starter draw.

  • Delbert Alkinburgh

    Delbert Alkinburgh

    21 day ago

    Can I borrow the old one to use while I’m in Iraq

  • aulbeut


    21 day ago

    Says the guy with a 5 ton lol

  • John Smith

    John Smith

    21 day ago


  • Ned Flanders

    Ned Flanders

    22 days ago


  • Paul Mills

    Paul Mills

    23 days ago

    What's the top speed of your new electric bike? I know it probably depends on how much weight is on the bike but will it go 30 MPH or faster?

  • RebelRob34


    23 days ago

    That looks expensive AF.

    • RebelRob34


      23 days ago

      Just looked. It is.

  • Destiny Troll

    Destiny Troll

    23 days ago

    These things are really pretty awesome! Also an excellent SHTF vehicle, pairs nice with your solar set up

  • Anthony ParaGringo

    Anthony ParaGringo

    23 days ago

    0:55 Holy crap Dude, you have no respect for new things!... And its not the 1st time.

  • Charles Lynch

    Charles Lynch

    23 days ago

    Kool bike can't wait for the new HQ to be finished

  • Dennis Jay

    Dennis Jay

    23 days ago

    They are called grade stakes.

  • Austin Jacob

    Austin Jacob

    23 days ago

    Those feathers at least in vegas are called blue tope meaning the top of that nail is at grade. We use red on streets blue on buildings but every state is different

  • blade nyz

    blade nyz

    23 days ago

    Love the Doug Demuro vibes

  • Jason454ss


    23 days ago

    Matt just wants to see Demo Ranch from space.

  • Cinnabon Wonton

    Cinnabon Wonton

    23 days ago

    Aww dozer

  • Angus Brady

    Angus Brady

    23 days ago

    I want one even tho it still a shit bike for me but it got a throttle so I want it

  • Miranda Brooks

    Miranda Brooks

    24 days ago

    No you didn't. You got it because they gave it to you or because you have an 18 year old emotional need for toys.
    Oh, here comes the verbal list of positives on why you should buy one.
    They gave it to you.

  • john kroll

    john kroll

    24 days ago

    Buy some AGM batteries for the truck.

  • Franc Le Wank

    Franc Le Wank

    24 days ago

    Those tyres are designed for sand and snow and will only use up unnecessary energy riding that bike on mud and dirt.

  • Larry Beasley

    Larry Beasley

    24 days ago

    It's the girl model

  • andrew_ Sabs6

    andrew_ Sabs6

    24 days ago

    hey is the demo ranch on the mansion property or your regular house becaue i am still a litle confused about tha

  • Barnicle Bill Baxter

    Barnicle Bill Baxter

    24 days ago

    You need two 8d batteries

  • Jamie Papanikos

    Jamie Papanikos

    24 days ago

    "THIS!" is the Rad Rover haha! You have to give it a "Matt Score" 😀

    • crazy silly

      crazy silly

      15 days ago


  • Mike b

    Mike b

    24 days ago

    Matt’s just setting up an army base for his Demolisha… lol

  • J B

    J B

    24 days ago

    1:26 wtf is that kid doing 😂

  • Sean Florian

    Sean Florian

    25 days ago

    I can't respect young, healthy men that buy ebikes
    Get a real bike Matt.

  • dasWarsteiner


    25 days ago

    fly a drone from demo HQ to the not small house?

  • NUC13AR


    25 days ago

    "so that water wont be an issue" hmm matt are you preparing for some crazy event that may be coming such as collapse

  • NUC13AR


    25 days ago

    you notice how easy it is for matt to admit he was wrong we all need to take some notes

  • Tom Elliott

    Tom Elliott

    25 days ago

    I am going on record and saying that the new HQ is going to have a indoor shooting range

  • Zackary Fritschie

    Zackary Fritschie

    25 days ago

    I wonder what the plans for the little hq are now

  • Matthew Kendrick

    Matthew Kendrick

    25 days ago

    Please try the sur ron Ebike it’s perfect for you land and you can do so much with it

  • Cole and Neale's channel

    Cole and Neale's channel

    25 days ago

    You should've got a surron electric moto bike

  • El Caponè

    El Caponè

    25 days ago

    "I got a new electric bike cuz I am environmentally conscious..."

    *owns a five ton military truck*

  • newtekie1


    25 days ago

    I think that is the bike that Nomadic Fanatic had and his front hydraulic brake blew out in just a few months and was impossible to get fixed.

  • Ben Burnett

    Ben Burnett

    25 days ago

    That screeching from the fire truck could be the AC compressor

  • HammerTowing


    26 days ago

    It is possible to use just the 2 batteries, but they would both need to be higher CCA ratings. But, better to hook it up as it was with 4. 🙂
    It's amazing to see how some of your ideas have helped individuals, businesses, and other YouTuber's. 👏 Awesome!
    Some of your other fan's suggestions for the roof of the new building are pretty good, honestly. 😇
    This channel may be "Off The Ranch", and refer frequently to "Demo Ranch"...
    But I don't hear much about "VET RANCH" these days... 🤨
    Guns and destruction are cool and GREAT for VIEWS... But didn't you become a VETERINARIAN for a reason? 🥺 It's about EVERYONE...

  • Humberto Chavez

    Humberto Chavez

    26 days ago

    I hope you build a pond at the demolition ranch you got enough space and seem to have enough water

  • Internet


    26 days ago

    Then you would get a regular bike? 🤷

  • iOS MacOS Genius

    iOS MacOS Genius

    26 days ago

    hmm no review on 6 plus just rambling on flat land

  • live the life 2 wheels

    live the life 2 wheels

    26 days ago

    Hey Matt coming from someone that works at a bike shop that is a low end ebike go look at the Marin alpine trail e2 for a mid range and a Pivot Shuttle for a high end. And if you want a shop that is good check out Gmf bike shop in Phoenix Arizona.

  • Jesse Osterhout

    Jesse Osterhout

    26 days ago

    Fun fact a motorcycle crash at 20mph is just as bad as a bike crash a 20… we love ya dumb dumb.. wear a helmet please. We can’t have king vegetable, it doesn’t sound right… and although the videos of mere feeding you might be funny to a twisted few I’d rather see demo/ off the ranch.. Hail to the king !

  • Grime Ball707

    Grime Ball707

    26 days ago

    They sell ammo at Target?

  • russell hall

    russell hall

    26 days ago

    I saw some Doug in you matt lol

  • Tristan Frears

    Tristan Frears

    26 days ago

    My ears are bleeding...

  • Russell Dodge

    Russell Dodge

    26 days ago

    But the real question is what would Seth at Berm Peak say about the assembly montage?! 🤔

  • Dracula chan

    Dracula chan

    27 days ago

    Alternative title
    "I brought electrical bike because i can afford it you economical socially low class peasant "

  • Steven


    27 days ago

    I'm having issues with my break cables. They frayed on me on my Rover 5. No biggie, just ordered new ones. Its Cool they upgraded to hydros tho. Im in Canada I've got almost 2000 klm in a year on mine. Love it ride it daily in all weather what a great bike! . ❤ glad you like yours Matt 🙂

  • Elfin4


    27 days ago

    Environmentally friendly !! - just built a million dollar ranch house and not one solar cell in sight, thats environmentally friendly.

  • BigTex6565


    27 days ago

    hello matt I'm a diesel mechanic at a TA the battery issue your have doesn't sound like a battery issue at all it sounds like your starter is having an issue catching/rotating your flywheel please forgive me if I'm wrong but I've recently worked on a truck that had that issue and the problem was the starter was going out take into mind i have a semester of diesel college and about 7 or 8 months of diesel mechanic work experience.

  • Bryson Mapes

    Bryson Mapes

    27 days ago

    Starter drag could be you starter going out and not the batteries.

  • dovah bear

    dovah bear

    27 days ago

    Should have gotten a Sur Ron

  • D Ball

    D Ball

    27 days ago

    Lmao! If that were true you would of just gotten a peddle bike!

  • HoonBag


    27 days ago

    might be worth a check, sometimes battery cables grow corrosion inside them causing resistance

  • Dehan Perera

    Dehan Perera

    27 days ago

    hey mat you should definitely give away that old bike

  • Dave Simmons

    Dave Simmons

    27 days ago

    When the 'roads' are wet, you'll want the fenders.

  • dylan carbonneau

    dylan carbonneau

    27 days ago

    Mine was just problems, it’s okay, but the remplacent part wasn’t the good one 😂 then they just sent my another bike, but in the end, it took about 3 months…

  • Arizona Patriot

    Arizona Patriot

    27 days ago

    Check out mini jeeps

  • Chris Lucero

    Chris Lucero

    27 days ago

    Anrt ev batterys production far far worse for the environment than say production of an ice Engine?

  • horvath83


    27 days ago

    Loved that DeMuro's quirks and features ;-)

  • ShortyCF


    27 days ago

    So glad he made sure to film himself satisfyingly taking off that film from the screen.

  • G G

    G G

    28 days ago

    How when it needs electric to charge it not very eco friendly really is it

  • PetrolHead 2312

    PetrolHead 2312

    28 days ago

    1:43 love the Doug Demero reverence

  • Samuel geue

    Samuel geue

    28 days ago

    5:48 I was wearing headphones😐