House Tour!!!!!

Published on Sep 7, 2021
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  • Neil Meleo

    Neil Meleo

    5 hours ago

    Glad to see your mansion is finished.

  • Pobby MotoVlog

    Pobby MotoVlog

    Day ago

    I miss dozer he's in a happy place now

  • Antonia Baker

    Antonia Baker

    Day ago

    I dont understand the need for all the safes? Do you have alot of gold bricks?

  • Hesa Thec

    Hesa Thec

    2 days ago

    Have to ask were did The white big dog go?

  • King Benjy

    King Benjy

    2 days ago

    Before I clicked, I thought it was for the abandoned mansion🤣🤣

  • Nav Texas

    Nav Texas

    2 days ago

    Am happy for you and your family 👪

  • Forces


    2 days ago

    Thatd be dope if u Lidar scanned the house and then later u can walk around it in vr

  • lbvl0mc 99

    lbvl0mc 99

    3 days ago

    I love how mere refers to Dr Pepper as ‘the essentials’ and he quickly backs her up on it.💯💯❤️

  • chaz 3021

    chaz 3021

    3 days ago

    Where's BUDDY???

  • Official Jmoedagoat

    Official Jmoedagoat

    3 days ago

    "Pulled my son's teeth out with a fire truck" 😂😂😂

  • Rj


    3 days ago

    Is it Dr. Matt?

  • NoVanity XP

    NoVanity XP

    3 days ago

    What happened to the white dog ????

  • KG


    4 days ago

    11:03 Dude, those closets look like the closets from Paranormal Activity. Seen anything move on it's own lately?

  • Linus Wolter

    Linus Wolter

    4 days ago

    Grey is the color of wisdom! :)

  • Alex _

    Alex _

    5 days ago

    Still miss dozey boy

  • Paul Anthony - MusicHaven

    Paul Anthony - MusicHaven

    5 days ago

    Lol I thought this was the reno mansion.

  • Rodney Simmons

    Rodney Simmons

    6 days ago

    How many acres is this place

  • jr bliss

    jr bliss

    6 days ago

    I love that your kids play Pokémon. 90s kid here!

  • Manny Vang

    Manny Vang

    7 days ago

    Those holographic Pokémon cards are worth something! Don't ever let her throw those away! Could buy another pewpew with it.

  • Vicky Oakes

    Vicky Oakes

    7 days ago

    Nothing like a house that you and your family have poured your heart into. I'm sure that you will do the same in the next new home! I'm very happy for your family and your new adventure!

  • Chris Lechner

    Chris Lechner

    7 days ago

    What happend to the other dog 🐕🤔

  • Charles Mckeehan

    Charles Mckeehan

    7 days ago

    Remember shooting in the living room

  • Realist


    8 days ago

    10 points to anyone who can guess what word was censored at 5:55

  • Lee mcadams

    Lee mcadams

    8 days ago

    What happened to the white dog ?

  • TT Innovations

    TT Innovations

    8 days ago

    Wow!!! Beautiful, ( need a huge bass lake up there :). )

  • Irrespons


    8 days ago

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Chris Goodrich

    Chris Goodrich

    9 days ago

    The kit car blowing up the fire pit

  • William Bledsoe

    William Bledsoe

    9 days ago

    Mere will be beautiful when she's 80, if she were my wife, I'd never let her leave the house, WOW!

  • Norma Marcantoni

    Norma Marcantoni

    9 days ago

    are you going to put a chicken coop in the other house?

  • Meesoe Dontask

    Meesoe Dontask

    9 days ago

    Admit it YOU ARE GONNA MISS WHITEY... And he is gonna miss Demo... LOL!!!

  • heyfindmenoob


    9 days ago

    10:56 twin toby rooms, good thing there wasnt a triangle with circle in it drawn on the walls lol

  • Clam Chowdair

    Clam Chowdair

    10 days ago

    Great, now I miss Dozer.

  • Piyush Anand

    Piyush Anand

    10 days ago


  • Marco Solano

    Marco Solano

    10 days ago

    the guitar case in the bedroom has one of the fiftys inside of it for sure....

  • erik hannig

    erik hannig

    10 days ago

    Sstting up a new chicken coop?

  • That Fishing Noob

    That Fishing Noob

    10 days ago

    Poor Linc, now he’ll never be able to virtually walk though his old room lol

  • Hannah Abigail

    Hannah Abigail

    10 days ago

    👉 ?プライベートr続nき🔞

    ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした!今後は気を付けないとね5). .
    #1万人を超える人が見ていたもん( #笑)
    #まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #垃圾

  • King Gamerz

    King Gamerz

    10 days ago

    Absolutely loved how in the beginning when Matt realized his wife was trying to put his arm around him he leaned back so she could hold him better

  • Thomas Riddle

    Thomas Riddle

    10 days ago

    im jelly..

  • warpspeed


    11 days ago

    4 safes and a safe room. Narcos anybody?

  • Sixto Medina

    Sixto Medina

    11 days ago

    I remember the episode you made the bunk beds

  • dewitt310


    11 days ago

    don't tell Mere..

  • Vlad Lee

    Vlad Lee

    11 days ago

    23:20 Mere looks sad😔

  • D'l33t C0dr

    D'l33t C0dr

    11 days ago

    Good idea to have the pew-pews divided up into multiple safes. I can see how it's good to have eyes on those safes, but I can also see how it would be good to have them in completely undisclosed locations.

  • Loves Dragonflies

    Loves Dragonflies

    11 days ago

    What happened to little dog you got before Demo?

  • thebingthing


    11 days ago

    Funny how all white ppl in their 30’s houses look like a target showroom

  • Name _24

    Name _24

    11 days ago

    I’ve been here for all 5 years, it has been great

  • Benny Reposa

    Benny Reposa

    11 days ago

    Why would you ever move out of your first home it is beautiful!!!! Must be nice to be loaded........

  • hansa kind

    hansa kind

    11 days ago

    are you short before a divorce? she looks at you a little like my ex wife.

  • merlin5lt1


    11 days ago

    Pls do an update on the stray white dog. Thank you.

  • jάɭĕɳ神


    11 days ago

    Well thanks for sharing the moment

  • 0808elyankee


    12 days ago

    This guy looks like the guy that killed his family and threwvhis two daughters in oil tank in some secluded area!

  • Jon


    12 days ago

    Moral of the story, ignore your wife so you don’t have to lie to her. Thanks Matt! I will carry that lesson with me into marriage😘

  • Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln

    12 days ago

    20:00 that little moment awww, you know that Matt loves her. So sweet.

  • Rod VanNess

    Rod VanNess

    12 days ago

    Mere get's better with age. Oh and Matt, you also get better with age!

  • Andrew quigley

    Andrew quigley

    12 days ago

    I totally forgot you had that c4 zr1 you should have it on the channel more often

  • Emma P

    Emma P

    12 days ago

    Hey Matt, the video of you fixing the basketball hoop was the first video of yours that I ever watched. It popped up on my YouTube page for some reason and I’ve been watching ever since.

  • Terry Pendergrass

    Terry Pendergrass

    12 days ago

    14:10 You need a larger one of the outline of the "Mansion on the Hill" and the this Texas one in the middle!

  • Charles Lynch

    Charles Lynch

    12 days ago

    The end of one chapter the start of another chapter weird enough I still remember those first videos in that house

  • De Anna Kline

    De Anna Kline

    12 days ago

    And you go and give house tours. Thanks for rubbing salt into our wounds. Must be nice to have a home.

  • De Anna Kline

    De Anna Kline

    12 days ago

    ...ummm...I believe that you are blind. Blind to what the nation is and has been going through. The nation's homeless is and has grown to over 30 percent. Thanks to the federal government shutdown. Losing employment. And now we are the "working homeless". Living in our vehicles while working.

  • healsohard


    12 days ago

    That’s $2 in Detroit and you have the guns needed

  • James Dumas

    James Dumas

    12 days ago

    Can’t wait to see Pewdiepie review this house lol

  • ThatOneRandom Ginger

    ThatOneRandom Ginger

    12 days ago

    I’m just tryna figure out why the thermostat is set at 73? Geez! 6:55

    • Gunsel Shaly

      Gunsel Shaly

      12 days ago

      When it's over about 88º it's difficult to bring the temp any lower than 72 or so.

    • Arwo


      12 days ago

      That’s average… Here in Germany, average is 70 and I don’t ever turn my heater on in my apartment (northern German). During winter it comes down to 60 or so during the day, and 45 ish at night

  • Rob Meyer

    Rob Meyer

    12 days ago

    You have an apartment in your house 🤯

  • NORCAL 50

    NORCAL 50

    13 days ago

    Holy shit this channel has 4 million subs

  • Alberto Perez

    Alberto Perez

    13 days ago

    I saw those Julios in the table❤️❤️

  • Patrick Kruse

    Patrick Kruse

    13 days ago

    Well DONE. Carry on and keep it up!

  • Parker Muller

    Parker Muller

    13 days ago

    How many abandoned mansions does it take to stop a tank round?

  • Shannon Copley

    Shannon Copley

    13 days ago

    Do you still have the stray dog

  • Brian Davis

    Brian Davis

    13 days ago

    holy cow. time has really gone by. i just noticed how tall your oldest child is next to mere. The journey and memories you have shared with us over the's just weird and wild.

  • Cathie Morse

    Cathie Morse

    13 days ago

    Love what you do !!!

  • Niiso79 The goat

    Niiso79 The goat

    13 days ago

    I miss doser so much rip doser

  • Dalaney Dunroes

    Dalaney Dunroes

    13 days ago

    I vote he did not break the Window.

  • Taylor hale

    Taylor hale

    13 days ago

    My uncle his house wich thay don't life there now but its still his house he had a gun room in the basement it was full not any mor

  • Mauro Ramos

    Mauro Ramos

    13 days ago

    Can I get one of your old safes ????????



    13 days ago

    You Are Blessed!

  • Stephen Milligan

    Stephen Milligan

    13 days ago

    This might just be my favorite Off The Ranch video yet. I loved hearing you guys talk about your memories in this house.

  • Nick de bruyckere

    Nick de bruyckere

    13 days ago

    is it already sold?

  • Keeptrucking01


    14 days ago

    That’s the beauty of vlogging the whole family can come back years later and watch their family videos .

  • Roel Blezer

    Roel Blezer

    14 days ago

    Why would anyone need so many safes? Or is this something American that I don't understand as an European? 😂

  • Jocey Walker

    Jocey Walker

    14 days ago

    I can’t believe I’ve been watching since the first video

  • Dan Garey

    Dan Garey

    14 days ago

    poor New Zealand and the east coast of Australia is missing from y'all map

  • Richard Glover

    Richard Glover

    14 days ago

    I am so happy for you guy's glad all coming together for you guys

  • Ody Rasho

    Ody Rasho

    14 days ago

    wow! the abandoned mansion turned out pretty good! :)

  • Torey Texas

    Torey Texas

    14 days ago

    Can't wait to see!

  • Kyle White

    Kyle White

    14 days ago

    17:50 RIP Dozer :/

  • David Kelm

    David Kelm

    14 days ago

    Memories, the delight of the human brain 👌👍☮

  • yuoop noke

    yuoop noke

    14 days ago


  • Adam S

    Adam S

    14 days ago

    Don't you mean com"pew"ting???

  • Cade DeWitt

    Cade DeWitt

    14 days ago

    I’m going to ignore that you keep your thermostat set at 73

  • Dude On A Cow

    Dude On A Cow

    14 days ago

    You forgot Linc's room

  • Dude On A Cow

    Dude On A Cow

    14 days ago

    I remember dozer.

    • yuoop noke

      yuoop noke

      14 days ago

      Good stuff mate, . Australia

  • kai1299


    14 days ago

    Well if this video is for you guys and your kids I’d like to give a song recommendation for you all
    When you’re ready by Brian Fallon

  • Randall Edholm

    Randall Edholm

    14 days ago

    so many things has happened in Matt's life in the last 5yrs or so. some good things, bad things and sad things. I can only hope that great things will happen for Matt and his family. I'm sure moving into the mansion will be a good start :)

  • mikea hiooi

    mikea hiooi

    14 days ago


  • Ace


    14 days ago

    Remember when Matt setup a shooting range in his house while Mere was away?

  • Jy Ramey

    Jy Ramey

    14 days ago

    Anyone notice they skipped Lincoln's room?

  • Oscar Ross-brooks

    Oscar Ross-brooks

    14 days ago

    Sick house

  • Cathy Morrison

    Cathy Morrison

    14 days ago

    Love From Orillia Ont

    • mikea hiooi

      mikea hiooi

      14 days ago

      Who else wants a safe tour on the main channel.