Found a Stray… Everyone in my Family wants to keep him…. Except me…

Published on Jul 26, 2021
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  • scarduskify


    4 hours ago

    Наверно эта собака пришла отдохнуть к Вам от своего дома...

  • NoobDrivers


    13 hours ago


  • Lechken Assh

    Lechken Assh

    18 hours ago

    Well you have RANCH Now!!!

  • //DOGO\\


    19 hours ago

    Looks like a Dogo Argentino. Best dog you can ever have, I know lol

  • Phokenlaomouth


    23 hours ago

    So what happened next!

  • Clarence Jameson

    Clarence Jameson

    Day ago

    the way the kids are in perfect unison at the beginning lol, so pure

  • Bryson Vanderbeck

    Bryson Vanderbeck

    Day ago

    Just keep the dog the dog mind Die

  • Oat lord

    Oat lord

    Day ago

    Didn't even attempt to find its original owner?

  • Fire🔥 Fox🦊

    Fire🔥 Fox🦊

    Day ago

    A vet saying he hates that poor dog is terrible. I guess i didnt really know this guy at all!

  • Hesa Thec

    Hesa Thec

    2 days ago

    Your kids is awsome they have The Right mind.The best kids. I just Love them. Papa Vet. Keep him. And your dog loves him.

  • DNulrammah


    2 days ago

    You COULD see if someone else might want him... The AK Guy, or maybe Donut Operator (oh, he has a dog - A German Shepherd?) ?

  • R. Sudduth

    R. Sudduth

    2 days ago

    Goodluck with your new not your dog. 😂

  • Ed Bisner

    Ed Bisner

    2 days ago

    The best dogs are the ones who come into your life unexpectantly, I have had several that do that and they were all loved for many years.

  • Awelon


    2 days ago

    So are Buddy with you now or not?

  • AndreR7


    3 days ago

    hes not skinny hes muscly and lean americans people are just too used to making their dogs fat

  • gg jurassic

    gg jurassic

    3 days ago

    Seems how your a vet heal him then keep him make sure to give him a wash

  • Hancock Jason

    Hancock Jason

    3 days ago

    I think it's important if ur other dog liked him

  • Viraingsey Sour

    Viraingsey Sour

    3 days ago

    Big dog dad

  • N Knapp

    N Knapp

    3 days ago

    So what happened?

  • Eli Hotchkiss

    Eli Hotchkiss

    3 days ago

    Search dogo Argentino

  • Eli Hotchkiss

    Eli Hotchkiss

    3 days ago

    Hay Matt. Thinking he looks a lot like my dogo Argentinos. Great family dogs. Keep him.

  • Matthew Rutherford

    Matthew Rutherford

    3 days ago

    Oh no mare won lol Matt just lost the kids got a new dog

  • ed ramey

    ed ramey

    3 days ago

    So what happen with the dog?

  • XMorbidReignX


    3 days ago

    "You can get another gun if we keep the dog"
    "....I would never make that trade"

  • Tom S

    Tom S

    3 days ago

    Give it to a Chinese restaurant and have them put some barbecue sauce on it

  • El Garage de el Pibe

    El Garage de el Pibe

    3 days ago

    Looks like a Dogo Argentino… good luck with that…be VERY Careful.

  • CAfakmykak


    3 days ago

    A literal vet: He's dirty, might have rabies, probably has fleas.
    5 year old child: NO HE DOES NOT.

  • John Dougherty

    John Dougherty

    3 days ago

    You decided to keep that dog way before you decided to do a video on it ..... lol.

  • michael keady

    michael keady

    3 days ago

    What a sweet family! You are a lucky man!

  • Dijon Rice

    Dijon Rice

    4 days ago

    That's a dogo argentino I bet

  • Daddy #53

    Daddy #53

    4 days ago

    That’s your dog dude, get over it.😬
    That dog is awesome!!!

  • Shannon Tymkiw

    Shannon Tymkiw

    4 days ago

    That's because everyone in your house is a human. So happy you are not my vet

  • 1 mans opinion

    1 mans opinion

    4 days ago

    Dad : we are going to church also let's lie to the kids and I hate

  • Fire Cook48

    Fire Cook48

    4 days ago

    do you think he's a young dogo Argentino and is your other dog a boerboel both nice dogs, protect the ranch and family for sure, with out even pulling one of those guns out

  • J.A.Ratt85


    5 days ago

    I take it you found his home?

  • Hippyhibb


    5 days ago

    No I haven't read all your comments and everything but why don't you want two dogs you look like you got a big enough place for him and your other dog he needs a playmate

  • Hippyhibb


    5 days ago

    I have a cat called squatter she ran in my house one day when I was leaving for work and I couldn't get a hold of her and stayed under my couch and everything else she got hide under 2 weeks later she finally came out know what I let her stay. She's a year and a half old now.

  • SirOjCrank


    5 days ago

    just adopt the fucking dog dude

  • Patricia Lynn

    Patricia Lynn

    5 days ago

    That dog is no dummy...He not going anywhere...CONGRATS ON YOUR NEW DOG😉

  • childish 818 k.i.D Sylmar California

    childish 818 k.i.D Sylmar California

    5 days ago

    That's a good dog

  • Jarrett Matlack

    Jarrett Matlack

    5 days ago


  • Just some random person on the internet.

    Just some random person on the internet.

    5 days ago

    He is a Dogo Argentino, awesome breed. Not aggressive because they are very sure of themselves and can take pain, but they will intelligently defend by size and intimidation before ever going off, they are bred to hold down their prey not tear it apart. I hope your neighbors don't have pigs though 😬 this breed is used for boar hunting but makes an amazing family pet.

  • KTM Trooper

    KTM Trooper

    6 days ago

    Damn reminded me of Dozer

  • Ariel 9977

    Ariel 9977

    6 days ago

    Well, the thing is, people usually get he wrong premise about liking dogs, and they're right, and I share the same opinion as them, We don't like dogs......

    We LOVE dogs!!!😁

  • Shaynon Alexander

    Shaynon Alexander

    6 days ago

    Keep the dog

  • Anita Ferguson

    Anita Ferguson

    6 days ago

    His mouth is annoying

  • Melinda Nix

    Melinda Nix

    6 days ago

    God bless this dog...ive seen strays with these choke chains on ,which gave me a sick feeling in my gut... it made me feel someone may be abusing the stray dog .. I couldn't correlate choke chain & stray dog ..the two didnt align..

  • 38cjk


    6 days ago

    Dude looks like you found a doggo argentino

  • MasoKitsu


    6 days ago

    Chance from Homeward Bound found his home..?

  • Matt Wilson

    Matt Wilson

    6 days ago

    That looks to be a DOGO it a very expensive dog if so

  • Mike Fowler

    Mike Fowler

    6 days ago

    Dude you gotta man up. That means folding to the ladies, I'm sorry but you know what tradition is. Tradition you lose even if you win.

  • Erica Gray

    Erica Gray

    6 days ago

    Ranch hmmmm

  • jen pfluger

    jen pfluger

    6 days ago

    OMG! How many times are you going to say the same things over and over about not keeping the dog! Very annoying video but I love that dog!

  • Kim deady

    Kim deady

    6 days ago

    Dude you are outvoted You’re keeping Buddy ;p

  • Courtney Richardson

    Courtney Richardson

    6 days ago

    Keep the dog

  • Karen Wilkinson

    Karen Wilkinson

    7 days ago

    Aah come on, it'll be a friend for dimmo when you go to church!

  • chaz 3021

    chaz 3021

    7 days ago

    Unless you find the owner, you ain't getting rid of that dog!!! Don't kid yourself! I'll just say it for you, "welcome to the family BUDDY!

  • kenneth street

    kenneth street

    7 days ago

    How much dogo argentino is he? DNA test incoming.

  • Linda Quintana

    Linda Quintana

    7 days ago

    Keep him

  • Elena Radic

    Elena Radic

    7 days ago

    That dog is gorgeous... You been lucky

  • Elena Radic

    Elena Radic

    7 days ago

    Hilarious.. This is me and my daughters.. Bringing home homeless dogs and my husband being all negative thrn ends up loving the pet the most!

  • Bonnie Hundley

    Bonnie Hundley

    7 days ago

    Oh my he is a gorgeous find! He resembles an American Bulldog. Since temperament is good there, keep him!
    Dad you are outnumbered. Your kids are talking in perfect unison.
    Uh wait youre a vet, and you havent heard of scanning for a microchip?
    Test for heartworms, internal parasites, and if he has fleas, put him on a flea control. Get him on a monthly heartworm preventative. Done.
    I suspect vet dad is being sarcastic 😄😅🤣😂, I hope.
    Has he been running free with that chokechain? No, shouldnt run unsupervised with a chokechain, no, no.
    Uh, 🤣😂😅 Im greatly suspecting the sarcasm 😅🤣😂😅😂!!!! You're keeping him 🙂🙂🙂

  • Dillon Malloy

    Dillon Malloy

    7 days ago

    What happened to remi?

  • illestSauzyy


    8 days ago

    Should of kept him. Hopefully he's okay

  • Dominic Walker

    Dominic Walker

    8 days ago

    You just blew it. That dog is going to be your favorite now. Never decide a thng before knowing it. Soloman

  • Rob Stevens

    Rob Stevens

    8 days ago

    Give him treatos and a bed.

  • Xany Piche

    Xany Piche

    8 days ago

    name him gunner

  • Laurie Davies

    Laurie Davies

    8 days ago

    Meant to be....

  • Annemari Kruus

    Annemari Kruus

    8 days ago

    He is dogo argentino

  • You’re fucking Mom bitch

    You’re fucking Mom bitch

    8 days ago

    Why are you so rude to him

  • Lori Mrasek

    Lori Mrasek

    8 days ago

    I went to look to see if there was any more videos on your stray, I couldn't find a thing, so, did you keep this gorgeous dog?? I hope you did.

  • Yart Hsa

    Yart Hsa

    8 days ago

    So did you keep him and name him Ranch?

  • Alma Lourido

    Alma Lourido

    9 days ago

    I bet he’s sure the dog doesn’t have rabies… if that so he wouldn’t be so relax! Do what you have to do and keep him, he’s adorable!!! I can see just kindness and love in his eyes 🇵🇷😂❤️🌹

  • Tyler Knecht

    Tyler Knecht

    9 days ago

    What happened with the stray

  • Traci Ramirez

    Traci Ramirez

    9 days ago

    What happened to the little dogs you had?

  • Patrick Wilson

    Patrick Wilson

    9 days ago

    Oh my Lord, there's my dog!!!!🤣😅🤣 NOT!!!!! LIKE THE KID SAID, HE DOSE HAVE A HOME 🏡 THERE!!!!
    The man that's trying to build-up my credit score from Indianapolis 🇺🇲

  • Michael Bodell Films

    Michael Bodell Films

    9 days ago

    You own a vet clinic and you are a veterinarian



    9 days ago

    The dog seems to love you and your family, he came right up to all of you and wagged his tail and looked like he wanted to give you all a big kiss.

  • Ruby


    10 days ago

    He is precious! He found you ‘ for a reason’! He’s is very well behaved! I hope no one ‘claims’ him, because he would have a better home with you! 💕

  • jpat99


    10 days ago

    What is the update? Did the owners come forward with the flyers or did you keep Whitey?

  • Rob Burwash

    Rob Burwash

    10 days ago

    You mean bum keep the dog

  • East cali mamah

    East cali mamah

    10 days ago

    Can anyone tell me if they kept the dog or not?

  • Wicked Bradley Productionz

    Wicked Bradley Productionz

    10 days ago

    Especially immediately...

  • Wicked Bradley Productionz

    Wicked Bradley Productionz

    10 days ago

    Can't judge a book by its cover!

  • Wicked Bradley Productionz

    Wicked Bradley Productionz

    10 days ago

    I don't understand I don't go to church u do? Dude ur going overboard bro...

  • Wicked Bradley Productionz

    Wicked Bradley Productionz

    10 days ago

    I'm done, n unsubscribing from Matt, donut,mike,Maddie, demolition,black rifle!

  • Wicked Bradley Productionz

    Wicked Bradley Productionz

    10 days ago


  • Wicked Bradley Productionz

    Wicked Bradley Productionz

    10 days ago

    Yo ,Dude I hope u keep this dog if u can't find the owner,you have way many more resources than us citizens, but you saying at 6:20 ,"do they care about you at all"?! That's unprofessional ,I love ur channel bro,but haha don't get to big for ur britches....n it reflects on ur friends too man.......

  • Phyllis Bowen

    Phyllis Bowen

    10 days ago

    I want to know what was the outcome with this dog??

  • shooter853


    10 days ago

    You got ALL THAT ROOM -- Why not!!! He needs a good home.

  • Angelina Parrott

    Angelina Parrott

    10 days ago

    My almost 3 year old daughter says to keep the puppy :) we have been watching your channel since the beginning of abandoned mansion and love it all the way in central California.

  • Crystal Rios

    Crystal Rios

    10 days ago

    Keep him

  • ciara wansley

    ciara wansley

    10 days ago

    it kinda makes me angry it first i have not been happy with matts decision here cause he is a vet and the first thing that comes out of his mouth i hate him and i dont want him and i wanna take him to shelter DUDE shelter is DAMN FULLL and he should know that like wtf fuck matt ( excuse my language) but Seriously???1!!!!! YOU BUY GUNS WITHOUT MARE yET YOU WONT LET MARE GET A DANG DOG >>> i might be angry or over looking this but this left a sour taste in my mouth >.>

  • John Wolfe

    John Wolfe

    11 days ago

    He is just a American bully he is still their because he has kids now

  • Melissa Fluck

    Melissa Fluck

    11 days ago

    Hope everything went well

  • Allen Robinson

    Allen Robinson

    11 days ago

    You seriously only have one dog? And you have a ranch? we have like a dozen at our farm and mom keeps them in the house.

  • Kayla Lawson

    Kayla Lawson

    11 days ago

    That is very beautiful dog

  • Boar Zwid

    Boar Zwid

    11 days ago

    I think he’s a hog dog, better keep him



    11 days ago

    I hope you kept this boy..!! He is so sweet and handsome..!!

  • Jayme


    12 days ago

    I gotta know, did y'all keep the pupper?!