Finishing Beautiful Not Small House on a Hill: Part 2

Published on Jun 16, 2021
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  • OffTheRanch


    3 months ago

    To start comparing quotes and simplify insurance-buying, check out
    Policygenius: Thanks to Policygenius for sponsoring this video!



      19 days ago

      You are better to watch then anyone. You should have a regular show like back when TV was a



      19 days ago

      Bro the dark web is talk'n about "How bullet proof is it"? Watch out while driving it....

    • Jason VonIrsik

      Jason VonIrsik

      23 days ago

      If you are into hydroponics I would be willing to hook you up. I'm being serious too. I'm working on a project that I believe you could stand behind. I'm literally ready to begin building my prototype.

    • troy murrell

      troy murrell

      2 months ago

      so if you roll your car or go into water and need to smash the window to get out you won't be able to? isn't that dangerous?

    • The-specialist-H


      2 months ago

      You should have a indoor shooting range

  • Carla Gribi

    Carla Gribi

    Day ago

    What happened to white dogo



    6 days ago

    It’s the gosh darn glass damn it. The glass, it’s super common in tinted glass, is causing your walls to look green.

  • Soo fields

    Soo fields

    10 days ago

    Pretty sure demo is preparing for the fall of America.

  • Benny Reposa

    Benny Reposa

    11 days ago

    That house is huge you're going to need walkie talkies to find each other around in it

  • bill van damme

    bill van damme

    20 days ago

    wow....what does anyone who isn't a politician need with an armoured vehicle? there maybe a lil paranoid strek inside you.....of course you are in texas so never kn0ow what could happen there ....oh well love the house tho...that turned out great

  • Elizabeth Hardy

    Elizabeth Hardy

    20 days ago

    What color and brand is the exterior body of the house? I love it! It’s time to paint my house…

  • Frank Cote

    Frank Cote

    21 day ago

    Now I know why my vet charges so much.

  • Ryan Pacholec

    Ryan Pacholec

    22 days ago

    Odd spot for your guns.

  • Jamie Krueger

    Jamie Krueger

    Month ago

    Metal edging used to cover up all the non skill trades people world wide lol. Top 3 markets for metal tile edging is Arizona, Texas, and Florida.

  • enkrypt3d


    Month ago

    First time I've really seen her smiling.....

  • Ellen Kostro

    Ellen Kostro

    Month ago

    Just my thought. Floors in first. Why, if you change cabinets later no need to worry about the foot print. Less quircky space to make "special cuts" for.

  • Kimberly Mitchell

    Kimberly Mitchell

    Month ago

    I've been watching on and off for some time and I must say I'm very disappointed. Everything seems so disjointed and so lack luster. I was expecting so much more.

  • Juan Car

    Juan Car

    Month ago

    When are you gonna shot that thing with the 50. cal ?

  • David Hoff

    David Hoff

    Month ago

    Since this project is a video series for your youtube business, is the house a tax write off?

  • wesley bell

    wesley bell

    Month ago


  • B-FliP


    Month ago

    Bet that view kept you going keeping the vision in place. Dang that house turned out nicely, and yeah, even if it's a huge mansion, the house you're living in is best called a house or home I think. Love the high ceilings. Bringing up the green tint is getting you shot one day you know that right.. ;)

  • Stacy Sery

    Stacy Sery

    Month ago

    I wish I could be jealous of this, but I know you worked your ass off for it. So I'm proud of you.

  • Julie Hoffman

    Julie Hoffman

    Month ago

    So lovely

  • Dimonbl4


    Month ago

    Looks nice. But looks like all work was done only inside the house. Front yard and backyard is as bare as they can possibly be.

  • T S

    T S

    Month ago

    You and your family are incredibly blessed.

  • Rainbo Catz

    Rainbo Catz

    Month ago

    You mean to tell us that as big as that house is, Mere's office subs as a guest room?.I wonder if Matt has a "dedicated" office?

  • Brian Murphy

    Brian Murphy

    Month ago

    Cmon it’s been over a month

  • Karen L2

    Karen L2

    Month ago

    Just think about this, loyal viewers and subscribers....YOU are paying for their house. They get to brag about the house that WE are paying for, and WE never a "thank you". After all of these years, Matt still doesn't know how to use a camera properly, and we still can't hear what Mere is saying. Thankfully, I've unsubscribed a long time ago.

  • Kate S

    Kate S

    Month ago

    Your kids are never going to want to move out lol

  • Junior Pineda

    Junior Pineda

    Month ago

    Keeping that house clean is going to be a btch

  • Руслан Исмаилов

    Руслан Исмаилов

    Month ago

    Столько шкафов, что в них ложить..????????

  • phs


    Month ago

    so whats the point of such an idiotic car?

  • Ryan Robinson

    Ryan Robinson

    Month ago

    I honestly can't recognise that mansion now. I was so used to the skeletal frame of it. 2 years and it's practically finished. I'm amazed. Gotta find an abandoned mansion for myself now

  • Umberhulk


    Month ago

    Is it going to be cold in the winter in Texas? Those windows don't look like they going to keep cold outside any more that they keep warm in summer.

  • garrett miller

    garrett miller

    Month ago

    When is there going to be another update on the house on the hill?

  • Lizzy Hudson

    Lizzy Hudson

    Month ago




    Month ago

    I haven’t watched in a year the progress is crazy

  • LouieA#1


    Month ago

    Please invest in an Osmo ... 🤮

  • Aria De Larriva

    Aria De Larriva

    Month ago

    You guys are getting all set for the apocalypse 😂 bulletproof, weapons, a house with land to grow your food... living the dream!

  • Ринат Ш

    Ринат Ш

    Month ago

    Красивый дом получился, привет из России👍

  • Natan Herovich

    Natan Herovich

    Month ago


  • Sharon Smith

    Sharon Smith

    Month ago

    Love it you guys it is beautiful

  • Chris Mrau

    Chris Mrau

    Month ago

    Not so patiently waiting for the next episode.....understandable, not sure how you do all that you do. We love you, and can't wait to see you next time!

  • Judy Meyer

    Judy Meyer

    Month ago

    Absolutely want to see the process of the inside design work and the landscaping…

  • frozenmallet11 `-`

    frozenmallet11 `-`

    2 months ago

    I love the view but "the" is silent said that to mer.

  • Money Mitch

    Money Mitch

    2 months ago

    Dissapointed with the window stain not gonna lie 😒 lol

  • Renegade LK

    Renegade LK

    2 months ago

    I need a update on the house!!!!!

  • ShidWidley


    2 months ago

    you know.....those LS engines.....they REALLLY like turbos.....

  • vivian williams

    vivian williams

    2 months ago

    The Suburban is looking Awesome 👌 😎, Super Cool 😎 👌,😊👍💕💕💕

  • vivian williams

    vivian williams

    2 months ago

    Beautiful cabinets and tiles, I'm so excited for you guys! And I'm also looking forward to seeing the backyard come to life ! Your design you shared with us was lovely! 😊👍💕💕💕

  • The guy that Makes stuff

    The guy that Makes stuff

    2 months ago

    Number plate is basically pew pewz 1911

  • TexasTad


    2 months ago

    Been watching this series since the start (and love it, thanks!) - it occured to me regarding the green tint - I've had that happen before after we got new windows. It was due to the coating on the windows. Every so slightly a green tint.

  • mylobage


    2 months ago

    Why do you have a bulletproof car?

    • atnfn


      Month ago

      Cause he works for the Mafia obviously, how do you think he can afford to build that house?

  • Marília


    2 months ago

    I keep imaging what they'll do with this giant house when their kids move out.

  • Tony Portello

    Tony Portello

    2 months ago

    Are you gong with a Generac generator or Kolher generator?

  • Doctor Death.

    Doctor Death.

    2 months ago

    Manshion house is turning out really good

  • Jamie Honey

    Jamie Honey

    2 months ago

    Why on earth do u need one room to b an office and a guest room in a house that size!!😂

  • Arquitectura Smolivos

    Arquitectura Smolivos

    2 months ago

    Cabinets before flooring????



    2 months ago

    So is this the mansion

  • Joy Kent

    Joy Kent

    2 months ago

    You should have he and her toilets in the master

  • Susan Smith

    Susan Smith

    2 months ago


  • Nicholson Fuanyi

    Nicholson Fuanyi

    2 months ago

    The dog just like: ummm.. y’all gonna show me my own room 🥲

  • mason appalachiantrail

    mason appalachiantrail

    2 months ago

    Why Florida? Is it better than your gulf coast?

  • Ian Enderby

    Ian Enderby

    2 months ago

    Just binged all 40+ episodes of this series in one weekend!!!

  • Hexed4Ever


    2 months ago

    I just binge watched every episode and now I'm finally caught up :)

  • Brandon Lee

    Brandon Lee

    2 months ago

    Ur license plate also has “ppz” in it lol

  • T S

    T S

    2 months ago

    wow, framed in windows and everything

  • Exal


    2 months ago

    you made a "small thing" in a "small thing" reply if you remember

  • joann Loves CountryLife

    joann Loves CountryLife

    2 months ago

    ....looks more like a small town than a large house!!!!

  • Jen World

    Jen World

    2 months ago

    I am so happy you guys are showing your beautiful home again it’s gorgeous you guys deserve it congratulations I cannot wait till it’s finish and I hope you do not sell it

  • Angel Bonilla

    Angel Bonilla

    2 months ago

    “A little bathroom”… lol, bigger than my living room

  • Don Bennett

    Don Bennett

    2 months ago

    That’s a lot of custom mill work. Not sure what your prices are like in the USA but that would be an easy $100 - $150 grand here.

  • Ben Miller

    Ben Miller

    2 months ago

    Feels as safe as distracted driving and causing an accident.

  • Xchance Gaming

    Xchance Gaming

    2 months ago

    No more episodes :( I've finished the series in 1 day. Lol.

  • stesstix


    2 months ago

    Been a month? Wow anything happened

  • John Jacob Astor

    John Jacob Astor

    2 months ago

    Why do you need an armored vehicle..? Did you have your childhood stolen from you? I love your family but I think this channel is loosing touch.

  • FatalDragon69


    2 months ago

    Matt.....Do you know any of the History of the place, who owned it before you, why it was left to rot, what was it called etc etc ???
    Be good to hear a little bit about how it came to be before you guys !!

  • Philip The Husky

    Philip The Husky

    2 months ago

    What kind of dog does He have ?

  • Soko889


    2 months ago

    Shouldn't the floor boards be fitted first before the cuboards?

  • Easton J

    Easton J

    2 months ago

    I like how demo walked the house with you

  • drishti jalora

    drishti jalora

    2 months ago

    let me tell you @matt your house/mansion/hill house whatever you call it "IT IS FREAKING AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL"

  • CFDubs2.0


    2 months ago

    “ The license plate may or may not have 1911 in it “. My dude the beginning of the license plate says PPz

  • 4WordsTo


    2 months ago

    can someone explain to me why there are cabinets in the house before the floor is even done ? or is it done and just looks like its not ?

  • Cody


    2 months ago


  • Heigo Siilbek

    Heigo Siilbek

    2 months ago

    I don't understand why you assembled the cabinets before the flooring is done, can anyone explain?

  • Janice Sanchez

    Janice Sanchez

    2 months ago

    Yup 75 percent of master closet is hers!

  • Onoku


    2 months ago

    Pro-tip for driving up-armored Suburbans: Don't try to put the windows down... they won't go back up.

  • Camille


    2 months ago

    Ahhh, Meredith. Well done!!! Love the metallic trim on the tile! And glad you did pops of color with the cabinets. 👍

  • Oskar Delitz

    Oskar Delitz

    2 months ago

    Isn’t Texas like tornado territory or something? The house seems so exposed to the elements

    • Benjamin McDermott

      Benjamin McDermott

      2 months ago

      No it's more oklahoma I've lived in Texas for like 9 years and the worst thing that's happened is flooding there house shouldn't flood since it's on a high elevation

  • Oskar Delitz

    Oskar Delitz

    2 months ago

    Not to ruin the joy, I just can’t help but wonder what they’re gonna do when the kids moved out one day. Will feel so big and empty and far away from everything

    • atnfn


      2 months ago

      It's actually very close to their current house. (1.3 miles)

  • Virginia Reid

    Virginia Reid

    2 months ago

    Very nicely done!

  • Mitä Poikka

    Mitä Poikka

    2 months ago

    this is one series i love and keep coming back to just so see this amazing build, and its not something thatll just be rebuilt and never seen again, this is a home, its so beautiful, cant wait to see your vlogs when the house is complete and your kids are running around like its every day life. keep up the amazing work!

  • Jennifer Simpson

    Jennifer Simpson

    2 months ago

    It's beautiful. I hope your hiring a maid to help your wife clean it.

  • Liquidfluidity


    2 months ago

    May I ask what brand your cabinets are? I work for a major cabinet manufacturing corporation and I'm seeing a lot of similarities. Just wondering :) Beautiful home for sure. Sooo much space! And the view....just not words for it! Thanks for your content on both channels!

  • Ville Kinnunen

    Ville Kinnunen

    2 months ago

    What.. No sauna!? Daaaaaaaang! xD

  • CutezieCue's Gluten-free Kitchen

    CutezieCue's Gluten-free Kitchen

    2 months ago

    Name suggestions for the renovation videos. House on the Hill Modernization. Fantastifying our Family Fortress. Hilltop Makeover. Thoughts?

  • George Kelemen

    George Kelemen

    2 months ago

    You've come a long way, congrats! Talk about living the dream....

  • Greenwave


    2 months ago

    18:09, why am I not seeing 1000yrd path cleared to shot threw?

  • Purple Jesus

    Purple Jesus

    2 months ago

    They have one bedroom that is the size of my apartment. jesus.

  • D Neuman

    D Neuman

    2 months ago

    It's ugly .still not livable yet? Lol views are for seniors , who's gonna sit around looking 50 miles. Lol it's a turd like this channel.

  • Amz Pixie

    Amz Pixie

    2 months ago

    Imagine #mrkate decorating the house

  • Amz Pixie

    Amz Pixie

    2 months ago

    With house that big why closets are so small n door entries too

  • 2 months ago

    Lincoln it’s fucking annoying

  • emmitt


    2 months ago

    Lincoln asked the perfect question / why are there cabinets I cant reach
    rethink the pantry and go with open shelves. Tell me you didn't put the laundry on
    the first floor !! OH NO ! You did! LOVE the house ! ...home