Finishing Beautiful Not Small House on a Hill: Part 1

Published on May 28, 2021
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  • OffTheRanch


    4 months ago

    Check out SimpliSafe by visiting



      8 days ago

      Since Mer picked green cabinets they picked a white with green hues. White paints either have blue, green or yellow highlights. Historic home restorers in SoCal cannot use Dunn Edwards white interior paint bc it has UMBAR in it which yellows it- as time goes on, it gets more yellow.

    • Andrew Knott

      Andrew Knott

      3 months ago

      With all that insulation and being on the first floor I can totally get that!😉😅🤣 even got the safe room, of course for when you're alone and no one's sure to lube em up nice! 🤣💀😂🤣😂😂 killer house building content though man seriously! Saw a couple of your videos a while back, but came back over to the dark side through cleetus's channel lolol.

    • Lulzsec


      3 months ago

      U need that fo yo truck mat

    • Jonathan Kelly

      Jonathan Kelly

      3 months ago

      Are you gonna get a wyrmwood table? Not sure if y’all would use it for maybe cards or something, but check them out. They make some dope tables, especially their modular table.

    • jon mcinnis

      jon mcinnis

      3 months ago

      OffTheRanch Nice series by the way when that house Will be finished one or two months?

  • Hannah Griffin

    Hannah Griffin

    Day ago

    What if the windows have a green/blue tint to them?

    • Hannah Griffin

      Hannah Griffin

      Day ago

      And maybe that is why the walls have a green tinge to them.

  • Dima1776


    2 days ago

    It is green lol

  • Rimuru-chan


    3 days ago

    Slightly old but the “smooth side” is called your face side it’s usually indicated by a p and then 2 legs coming from it on the face side

  • Anthony Ferreira

    Anthony Ferreira

    6 days ago

    You could post paint drying in this house and I would watch it

  • Patty Gibb

    Patty Gibb

    6 days ago

    Are there going to be drapes on the windows causing the sofa to be further from the wall?

  • Johan Ragnarsson

    Johan Ragnarsson

    6 days ago

    I was a happy guy but now I feel I could have done more with my life, what great people!!

  • OriginalPro [JDW]

    OriginalPro [JDW]

    9 days ago

    Gotta give some props to your editor, amazing edits!

  • Fintan


    10 days ago

    What a magnificent view! So beautiful.

  • Lucy Alexander

    Lucy Alexander

    11 days ago

    Personally I would go for the longer one, due to it having an arm rest xD my house has a sofa with a drop off edge... and honestly we wish it had an arm rest ^^

  • CharlesNKamber Wood

    CharlesNKamber Wood

    15 days ago

    Love all the Hilltop videos!

  • XxDarkSidexX


    17 days ago

    maybe a little late, but I am a commercial painter, if you are going with another white do not, and I repeat DO NOT just roll the 2nd coat, do the trim as well, you may think white is white but you will see the trim line if you don't do the trim as well!

  • GodGunsGutsandNRA


    20 days ago

    If you want a really white paint, make sure they put a couple of shots of black before they put in in the shaker to mix. Have done this for years, and works great. Makes the white pop!! The painter should have know that fact as it is very important on the first coat.

  • Nate The Shocker

    Nate The Shocker

    20 days ago

    Why does Mayor act so sad? Does she just miss her old home? I can understand that.

  • michael stevens

    michael stevens

    21 day ago

    They had a blank canvas to start with and made this mansion look like a prefabed house.

  • Da3w00


    28 days ago

    Matt, all the house content is good. Even the "boring" stuff is important.
    And remember: "If Momma ain't happy, nobody is happy."

  • Ryan Gladstone

    Ryan Gladstone

    28 days ago

    I feel like this house is too white. it needs some contrast. some darker colors to make it pop.

  • Bubblez


    Month ago

    Nice slippery tiles to get a concussion might be a problem but its a problem that fixes itself, you fall nekkid it will be easier for Mere to drag you out of the way :P

  • Nathan Toiviainen

    Nathan Toiviainen

    Month ago

    oh yeah you have the shirt

  • Abiabbimelulu


    Month ago

    dont coat pure white paint... paint milky white or white grey so it will not become green

  • Chris Nicol

    Chris Nicol

    Month ago

    100% serious... For me, it doesn't matter what your videos are about because I really enjoy your personality and all the energy you bring to each upload! You are just so cool and I may idolize you a bit... but I know I will be happy watching whatever you come out with! Keep up the great work and I will see you in the next one! :D

  • Owen Wiseman

    Owen Wiseman

    Month ago


  • Mrs. C

    Mrs. C

    Month ago

    I wonder if the previous owners watch this

  • Nicole


    Month ago

    I love house design and house tours.It's so fun.

  • Savana Moon

    Savana Moon

    Month ago

    This is why I hate white paint it reflects the colors around it

  • Beards Bronx

    Beards Bronx

    Month ago

    That’s awesome👍👍👍

  • Lu Bu

    Lu Bu

    Month ago

    Im surprised its not casing

  • Adonyx


    Month ago

    I can't tell if she's miserable or camera-shy.

  • Leafeonisdistressed


    Month ago

    I like how your kids are basically going from bunks to having their own bathrooms.

  • Ralph Cook

    Ralph Cook

    Month ago

    Why is the color of the walls such an issue? Doesn't seem to makw a difference to me.

  • Ashton Pettigrew

    Ashton Pettigrew

    Month ago

    Since you're going to have a sectional maybe some in floor outlets so you still have access to them

  • Baskerville Bee

    Baskerville Bee

    Month ago

    Mere will need staff for such a beautiful not small house.

  • Rainbo Catz

    Rainbo Catz

    Month ago

    "With TWO dogs in the yard....."

  • Rainbo Catz

    Rainbo Catz

    Month ago

    Hey, Matt: have you ever noticed the incredible view you have at the hill house?

  • Mark Veits

    Mark Veits

    Month ago

    OH, shit. Painted wood.................

  • Island Daniels

    Island Daniels

    Month ago

    “My kids are Definitely gonna bust their heads on that”
    I can’t stop laughing 😂

  • Pete kottkamp

    Pete kottkamp

    Month ago

    I like design. it is interesting to watch

  • Ty Clark

    Ty Clark

    Month ago

    The commentary is hilarious and so it's fun

  • Wendy Boatman

    Wendy Boatman

    Month ago

    Nice blooper! Ha.

  • Tracy McLaughlin Holmes

    Tracy McLaughlin Holmes

    2 months ago

    When we started replacing old worn out windows and sliding glass doors we realized very quickly that the new windows and doors the UV protected coating sandwich between the glass made everything outside look a lot greener and kind of bluish and when the sun shined through them into the house it changed the color of everything in the house. Makes me wonder if maybe it's your windows. Considering the color wheel if you decide to repaint go for a color that has warm / reddish undertones that will cancel out the green if it is what's coming through the windows.

  • Harold Chaffee

    Harold Chaffee

    2 months ago

    Let's get it finished soon. I've really enjoyed this whole series.

  • ginger Rocks

    ginger Rocks

    2 months ago

    Planning is great. All the walls have a slight green cast, But that may change when floors and window coverings go up. Your house is huge, so glad I wouldn’t have to clean it. They make tile for floor and walls, texture appropriate.

  • Tammy Carr

    Tammy Carr

    2 months ago

    Can’t wait for your next video

  • Paul Johnson

    Paul Johnson

    2 months ago

    So...Matt is a doer...and Mere is a thinker...Hmmm...Who Knew..
    Color Me Suprised! (not green)

  • Justaguy Doingguythings

    Justaguy Doingguythings

    2 months ago

    Semms the green may be the security film (keeps from scratching during shipping) on the windows maybe

  • Gavyn Rothaermel

    Gavyn Rothaermel

    2 months ago

    He needs a dad recliner

  • Bunny


    2 months ago

    I think the green tint on the walls is coming from the windows. They appear to have a green tint on them.

  • A B

    A B

    2 months ago

    I remember watching this series for the first time eating my spaghetti on a wooden table

  • Arielle Caraway

    Arielle Caraway

    2 months ago

    Yeah I agree with the comments that we want to see the furniture and interior design

  • jrl carmichael

    jrl carmichael

    2 months ago

    Don't put ATV on a chimney you're more likely to melt the TV from the fire

  • PetersonMotorsports


    2 months ago

    Yeah, yeah, you can tell it's from the trees. (Work with me I'm funny)

  • Joseph Campitiello

    Joseph Campitiello

    2 months ago

    its definitely green

  • Dade Murphey

    Dade Murphey

    2 months ago

    The Green is from the glass in the windows. Refraction and the glass has a green blue tint.



    2 months ago

    Is it possible that the green is coming from the Windows you picked? Maybe the type or brand of window is causing a refraction with green tint?

  • Jonathan Taylor

    Jonathan Taylor

    2 months ago

    Behr’s new house white is a very warm white, won’t look green at all if that’s what you want

  • Amz Pixie

    Amz Pixie

    2 months ago

    Robbers waiting to see security system details update

  • S M

    S M

    2 months ago

    You're gonna need a leaf blower to clean all those wood floors in order to get it done in a reasonable time lol

  • Hugo Akerlund

    Hugo Akerlund

    2 months ago

    This house will be hell to clean.

  • dana dunn

    dana dunn

    2 months ago

    Yess!! I want to see the interior design part of it toooo!!!! Please 😩

  • Moana Winikerei

    Moana Winikerei

    2 months ago

    I'm absolutely happy that you've continued to share the next stage of completing your beautiful home

  • Hannah Aaron

    Hannah Aaron

    2 months ago

    It's not finished until its furnished imo

  • Joshua Herrera

    Joshua Herrera

    2 months ago

    Your windows have a green hue that reflects off the white.

  • Bonnie Sharp

    Bonnie Sharp

    2 months ago

    I enjoy the decorating part of the new place

  • Palm Trees

    Palm Trees

    2 months ago

    love this stuff

  • Gabriel Chileshe

    Gabriel Chileshe

    2 months ago

    Yes include us in these kind of videos please

  • Ian


    2 months ago

    The ac bill and property taxes will be more than I make in an entire year

  • Arv The Man

    Arv The Man

    2 months ago

    the "white" paint may have been mixed with a tiny amount of yellow pigment. with sunlight, ultraviolet and blue light penetrates clouds more than yellow and red light. that higher amount of blue light hitting that small amount of yellow may make it look greenish. in full direct sun it's gonna be white. if the sky is cloudy or overcast it's gonna show that green tint.

  • Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson

    2 months ago

    Matt, I figured it out, the green tint is coming from the E-Glass, the sunscreen they put into those windows is causing the light coming in to hue the walls a green tintish

  • Beaster Sandex

    Beaster Sandex

    2 months ago

    Get another couch and mirror the first so the couch contours the entire room and fireplace bump out. And making awesome seating for the surround sound theater experience. Much more room for friends and family

  • Josh Yeates

    Josh Yeates

    3 months ago

    People actually commented saying the green hue is from trees and grass outside?? Yikes….

  • Coast Daze

    Coast Daze

    3 months ago

    This was a little slow and boring. The Mrs. most of the time seems unenthusiastic. ?? But your enthusiasm makes up for it. Maybe it's just because you're a showman! LOL

  • greenguy369


    3 months ago

    The green is definitely from the windows. It's just an illusion. When you have proper lightning you won't see it anymore.

  • NativeNYerChicHK


    3 months ago

    We did matte floor tiles in our bathroom remodel and WE LOVE IT!!!! No chance of slipping and they look gorgeous!

  • Emmi


    3 months ago

    Can someone tell me if that view, in the beginning, is most of their land? Because if it is, that's AMAZING.

  • Anthony Horton

    Anthony Horton

    3 months ago

    Need to make sure you show us installation of Pew Pew hiding furniture.

  • Kat Asbury

    Kat Asbury

    3 months ago

    Tinted windows could be causing it to look a shade green.

  • Melissa Breedlove

    Melissa Breedlove

    3 months ago

    Definitely want to see the design part also!!
    Also… Mere is a saint for dealing with ur craziness. 😂

  • Gustavo Maziero

    Gustavo Maziero

    3 months ago

    keep it up this videos

  • Lox


    3 months ago

    1:45 You said this white color is called "Simply white", so if you google it, you will see that this color is not CLEAR white at all. White has tons of shades, for example: Alabaster, Beige, Snow white, Pearl, Cosmic latte, Cream, Marengo (light), Milky, Cloudy, Opal, Platinum, Ivory, Chiffon, Cotton, Powder etc. You are right when you say that it's doesn't look white, even though it's considered like "white".

  • Zaidee PKBVC

    Zaidee PKBVC

    3 months ago

    that green wall, I think the tint on windows is the cause.

  • Tony Skafidas

    Tony Skafidas

    3 months ago

    i think there’s so many shades of white that the color on the walls looks distorted

  • Sherry Pierce

    Sherry Pierce

    3 months ago

    You keep saying, "Hill House". So I have to ask, "Are all doors sensibly shut?"

  • Ann Thrash-Trumbo

    Ann Thrash-Trumbo

    3 months ago

    Yes! Design stuff!

  • shawna Belusko

    shawna Belusko

    3 months ago

    Yes!! I loved the building process but I’ve been waiting for this moment! I can’t wait to see the decorating process 😍

  • Embroidery & Stitch Art

    Embroidery & Stitch Art

    3 months ago

    Beautiful view 👍

  • David Linn

    David Linn

    3 months ago

    13:54 beautiful covergirl

  • oldbat2ccats


    3 months ago

    Are you putting in-floor heating in the tiled baths? Pretty exciting.

  • D.J. Butler

    D.J. Butler

    3 months ago

    I think the green has to do with your window pane coating...Low E maybe?

  • juan D

    juan D

    3 months ago

    Cool to see the guy from RR BUILDINGS working the table saw

  • champ 2.5

    champ 2.5

    3 months ago

    Motivation man I swear can't wait till I get my career started I want to have my own beautiful not small house one day😂

  • Elena Vangeli

    Elena Vangeli

    3 months ago

    it was the floor base concrete that had a green subhue due to certain rock types that contains and was reflecting onto the walls...not the trees...

  • Brendissimo


    3 months ago

    lol John Wick 7

  • Sheri Teal

    Sheri Teal

    3 months ago

    I love these types of videos!💙

  • Crystal Snow

    Crystal Snow

    3 months ago

    I wanna see everything through to move in day. Literally only here for the house sorry not sorry

  • Wilbert Moo-Young

    Wilbert Moo-Young

    3 months ago

    Yes please show every step of the way including furnishing the house.

  • Jerry Rigged TV at the DuctTape Garage

    Jerry Rigged TV at the DuctTape Garage

    3 months ago

    with focal point on the fireplace, you not going to be able to enjoy the view out that window, why not go with chairs, so you can atleast stand and look out the window?

  • Noah southern

    Noah southern

    3 months ago

    My wife says "we saw enough of you Matt we wanna see Mere and her designs" lol I say all progress videos are good.

  • Bryant White

    Bryant White

    3 months ago

    What about, "Hill Top Retreat".

  • Tim Fields

    Tim Fields

    3 months ago

    Been watching from episode 1, amazing series 👏

  • Pure


    3 months ago