DonutOperator and NigelJones Teach me How to Skate...

Published on Sep 10, 2021
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Nigel Jones
Donut Operator

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  • Sei 5

    Sei 5

    Day ago

    As a skater it was cool to see these 3 worlds come together.

  • All about everything

    All about everything

    2 days ago

    капец там баба страшная нататуированая

  • Mark White

    Mark White

    2 days ago

    If Mere isn't more worried about you dying, you have too much life insurance!

  • itzCollAdderall onXbox

    itzCollAdderall onXbox

    3 days ago

    Donut is a truck grabber

  • Aaron Polekoff

    Aaron Polekoff

    3 days ago

    First try!!! Glad to see trying new things. Skating isn't easy

  • P. Jan Krojcer

    P. Jan Krojcer

    4 days ago

    Awweeee look at those pretty matching outfits.

  • Brian L

    Brian L

    5 days ago

    Such board. Very skate

  • I will bnned after I speak Why

    I will bnned after I speak Why

    6 days ago

    Get woke go broke

  • David Hannigan Jr.

    David Hannigan Jr.

    7 days ago

    Rome!? Rome, GA!? Donut, Rome, GA!?!?
    Hell, that whole city is just a notch above 'Don't-make-no-damn-sense'. So yeah, I guess that little "...prisoners doing the work to make your skatepark..." thing, makes sense then. But I don't know if prisoners being the workers that build the skateparks (that they didn't design) is like a SOP-type-of-thing out here on the lower east coast, or not. But our designers/prison-workers do a better job around here, than I guess they do in Rome. But like I said, it being Rome, GA, I could see it happening there.

  • Alex Velasquez

    Alex Velasquez

    7 days ago

    Game of skate

  • Cortnay Solmes

    Cortnay Solmes

    8 days ago

    F you are

  • jacob foulds

    jacob foulds

    8 days ago

    Shoots cannons has drove tanks has an armored vehicle thousands of rounds of ammunition = scared of the skateboard

  • Jordan Lewis

    Jordan Lewis

    8 days ago

    I like how Nigel was like like yea that’s pretty scary but he’s back flipped everything and dropped in on like two mega ramps

  • liamshouse


    9 days ago

    Boss lady taking care of business 9:03

  • JC


    9 days ago

    Dude I was dropping into 13 ft deep ditches when I was 12. Come on, Matt!

  • danknugz420


    9 days ago

    Mat was sweatin balls

  • Jaxson G

    Jaxson G

    10 days ago

    I started to learn how to skate with my son, and i love it way too much, cruising on my board to work and learning new stuff) Saw Nigel at Braille, he is a cool dude)
    Quick idea: Firing 50 cal. standing on a board! (Don't do it! Stupid Idea!)

  • Justin Batchelor

    Justin Batchelor

    10 days ago

    Matt's shorts are shorter than Meres. I don't even let my daughter were that short of shorts. Lol

  • Rob Graham

    Rob Graham

    10 days ago

    perhaps matt should have had a helmet, elbow and knee pads LOL

  • DadRon_Beardsman


    10 days ago

    As far as bending the knees goes, it was always explained to me growing up as "take the shit"
    Squat like you're pooping.

  • Eddie J

    Eddie J

    10 days ago

    How do we get the 15% off?

  • Dillon Witmer

    Dillon Witmer

    10 days ago

    It’s been about six years and Nigel is still fucking dope. Hope life has been good man

  • Idfk_dude


    10 days ago

    Matt:scared to do small drop.
    Donut: riding around in jeans and a Fanny pack

  • Drama Drama

    Drama Drama

    11 days ago

    The fact that Nigel is on your channel just BLOWS MY FREAKING MIND!!!!!!!!!

  • Steven J Carsley

    Steven J Carsley

    11 days ago

    Boys got skill. Just a little more practise.

  • ShadyChris


    11 days ago

    i remember seeing nigel wear that same shirt and freak out that demoranch was on brailhouse. but dang that filmer chick is hot!

  • Jason Swackhammer-bowman

    Jason Swackhammer-bowman

    11 days ago

    I love seeing people skate goofy i always thought i was a wierdo because everyone i knew skated regular 😭

  • gummiwurm2000


    11 days ago

    you should get a one wheel

  • SCOTT Roder

    SCOTT Roder

    11 days ago

    Donut got skillz

  • sammy dunbar

    sammy dunbar

    12 days ago

    I kickflip front boarded that rail they dropped in at first

  • sammy dunbar

    sammy dunbar

    12 days ago

    Borne texas!

  • Zakharov Denis

    Zakharov Denis

    12 days ago

    Нещадно загоняли Мэта, с него 10 потов сошло....

  • Alexandar Walker

    Alexandar Walker

    12 days ago

    Don't break or bruise your coxyx. Ouchie!

  • NaturalFork


    12 days ago

    Nigel is the man

  • Chowder3Hunna


    12 days ago

    "I definitely left this video better at skating than I was before" THAT'S the Braille motto 🤣! In all seriousness Matt could be pretty comfy cruising around on a board I'm just saying some demo ranch/Nigel Jones boards or something would be amazing to use :D

  • Fiirecrash


    12 days ago

    Learning how to skate without helmet... Ugh xD

  • Charles Lynch

    Charles Lynch

    12 days ago

    Gotta give him a hell of a lot of credit that's more than what I would have done

  • Luis Rodriguez

    Luis Rodriguez

    12 days ago

    Matt pulled that lil light skin face on us 🤣🤣

  • St33lStrife


    12 days ago

    Matt on a skateboard is like my labyrinthitic ass on a bike.

  • Crystal Metheny

    Crystal Metheny

    12 days ago

    Only disliked because donut is in the video. Other than that it was a decent video

  • Daddy Viking

    Daddy Viking

    12 days ago

    I remember my first time then ran into my dads flat bed truck and cracked my head open and broke my wrist and broke a rib... haven’t done it since

  • StrangerOman


    13 days ago

    First try! :O

  • Camron anime king

    Camron anime king

    13 days ago

    Video idea send Braille skating a custom made demo ranch skateboard



    13 days ago

    Regarding business, I hope you can email me back. thanks

  • Mr. RAIN

    Mr. RAIN

    13 days ago

    Matt Will pin this if he loves guns

  • charwien makhanlal

    charwien makhanlal

    13 days ago

    Matt went skating with out him !!!!

  • Larry Williams

    Larry Williams

    13 days ago

    Huh...I'm surprised Matt is a good snowboarder I thought the skill would sort of transfer...Proof I don't know anything. LOL

  • Antonio Girifalco

    Antonio Girifalco

    13 days ago

    Great video. Would love to see more with Robert Terkla/LunkersTV.



    13 days ago

    Get the trx ram 6 silinder terbo look it up on the enternet my name is Tucker by the way

  • Matty Mayo

    Matty Mayo

    13 days ago

    Matt was sweating like Mere was about to find out about his new gun's

  • Kyle J

    Kyle J

    13 days ago

    If only there was a YouTube channel that could help teach you. Nigel, know of any? 🤣

  • Zach


    13 days ago

    i broke my tail bone like 6 years ago it healed sideways and theres nothing they can do for it lol

  • Equalizer


    13 days ago

    Who's the beauty filming and in the office? :o

  • Azumi Daniels

    Azumi Daniels

    13 days ago


  • dinosaur king

    dinosaur king

    13 days ago

    Bro just stayed 8 years old 😂

  • brandyn w

    brandyn w

    13 days ago

    i havent been to that park in like 7 years omg

  • Bigg Chief

    Bigg Chief

    13 days ago

    He caught on faster than most people I see try to skate and the skate park is low key pretty dope

  • T tan

    T tan

    13 days ago

    Matt... I'm breaking up with you. It's not you, it's me. I've lost interest in you. It all started with the staged rivalry with Kentucky. I'm not sorry but I do wish you all the luck.

  • Steven Francois

    Steven Francois

    14 days ago

    Matt, when are going to have your back yard/pool area?????

  • Jonny Stolpe

    Jonny Stolpe

    14 days ago

    Matt, you did just fine, X-games next year Brother 👍👍
    Ya know, because covid an all. 🤣

  • Evolance7


    14 days ago

    I am kinda flattered that all these guys, I am subbed to.

  • Blu e

    Blu e

    14 days ago

    Both skate goofy and shoot right handed.

  • That_BRG


    14 days ago

    Having been to this park before im actually impressed hes full sending these ramps

  • Tom Kirkemo

    Tom Kirkemo

    14 days ago

    This was a nice video. :) But even nicer was that woman's tattoos!!

  • Outlaw93


    14 days ago

    To see Nigel with Matt feels weird 💀 I started watching Braille skateboarding Nigel competing against the other guys before off the ranch or D R and now seeing them together is crazy

  • AsmrLover4Tinglez


    14 days ago

    thank God @RickyGlasar wasn't the first one to comment. #RickyGlasar has an addiction @BrailleSkateboarding #BrailleSkateboarding @BrailleArmy #BrailleArmy

  • DJ Connorocker

    DJ Connorocker

    14 days ago

    you should join the scooter masterrace. we have backflips

  • David Kelm

    David Kelm

    14 days ago

    Yuh done good Matt 💪👍☮

  • MikeyMc1


    14 days ago

    I want to get into skating again now

  • David Webb

    David Webb

    14 days ago

    He's got LEGS?

  • NickD511


    14 days ago

    Yup I watch way to much youtube. asa I see NIgel I'm like sweet. Braille Skate. I used to watch all their uploads. I'm a John Hill Fan!

  • Kathy Williams

    Kathy Williams

    14 days ago


  • Idiot


    14 days ago

    I have awaited this

  • Isaac Lee

    Isaac Lee

    14 days ago

    Next time you see Nigel tell him to a pop shove it’s own any and all opticals!

  • moxicon


    14 days ago

    Y’all should play a game of SKATE

  • muff' in

    muff' in

    14 days ago

    Im so happopppppy

  • Johnny Cash Flow

    Johnny Cash Flow

    14 days ago


  • alex saville

    alex saville

    14 days ago

    All the skaters in texas mad cus they didn't skate that day

  • James Torres

    James Torres

    14 days ago

    In this episode don’t tell the back doctor. Be careful Matt, you just had a back procedure.

  • ReddyUp


    14 days ago

    I've never seen someone so good at falling!

  • logan_seshhhh🌊


    14 days ago

    When i was 10 i played the dirty docter with the neighbors kid playing avril levighm

  • AsweatyMelvn


    14 days ago

    Skating keeps you young. I hope you keep at it

  • Jer emy

    Jer emy

    14 days ago

    Donut is the biggest poser in skateboarding

  • Cainnech


    14 days ago

    Hows that back surgery treating u man. For Christ sake dude

  • mikopop


    14 days ago

    Matt rides goofy! Right foot forward!

  • Sheryl Dougherty

    Sheryl Dougherty

    14 days ago

    You sound like my daughter she had her nose broken and reset by a Dr. was told nothing dangerous for a year. Nope was out out the reservoir on a board with a sail. Big wind face planted it on the board. Broke her nose and Dr just shook their head. Really. Was it worth it? Yep was her response

  • Sherry Brzeczka

    Sherry Brzeczka

    14 days ago

    Go Donut Operator! Looking smooth!!

  • mike13899


    14 days ago


  • Sherry Brzeczka

    Sherry Brzeczka

    14 days ago

    I have ZERO balance and am proud of you Matt!

  • Upset


    14 days ago

    We need to see more skating vids

  • Laquisha Jones

    Laquisha Jones

    15 days ago

    Hell yea Nigel part of the braille skate community hell yea



    15 days ago

    SO EVERY CONTENT CREATOR Are going to do videos with MATT So there numbers get better....

  • Rocky Loree

    Rocky Loree

    15 days ago

    Haha love this love all three of these legends

  • Nick Gilbert

    Nick Gilbert

    15 days ago

    Who's the hot tatted chick?

  • speedprotege


    15 days ago

    the best video ever!

  • Alex Romero

    Alex Romero

    15 days ago

    That's crazy I wouldn't even think you guys would know about each other

  • Sarah


    15 days ago

    Can we see Matt be a cowboy for a day with Dale brisby?

  • christian clark

    christian clark

    15 days ago

    No videos up about shooting skateboard yet. Good heads up though

  • luke's edits

    luke's edits

    15 days ago

    Starting to scrape the barrel now for content



    15 days ago

    Hell yeah bloody awesome