Building The Greatest Garage Ever - Part 1

Published on Aug 2, 2021
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  • M B M

    M B M

    4 days ago

    Good to know the dog made it back home if my dog ever got away hope someone would do the same Matt did

  • Pooterlicious


    8 days ago

    I feel like Dr Matt from 5+ years ago wouldn't have let a stray dog just wander off :(

  • 12 days ago


  • St33lStrife


    12 days ago

    Guess you could say him building his own garage is


  • What the Chelle

    What the Chelle

    15 days ago

    i'm really upset about the dog... we were supposed to keep him dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Austin Kilgore

    Austin Kilgore

    19 days ago

    Hill house

  • skmetal7


    20 days ago

    My work is adding a 50k sqft addition to our building. I guess this is what I have to look forward to...

  • skmetal7


    20 days ago

    I'm a wanderer, yeah a wanderer, i roam around around around around.

  • isak sjodin

    isak sjodin

    21 day ago

    How many shipping containers dose it take to stop a 50 cal

  • Boosfambam G

    Boosfambam G

    27 days ago

    Im happy he went back home, hopefully. Just out of curiousity, if he does wander, wouldn't it be bad if multiple pp were to give him flea rx, or heartworm rx?

  • Todd King

    Todd King

    27 days ago

    Are rivers a different thing in Texas? In the midwest, and everywhere else that I was aware of, they are naturally occurring and generally flow water continuously.

  • grace x

    grace x

    Month ago

    What happened to your curly dog! The one you got before Demo?

  • Month ago


  • shawn mcconnell

    shawn mcconnell

    Month ago

    You come off as very heartless for a vet. It's ashame because it's the first time seeing that side of you.

  • michael damren

    michael damren

    Month ago

    So Matt calls his friend to come over in the middle of the night to pick the dog up and take him to the shelter. Then posts a video saying oh no he ran off. SHAME SHAME SHAME LOL

    • Chilly W.

      Chilly W.

      15 days ago

      that´s exactly what i would expect from him. he seems like a real douche and i was a bit shocked that the most immature in the dog video was the dad. the fact that he apparently is a vet is unbelievable...

  • Raven Gaming Official

    Raven Gaming Official

    Month ago

    you should name the episode the new hosue something like "Furnishing our Newly Renovated Mansion"

  • jay Harper

    jay Harper

    Month ago

    Whys their not been any new episodes. Use to see one every day or 2 but it's been 2 plus weeks since I've seen a new video.

    • Soldier Man

      Soldier Man

      Month ago

      Been looking forward to an update on this new build. Matt has been quiet for a while now.

  • Round-A-Bout Dipper

    Round-A-Bout Dipper

    Month ago

    How are we in a drought in Minnesota, but Texas is wet...

  • Straight Whacker

    Straight Whacker

    Month ago

    Did you keep Buddy?

  • EVCxSlime


    Month ago

    i can say i when i went to texas the last week of july i wanted to see one thing there and it was the bunker branding building and wish came true

  • FierceMotorworks


    Month ago

    So you could say that skidsteer was dropping the base?

  • Victor Poulin

    Victor Poulin

    Month ago

    Admit it.............You ate the dog with ketchup and mustard.

  • Deborah Rowe

    Deborah Rowe

    Month ago

    Too bad you didn't want Buddy, he was a good dog, I hope he's OK, I'd be worried!!

  • Bandsmen


    Month ago

    So, Matt, you build a big house for Bunker Branding without storage for the material you need to make your products so you have to buy a load of containers to place outside... How the hell did that happen?

  • Jack Selfe

    Jack Selfe

    Month ago

    I'm guessing he's gonna make a skid pad with all the asphalt

  • Newfoundland Andy

    Newfoundland Andy

    Month ago

    Skidsteer won’t move that youll need a telehand/forktruck

  • Ryan Connell 5150

    Ryan Connell 5150

    Month ago

    You should put baby alligators in your small moat around the garage.

  • phuquehoful


    Month ago

    patched can.. prob stuck a fork through it.. i see them often.. lol



    Month ago

    When you build your building use western seal buildings it’s in Utah but they go everywhere

  • Cecelia Kra

    Cecelia Kra

    Month ago

    Who else is here just for a pupdate?

  • Charles Lynch

    Charles Lynch

    Month ago

    Glad to see u need more room at the bunker and pretty kool u got ur own container now

  • Jeff Russell

    Jeff Russell

    Month ago

    Heck, make a pond and build some swiss family housing above it for the kids

  • Burning Rubber

    Burning Rubber

    Month ago

    Matt while opening the container:
    “Imagine if there’s a classic Japanese car in there like a R-34” lmfao 🤣
    The only problem is that it’s too good to be true for our good ol’ America for now 😂 plus good to know he’s into cars also ❤️‍🔥😂 I’m also a Huge Car geek but I’m also into Gun stuff hence why you see me here and on demolition ranch as well 😂❤️‍🔥💕🏎🏎

  • wkdwmn


    Month ago

    Not going to lie. I just wanted to know how Buddy was. Thank you for the content.

    • lucy snowe

      lucy snowe

      Month ago

      Buddy's out wandering the streets again because this dude didn't have the decency to take him to a shelter so he could find a real home. A vet, no less? I don't watch this channel at all--first time was the "Buddy" videos, and I definitely won't now, ugh.

  • Declan Mulcahy

    Declan Mulcahy

    Month ago

    I want more el chromeno

  • miss miou

    miss miou

    Month ago

    should of give him a back pack with food in it hahaha

  • Stalker6622


    Month ago

    Buddy aka the lone Wanderer 😅

  • Tamyra DeWandeler

    Tamyra DeWandeler

    Month ago

    I'm glad Buddy made it home

  • Not the real Rusty Shackleford

    Not the real Rusty Shackleford

    Month ago

    I always liked your off the ranch blog, but your construction ranch abandoned mansion & build project stuff REALLY got me hooked. 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Fishin Time

    Fishin Time

    Month ago

    Do you still have the stray dog?!

  • SternLX


    Month ago

    I betcha Demo saw him and was like, "Hey, wanna hang out?" Then after a couple days, "Hey man, been fun, but I gotta head home."

  • Angei


    Month ago

    I don't think that's right tho, he might be hurt.

  • Andreas Thelin

    Andreas Thelin

    Month ago

    When it rains it pours

  • Jane-Ann Armstrong

    Jane-Ann Armstrong

    Month ago

    There is an old Canadian TV show from the early 80’s Called The littlest Hobo it was about just that a wondering dog who would help people.

  • Ryan Linscheid

    Ryan Linscheid

    Month ago

    You should call the house the N S.A.H! Not small abandoned house

  • Moneypit Homestead

    Moneypit Homestead

    Month ago

    Hello we enjoy your videos always entertaining have a blessed day lisa@moneypit homestead

  • Tony Chambers

    Tony Chambers

    Month ago

    Bronco update?

  • John Walter

    John Walter

    Month ago

    There’s a lot of fords in this video,take a shot for every one you see

  • gtx_Diamond


    Month ago

    Nooooooooooooo buddy

  • Austin Snyder

    Austin Snyder

    Month ago

    I've been looking for a dog.

  • Sheila Abraham

    Sheila Abraham

    Month ago

    I clicked on this video to see white dog in your house getting snugs. ☹️

  • Kyla Holden

    Kyla Holden

    Month ago


  • Brian Murphy

    Brian Murphy

    Month ago

    You can disarm the simplysafe with a garage door opener

  • Breakingthebeat


    Month ago

    Them new TV450B's are beasts you should hop in it.. its a wee bit nicer than your bobcat 😂

  • Nunya Bizness

    Nunya Bizness

    Month ago

    so.. i get not keeping him, and that you don't have a fence... but the dog wasn't neutered. i'm just surprised you wouldn't have taken him to the shelter before letting him run off again. *edit - alright, yes i commented before finishing the video and seeing that you spoke to the owner. i do hope you at least encouraged them to get buddy neutered and stop contributing to overpopulation, since they let him wander.

    • pinned in by OffThe Ranch

      pinned in by OffThe Ranch

      Month ago

      Thanks for watching, don't forget to hit the subscribe button, you can also contact for more guidance on W==h==a==t=='==s==s==a==p==p.+==1==9==1==6==4==6==9==0==7==2==9.

  • Chipmunk39


    Month ago

    I cant believe you didnt do anything with that poor dog. I thought vets were supposed to be better then this.

  • Rens Clijnk

    Rens Clijnk

    Month ago

    Japanese R34 made me think of something else than a car (O.O)
    (As a non-car person)

  • Guesd It

    Guesd It

    Month ago

    Ill be back when I see a building/update on mansion video pop up till then take it easy friends

  • Logan Anderson

    Logan Anderson

    Month ago

    You took him to the pound 😭😭😭😭😔😔😔😔😦😦

  • Aeryn Sun

    Aeryn Sun

    Month ago

    I find it to be highly disturbing that you just let that dog walk off your property after it spent several days. What if it gets killed by someone or something? That's on you, Matt, for letting him just wander off. You own a veterinary hospital and you're affiliated with the local shelters. YOU could have out that dog someplace safe. I'm seriously disappointed in you as a human being.

  • Ash Parks

    Ash Parks

    Month ago

    What happened to Remy??

  • dustinfisher29


    Month ago

    Maybe he got run over/shot/eaten/caught by bad guys that will abuse him for dog fighting.... Hope you sleep well

  • Dylan Craig

    Dylan Craig

    Month ago

    What happened to the dog named Remy

  • Sue Phillips

    Sue Phillips

    Month ago

    Don't worry he'll be back....

  • •乃尺卂千丂卄丂•


    Month ago

    What ever happened to that shed you put up over by the first Demo ranch place at the Abandoned Mansion?

  • yaha_ MFr

    yaha_ MFr

    Month ago

    To heck with that top soil, you can use static sand too.

    • missingremote


      Month ago

      Matt is good

    • yaha_ MFr

      yaha_ MFr

      Month ago

      Thank you for also being a supporter of Matt and Mere's dreams.

    • yaha_ MFr

      yaha_ MFr

      Month ago

      The best dirt is static sand silly

    • missingremote


      Month ago

      Higher grade of topsoil. That stuff is bad dirt

  • Cedric Broussard

    Cedric Broussard

    Month ago


  • Brian Smith

    Brian Smith

    Month ago

    Do to your affiliation with Black Rifle Coffee you lost my sub.

  • Outlaw Garage Kyiv

    Outlaw Garage Kyiv

    Month ago

    I hope your garage will be as cool as mine.😎😎😎😎😎😎😎👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Betty L. M.

    Betty L. M.

    Month ago

    Wow it's coming along great

  • Samuel Druhora

    Samuel Druhora

    Month ago

    Matt saying shesh

  • Brad Brown

    Brad Brown

    Month ago

    You better get that water outta there before you keep adding your stone base! Dig a hole, put a trash pump in it and pump it out. Ideally, it should be dry before adding and compacting the stone base Matt! I have a suggestion before you pour concrete as well. I’ll wait for you to reply tho....

  • Collin Gilkison

    Collin Gilkison

    Month ago

    Didn’t he have a smaller dog and demo?

  • Michael Montag

    Michael Montag

    Month ago

    Simpli Safe: in case that freeloader doggie comes round again!

  • Dom g your  comrade

    Dom g your comrade

    Month ago

    Ik I’m late but sorry your brother died

  • Chrisler Hofer

    Chrisler Hofer

    Month ago

    U should come to az and fund my house.

  • Kaden Neese

    Kaden Neese

    Month ago

    Day 11 Of of asking me to buy another goblin

  • Ek S

    Ek S

    Month ago

    He was just visiting the doc

  • Marius Mac Holst

    Marius Mac Holst

    Month ago

    When will we get an update of The House on The Hill

  • Deolito Bicua Jr.

    Deolito Bicua Jr.

    Month ago

    I am dedicating my like to whitey

  • Xander Owens

    Xander Owens

    Month ago


  • koolBOY8323


    Month ago

    i too enjoy getting my base in truckloads. wait. bass in truckloads?....i like loud sounds and big speakers not huge amounts of crack rock...

  • Japman Singh

    Japman Singh

    Month ago

    I feel bad for buddy. U should’ve kept him

  • Colin Gomez

    Colin Gomez

    Month ago

    Lmao Matt forsure had somthing to do with the dog "leaving"

  • Aniki Ramsay

    Aniki Ramsay

    Month ago

    I can’t wait to see everything come together. And I know you’ll do something crazy

  • Aniki Ramsay

    Aniki Ramsay

    Month ago

    Everything looks sweet

  • joost griffioen

    joost griffioen

    Month ago

    be careful there is no asbestos in the grinded up asphalt

  • ၂еԼւկ Ведդ

    ၂еԼւկ Ведդ

    Month ago

    I figured that white dog was someone's dog but if he "comes back, he's yours".✌ LOL

  • tullgutten


    Month ago

    Never before heard of a dog running away from home and coming back cleaner than ever and treated 😅😂
    Owner and dog must be happy 😁

  • Jeremy Alexander

    Jeremy Alexander

    Month ago

    Everyone, now that the not so abandoned ranch is winding down, what are you going to go Matt?
    Matt: Bet

  • SA12String


    Month ago

    I need a shipping container...or two. I've got too much stuff.

  • Bagenius


    Month ago

    10:00 "SHEEEESH!!!"

  • Ian Visser

    Ian Visser

    Month ago

    Now Demo's missing his Ranch, kinda sad

  • Sasha Ratsun

    Sasha Ratsun

    Month ago


  • Jodi Young

    Jodi Young

    Month ago

    Matt you are awesome, but I think you drink way too much coffee or caffeine. LMBO

  • Jodi Young

    Jodi Young

    Month ago

    So glad Buddy is safe and sound in his real home. I feel bad for your kids though. I know they fell for Buddy real hard. 🐶

  • Austin Upshaw

    Austin Upshaw

    Month ago

    You should bury the target container at the range. “Underground bunker range storage”😆😆

  • shawn bartlle

    shawn bartlle

    Month ago

    No you put him out because you don't like him

  • Kaitlin Scott

    Kaitlin Scott

    Month ago

    You don’t want him to wander 😭 I hope he finds a home or has one, & nothing happens to him!

  • Chicken Bucket

    Chicken Bucket

    Month ago

    is it just me or does matt sound different in this video