All the White Paint is GREEN..... bad bad bad

Published on May 14, 2021
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  • Iskren Tsekov

    Iskren Tsekov

    3 days ago

    Such beautiful family God bless them



    8 days ago

    Some white paints look green, some look blue & some look yellow. You have to kno what paint manufacturer you are buying from. Dunn Edwards white paints contain UMBAR so its a bit yellow & yellows more over time. Talk to a person who restores Historic homes, bc they know exactly who to use for paint, bc they HAVE to kno. They cant buy certain paints from certain paint makers bc of the color tinting.

  • John Velez

    John Velez

    10 days ago

    I’m sure it’s a mixture of the floor and the polarized windows.

  • Russell Jenkins

    Russell Jenkins

    18 days ago

    I love how Matt is. Loving ALL the tiles in the bathrooms and all I can think about is... Who the f*ck has to clean it all? Eff that!

  • NoobPcMan


    20 days ago

    Part of me wishes i could come do the flooring in this place but the other part of me is like, damn, thats alot of square footage lmao

  • mason appalachiantrail

    mason appalachiantrail

    25 days ago

    Light green is calming.

  • moe a

    moe a

    Month ago

    She seems really miserable in every.

  • Jamie Krueger

    Jamie Krueger

    Month ago

    Dry wall texture is called - we to walmart cheap and aint got no skilled trades people to go smooth lol.

  • Mrs. C

    Mrs. C

    Month ago

    I think I would have painted the domed ceiling a different color.

  • BeardedWreckage


    Month ago

    How on earth are you going to change light bulbs? Gonna have to try and squeeze the 5 ton in and put a ladder on the top to change the light bulbs! Lol

  • Alex Ibarra

    Alex Ibarra

    Month ago

    Yeah the laugh at your jokes thing is super accurate… my gf doesn’t even smile at my jokes. I might be “the life of the party” but to her I could never be haha.

  • Jeff B

    Jeff B

    Month ago

    Nah dude its green

  • Heidi Brinkley

    Heidi Brinkley

    Month ago

    BM Chantilly Lace.

  • Dalton Kalb

    Dalton Kalb

    Month ago

    U can tell it like a mint green color in some lighting

  • Kailynn Vondrak

    Kailynn Vondrak

    2 months ago

    The floor is causing the green tint!!!!!!!!!

  • James Logan

    James Logan

    2 months ago

    MATT This is your time to hit up aquascape for some serious flex outdoor scenery and some serious free youtube clout



    2 months ago

    mere might be colorblind she can see white and every other color besides green

  • MegaSharpshooter1234


    2 months ago

    Hey man have you thought of doing any Venetian plaster. It’s super awesome and looks great. Just look it up or look up Venetian plaster company.

  • Lozur


    2 months ago

    White reflects light.

  • know1knowsU


    2 months ago

    It might be the trees reflection causing the walls to look slightly green but I'm probably wrong who knows not me! But it's trees

  • deedlerock


    2 months ago

    Simply White is easy to research. It's got yellow undertones, not green. If you go with a pure white the house will look clinical. Furnish your rooms and you'll see it'll look GREAT. It's a designer favorite, used all the time.

  • Paul S.

    Paul S.

    2 months ago

    Gray is the color to go with. That is the modern color to use that looks the best.

  • K4rvanaama


    2 months ago

    mode dark colours to shower etc

  • Doggo Willink

    Doggo Willink

    2 months ago

    The half pipe was your best idea yet but it’s not real? Damn bro, unsubbed immediately. I was clearly expecting that.

  • beeveedee


    2 months ago

    If you repaint, I'd go for a warmer white, leaning towards cream. It will better match the mortar of your fireplaces.

  • Lord Hoth_09

    Lord Hoth_09

    2 months ago

    I’m fairly certain they realized now it’s white lol

  • Kim Bernard

    Kim Bernard

    2 months ago

    Mare appears to have had it.

  • Joshua Mount

    Joshua Mount

    2 months ago

    You want egg shell white to not reflect like that. Texture is everything so please don't use high gloss. The more it's textured, the less sound travels and the less it reflects/refracts.

  • Video and Movie maker

    Video and Movie maker

    2 months ago

    In some places it does look white but in other places it does look like a light very light green because when I’m looking at paint it does look like green

  • Charles Varga

    Charles Varga

    2 months ago

    Yep, they are green. Straight on looks white, walls viewed at an angle are green

  • Lox


    3 months ago

    9:39 This is greenish tint in white. Looks like #FFFDD0 or lighter version of #D0F0C0.

  • Jacob Boone

    Jacob Boone

    3 months ago

    When she is your wife she won't laugh anymore. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jeff Scott

    Jeff Scott

    3 months ago

    Been a builder for 25 years and I can tell you that the light coming through your Low-E glazed windows is reflecting off the floors and casting that green tint on the walls. Low-E coating has a greenish tint to it. The color of your walls will look white once your finished floor coverings are installed.

  • Austin Alley

    Austin Alley

    3 months ago

    Yes uzi fountains!!!!

  • reiner311


    3 months ago

    Definitely looks green... but more of in a reflective sense. Like others have said, maybe thr floor and the foliage around the house.

  • Robert Deleon

    Robert Deleon

    3 months ago

    Or two cherub statues holding dual uzi's water fountain! You're welcome.

  • Nef


    3 months ago

    Matt your cup is white ....



    3 months ago


  • curtis wilcock

    curtis wilcock

    3 months ago

    Dannggggggg this is sick so sick love this can’t believe how fast it’s coming together as it’s super nice now love the fire place and can’t wait for the infinity pool that will be sweet I have loved every episode of this 🤠

  • Tyshan IsFly

    Tyshan IsFly

    3 months ago

    Definitely invest in guns as a fountain with 2 crossing.

  • All About Roofing

    All About Roofing

    3 months ago

    Mere doesn't strike me as a happy person. Hope I'm wrong.

  • DirtyD23 1

    DirtyD23 1

    3 months ago

    I’ve been a painter for almost 17 years now and I can tell you there is nothing wrong with the paint and it’s just the reflection off the floor that’s making it look like that. As soon as the new floor goes in it will look white like it’s suppose too.

  • claymore


    3 months ago

    You better make those ar fountains

  • Xenophon


    3 months ago

    That ain’t no house, that’s a compound lol.

  • Michael Clark

    Michael Clark

    3 months ago

    Maybe it's split pee white! LOVE YA *M.



    3 months ago

    she just lived the biggest job of her life, marrying a clown

  • Pixel


    3 months ago

    That place doesn't look very high but still clouds looks closer. may be thats the only high place in that area. Awesome view.

  • DarkParadox


    3 months ago

    Imagine passing that texture as plaster lmao

  • kameron spurlin

    kameron spurlin

    3 months ago

    You need raptor white in your life. Trust me

  • Ivan Tcar’evich

    Ivan Tcar’evich

    3 months ago

    floor can give tint reflection (sad this as a photographer)

  • Markell Williams

    Markell Williams

    3 months ago

    Hi 🙋🏾‍♀️ Mat and Mere beautiful family.. it’s good to see you guys still progressing on the mansion. I don’t know about you but I love it lol. I can’t say it enough tho .. the viewsssss sitting in a house like that and having those views every day ... oh my word!! Thanks for sharing and I hope y’all have a blessed week my darlings! Kiss the babies for me 😘😘😘😘

  • SALt


    3 months ago

    Sorry Mare…but them there walls are green…very, very green

    • All About Roofing

      All About Roofing

      3 months ago

      Reflection from the floors under natural light. It's white paint tho.

  • BDA 11

    BDA 11

    3 months ago

    People in the comments don’t know about hand texture , that’s how it looks unless the owner wants it sanded down

    • BDA 11

      BDA 11

      3 months ago

      @Ace Everett yeah , cuz there’s different textures , hand texture , orange peel , Monterey, and lvl 5 , which is like paint finish , which is the “finest “ one , and tape and floaters hate the lvl 5 , and ik cuz I’m a tape and floater , but yeah people in these comments don’t know nothing 😂

    • Ace Everett

      Ace Everett

      3 months ago

      These comments actually don't make sense at all to people in the trades, because after drywall is mudded to fill the screw holes and gaps between sheets, and then sanded, it is a completely smooth surface. If you don't want any texture, you paint it just like that. If you want what most people have, an orange peel or knockdown, you spray it on. Hand troweling is just another method of texture, there is no "too lazy to sand," because there was nothing to sand. That look would not exist without being done on purpose.

  • Irshana Naidoo

    Irshana Naidoo

    3 months ago

    LOL I totally do see the green. Love that mermaid tile.

  • Robert Muştiuc

    Robert Muştiuc

    3 months ago

    That's not green at all, it should remain green when you approach the wall but it isn't. It is the reflection of the light trough the floors. Believe me, once you get something on your floors, some curtains for the windows and your furniture in place, that effect will completely disappear.

  • Magical Fruit Studios

    Magical Fruit Studios

    3 months ago

    You should totally do an A R fountain.

  • Xavier Hampton

    Xavier Hampton

    3 months ago

    We wanna be included in every thing Matt

  • Red grenadier

    Red grenadier

    3 months ago

    Why do Americans build houses out of drywall sheet rock wood and sheet mettle, why not just use bricks !?

    • All About Roofing

      All About Roofing

      3 months ago

      Some parts of the country do, Texas for example, but it's cost prohibitive most places.

  • Judy Sebold

    Judy Sebold

    3 months ago

    It’s the way the light shines on it

  • Sabrina Magruder

    Sabrina Magruder

    3 months ago

    Can 100 percent see the green. But as comments are saying. I think it reflection of floor and simply white paint has more green then it should.

  • Sam S

    Sam S

    3 months ago

    I've been a truck driver for 5 years dude. 300% it's the paint, c'mon man

    • All About Roofing

      All About Roofing

      3 months ago

      Underrated comment.

  • Johnathan Esterbrook

    Johnathan Esterbrook

    3 months ago

    So um... i think your story is correctly exaggeratted

  • Marcia M

    Marcia M

    3 months ago

    "I see green paint".

  • Buffet Barbie

    Buffet Barbie

    3 months ago

    It looks green to me, but I think the floor is probably making it look that way.

  • Daddy pap

    Daddy pap

    4 months ago

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  • Nicholas Davey

    Nicholas Davey

    4 months ago

    camera shows green, phone looks white

  • Snarls Barky

    Snarls Barky

    4 months ago

    Let me help you, it looks Green

  • Redpitbull44


    4 months ago

    Say green, One More Time...

  • Tyler Wickwire

    Tyler Wickwire

    4 months ago

    Sorry Mere but I see the green.

  • Pro Consumer Safety

    Pro Consumer Safety

    4 months ago

    Thank you for posting these. It is nice seeing the finishing work. It would be interesting to do a walk through showing all of the rooms. Like number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. So maybe you will do that once it is all completed. The finishing part is often the more fun part as you see it coming together. Keep the vids like this coming.

  • Pandora_369


    4 months ago

    No no no. It's ALL exciting to see. You've greatly underestimated your viewer's desire to watch anything related to this house, including watching paint dry. Bottom line, show us everything!!!

  • Эка


    4 months ago

    You’re great 👍

  • Pegge Merkling

    Pegge Merkling

    4 months ago

    Hey, just wanted to mention, as I'm sure no one else has noticed, you've got a great view!!! 😆🤣😂🤣

  • Audrey T Jennings

    Audrey T Jennings

    4 months ago


  • Wm Napier

    Wm Napier

    4 months ago

    It looks like it has a hint of algae in it lol

  • Chris NoLastName

    Chris NoLastName

    4 months ago

    Looks green to me.

  • Sean McGuire

    Sean McGuire

    4 months ago

    You can get the UV tint on your windows so this won't happen n the sun won't stain anything over time

  • AsianPandaGirl 86

    AsianPandaGirl 86

    4 months ago

    When you looked at your phone and viewing the floor and walls.
    It's the concrete floor that is giving off the green tint feel.

  • Kati Phillips

    Kati Phillips

    4 months ago

    Once you have lighting it will look different also

  • Tim Campbell

    Tim Campbell

    4 months ago

    Professional designer is the key to making it all come together...including paint!

  • Seth Tadytin

    Seth Tadytin

    4 months ago

    I can see the green mint tint through the camera

  • jose ornelas

    jose ornelas

    4 months ago

    Scallops! Nah that’s that Rebel army tile right there my guy

  • incog99 SKD

    incog99 SKD

    4 months ago

    It's a "cool white" which contains some blue and yellow. You wanted a "warm white" with some yellow and red in it. I am a trained artist and those are the basics.

    • missingremote


      Month ago

      Yellow color mixed with blue make green. (Their house has blue tinted windows)

  • dustin church

    dustin church

    4 months ago

    Hey Matt, professional painter with some time.....hmu if your looking for a pro to paint that project

  • Jerry Dodge

    Jerry Dodge

    4 months ago

    Cover the windows and see if that makes a difference...

  • B Wilhelm

    B Wilhelm

    4 months ago

    Go titanium white.

  • John K

    John K

    4 months ago

    I worked at Lowes for 8 plus years. Millworks management was one of my positions. The Green white walls is sometimes due to the tinting of the glass for energy saving. So what tint are your windows????

  • Joseph Blomeister

    Joseph Blomeister

    4 months ago

    What are you gonna do about the echo?

  • Skross Carson

    Skross Carson

    4 months ago

    I would love to do your wood floors. Sadly the company I work for is based in Illinois.

  • Rando Game

    Rando Game

    4 months ago

    It's the color of the concrete reflecting off the WHITE paint ya big dummy

  • TripleOJesus


    4 months ago

    I think your green sealant in the floor is reflecting onto your walls

  • Stephanie Hart

    Stephanie Hart

    4 months ago

    Maybe the ground is reflecting the light and color to the walls making it seem green

  • Michael Deas

    Michael Deas

    4 months ago

    I realise other people have made this comment but, when you look outside what do you see?

  • fakecubed


    4 months ago

    Matt still doesn't seem to understand that we want to see all the "not very exciting" stuff. I'm planning to build my own house soon, I need as much boring info as I can get.

    • pr0per


      14 days ago

      Check out Essential Craftsman "Spec House Build" series.

    • Lord Hoth_09

      Lord Hoth_09

      2 months ago

      Dude, rough time to build

    • Matt


      3 months ago

      1000 times this!

  • MrArystokles13


    4 months ago

    I understand that for someone buliding new home subtleties of the shade of the color of the walls can be very very important, but later and objectivly it is not so(: 3 years and we have now walls full of traces, lines, even drawings left by unattended children. And the last thing we want now is painting everything and making all this mess with it.

  • Raymond Minnaar

    Raymond Minnaar

    4 months ago

    Bounced light from the floor,

  • Exoverse Gaming

    Exoverse Gaming

    4 months ago

    You should do the drone of u digging

  • Richelle Neville

    Richelle Neville

    4 months ago

    The paint does have a green tint to it.

  • michael gehrum

    michael gehrum

    4 months ago

    Matt , you new home looks great !! A 24 hour cam just looking into the horizon would be great on your property.. Just imagine the lightning that you guys are going to see there.. btw, Do you have any lightning protection on your property ? It might be a great investment to save your electronics from those Tx storms.. Be well, enjoy your new home !

  • Robert Wallace

    Robert Wallace

    4 months ago

    Fire Place = Epic Indoor Climbing Wall?